Afobazol: side effects and specificity of the drug

Afobazol - a medicamental anti-stress and anti-anxiety drug, developed by Russian pharmacologists GU Research Institute of Pharmacology named after V.V.Zakusov RAMS.The project of the preparation was supervised by Academician S.B.Seredenin.


  • 1 Stress and anxiety medication
  • 2 Anxiety syndrome
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Mechanism of action
  • 5 Indications and side effects
  • 6 Recommendations and reviews

Stress and anxiety medication

Afobazol for a good mood

Afobazol for a good mood

Afobazol is a modern drug that has no analoguesin the line of sedatives, aimed at relief of the syndrome of anxiety and fears. In comparison with traditional anti-stress drugs, Afobazol has a directed effect, not inhibiting the activity of the central nervous system. The main indicator of the drug is its ability to restore the natural mechanism of the nervous system in the confrontation of the body to stressful situations. Our life is constantly under stress of stressful situations. Anyway, a person is constantly surrounded by society - the main supplier of stressful situations. To manifestations of stress can be attributed, both negative and positive emotions of a person, not "in moderation" they spilled out.

A feeling of anxiety can arise on the basis of stressful situations. It can grow quite unreasonably, or spontaneously disappear for a short time. Time passes, and insidious thoughts again begin to cause an unreasonable and in no way reinforced sense of anxiety, causing groundless fears and unrest. Medicine classifies such a person's state in the category of excess pathological manifestations, or anxiety syndrome. The problem of this character can be laid in one's mind by oneself, relating internal tension to the natural state of the psyche of modern existence.

To stop the negative emotions that arise, as a rule, a person tries to resort to physical exercises, visits to fitness rooms, excursion shopping. Or, on the contrary, resorts to the help of alcoholic beverages, gourmandering, leading to overeating, obesity and a lot of problems related to cardiovascular activity or the work of the central nervous system, but to the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders and the cessation of some of the enzymatic activities of the body. Among other things, alcohol can cause addiction, turning it into a pernicious vice.

Anxiety anxiety

Prolonged exposure to unreasonably induced anxiety causes a significant deterioration in the quality of life. Psychological discomfort can lead to the development of a number of diseases, which are based on stress. Constant nervous tension is not the norm of psychological stability of behavioral functions of the human body and is considered to be the worst manifestation of CNS activity. With the purpose of paying off the anxiety syndrome, unreasonable fears and arresting the nervous tension, the medical preparation Afobazol was created. But, like all remedies, the drug has special recommendations for its use. Also, the drug Afobazol has side effects and a number of contraindications for its use.

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Contraindications to the use of

Afobazol in tablets

Afobazole in tablets

The drug is restricted to the age range. It is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 years. Afobazol is contraindicated in pregnant women and lactating mothers. With lactose intolerance - gipolaktosii, the drug is strictly not recommended. Interaction Afobazol and alcohol does not enhance the narcotic effects of the latter and does not cause poisoning. The developers of the drug are strongly advised not to consume alcoholic beverages when taking the drug, as the results of research in this area are still insufficient, due to the novelty of the remedy.

The issue of interaction of Afobazol with alcoholic beverages and their impact on the CNS has been relatively studied. In each experiment, the result was accompanied by various effects. In some cases, alcohol completely destroyed the medicinal properties of the drug. In a number of cases, inhibition of the nervous system was noted.single cases indicated the stimulation of the central nervous system from the simultaneous intake of alcohol with Afobazol.

In studies of the effect on the female body of the drug in combination with alcoholic beverages, with changes in the hormonal background and menstrual irregularities, no positive results were observed in 100% of cases.

Mechanism of action

Afobazol has a special mechanism of action on the human body that is unique only to this medication, which significantly distinguishes it from analog preparations. Violation of the process of CNS activity is a direct consequence of finding a person in a state of constant stress. Stressful situations can completely destroy the structural configuration of nerve cells at the membrane level. As a result of the destruction, there is a process of inhibition of the CNS, accompanied by a rupture of the receptors of the membrane of nerve cells with the mediator of inhibition of gamma-aminobutyric acid( GABA).

The therapeutic agent Afobazol has a directed effect on the internal protein forms of nerve cells - sigma receptors. This is a restorative neural complex, called the "repair kit" of the nerve cell. People say that "nerve cells do not recover",( c).This is far from the case. As medical scientists, who conducted research in the field of genetic engineering in the late twentieth century, have shown, nerve cells are capable of recovery, but in a very limited number and for a fairly long period of time. That is, to restore complete tranquility to a patient with psychological disabilities, a large amount of time is required. The drug Afobazol promotes a significant reduction in this gap.

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Afobazol was created with the specific purpose of promptly restoring the natural mechanism of protecting the central nervous system from the effects of society, as an aggressive stress environment and protecting the human personality from the adverse effects of destructive factors of negative influence. Also in the functional actions of the drug is the protection of a person's psychological state from stressful situations. All of the above properties of the drug Afobazol significantly distinguish it from traditional tranquilizers.

The indirect effect of the drug on GABA receptors leads to mild effects on the central nervous system without sudden inhibitions, in order to avoid the occurrence of side effects from taking the drug, reducing performance and worsening the overall physical condition.

Other medications designed to relieve stress or an unreasonable anxiety syndrome usually cause CNS depression, resulting in persistent drowsiness, inability to concentrate, inattention, and reduced levels of performance. Thus, ordinary tranquilizers seriously affect the usual course of the individual life cycle. Moreover, many tranquilizers can cause addiction to the drug and complete dependence on it. Therefore, they are not prescribed for a long term, no matter how strong a positive effect they did not possess.

Indications and side effects of

Depression - indications for the appointment of Afobazol

Depression - indications for the assignment of Afobazole

The medical therapeutic agent Afobazol is not addictive and does not need this background in changes in dosage upward, as is the case with tranquilizers. The action of the drug is aimed at relieving nervous tension and relief of anxiety syndrome, as well as many factors manifested in nervous disorders:

  • nervousness
  • anxiety
  • feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts associated with it
  • deep concerns
  • causeless fears
  • excessive irritability
  • inability to relax
  • groundlessforeboding about the advancing troubles of
  • for deep sleep disorders.

The drug has a wide range of effects. It is assigned:

  1. for young people during the active period of their life
  2. for men and women, leading
  3. specialists to increase the concentration level, for example, to drivers of vehicles.
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In Afobazol, side effects tend to occur rarely. They are associated mainly with the individual tolerability of the drug and are manifested exclusively as allergic reactions. Also, the drug may be accompanied by nausea with or without a vomiting reflex, diarrhea, or diarrhea, minor intestinal disorders, scarring in the peritoneum. All symptoms disappear after stopping the drug.

Recommendations and reviews

The guide to the use of the drug indicates that Afobazol has a dual effect. It works as an easy stimulant for the vital activity of the body of the remedy and stops the feeling of anxiety and nervous tension. The drug contributes to a significant emotional improvement in patients with the elimination of such symptoms as somatic disorders of the heart, vascular, muscle, stomach, intestinal, respiratory processes.

From the side of the vascular system there is a decrease in vegetative disorders. Disappears the feeling of dryness in the company, excessive sweating, short-term attacks of dizziness. In support of the positive effect of taking the drug, numerous reviews of patients who have completed the full course of Afobazol. Achieving the maximum effect from taking the drug is observed a month after the start of its administration. The drug has a proline effect, preserving the therapeutic effect for ten to twelve days after the end of the drug.

Afobazol well helps patients with a feeling of low self-esteem. People susceptible to the syndrome of suspiciousness, with excessive vulnerability, in a state of extreme emotional instability and lack of self-confidence. Side effects caused by taking the drug, almost not observed. All cases of negative manifestations and consequences in connection with taking the drug are usually the result of individual tolerability when influencing the body of medical agents.

In the first stage, a few patients may experience a short-term deterioration in their well-being, which usually stops at the end of the first week of taking the drug.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that self-medication can lead to unfortunate consequences. Appointment of the course of taking Afobazol, regimens and concomitant medications can be prescribed only by the attending physician.
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