Nifuroxazide syrup: instruction on how to use the drug and when to take it

Due to the peculiarities of the growing children's organism, babies are more susceptible to various intestinal infections, since they do not yet have a developed protective system. For the treatment of infectious diseases, Nifuroxazide is used, a remedy that fights the cause of the disease with various pathogenic microorganisms.

The drug is available in two forms: in the form of tablets and syrup. The latter form is best suited for the treatment of intestinal infections in children even in the smallest ages. Use Nifuroxazide can only be prescribed by a child's doctor.


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When to use Nifuroxazide

Nifuroxazide Syrup

Nifuroxazide syrup has a pleasant taste

Any baby suffering from diarrhea in acute or chronic form caused by some pathogens of infection can help cope withdisease with Nifuroxazide.

This antidiarrhoeal drug based on the nitrofuran derivative fights against various gastrointestinal bacteria, among which we can mention:

  • E. coli
  • shigella
  • enterobacter
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Salmonella

These bacteria are both Gram-positive and Gram-negative. Classification is used to distinguish bacteria depending on the structure of their shell. Gram-negative bacteria have stronger protection and the immune system of the child is more difficult to fight them.

It should be noted that despite its antibacterial activity, the agent does not adversely affect the state of normal bacterial flora of the large intestine. Indications for the use of the drug are the following factors:

  • diarrhea due to infectious disease
  • infectious chronic colitis and enterocolitis
  • prophylaxis of possible infectious diseases of the digestive tract after surgical interventions
  • complex therapy of intestinal dysbiosis

Nifuroxazide is used for the treatment of various infectious diseases caused by both gram-positive and gram-negativepathogens.

Action of Nifuroxazide

Nifuroxazide Syrup

Nifuroxazide syrup - in the treatment of intestinal infections

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The agent is active against most types of pathogenic microorganisms that are the causative agents of infectious diseases. Activity of the drug Nifuroxazide affects even strains of infections that show resistance to other antimicrobial drugs.

It is assumed that the action of the agent is based on inhibition of dehydrogenase activity, as well as on the violation of protein synthesis in infectious agents. Depending on the dose used, the drug has a different effect on pathogenic bacteria.

Applying in medium doses, the drug has a bacteriostatic effect, which slows the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. Higher doses of the agent kill pathogenic bacteria.

Therapeutic doses of Nifuroxazide maintain the balance of normal intestinal microflora, and also do not allow pathogenic microorganisms to develop resistance to other antibacterial agents, which makes it possible to use the drug in combination with systemic means to combat generalized infections.

The drug is taken orally, with the absorption of its components by the body is practically not observed. A particularly high concentration of the active substance is observed in the intestine. Such features of the pharmacokinetics of the drug allow Nifuroxazide to exhibit exclusively enteric antibacterial action, not to have toxic effects and to be excreted from the body together with feces.

The drug is considered safe for babies and shows side effects only in rare cases. The result of side effects of the drug may be diarrhea, rashes on the skin, allergies. If any of these signs appear, you need to see a doctor.

Nifuroxazide, depending on the dose, has a bacteriostatic or bactericidal effect. The drug is considered safe, but if any side effects occur, you should inform your doctor about it.

Instructions for use Nifuroxazide

Nifuroxazide Syrup

Do not take Nyfuroxazide syrup without the doctor's appointment!

Nifuroxazide is available as a suspension and tablets. Liquid form of the drug is a suspension, which is also mistakenly called a syrup. Before giving the suspension to the baby, the container with the product should be thoroughly shaken, since the drug becomes non-uniform after a while. Depending on the age of the child, the drug is prescribed in different doses and at different reception frequencies:

  • children from two months to six months should be given the drug twice a day, in a volume of 110 to 220 milligrams( approximately, half and a whole teaspoon, respectively)
  • children from six months to six years should be given the drug three times a day in the amount of 220 milligrams per intake of
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The drug can be given at any convenient time: regardless of the time of taking the drug actingis the same. The therapy lasts for five to seven days. If the child becomes better long before the end of the course, then you should inform the doctor about it. If the baby begins to suffer from the following symptoms, then it is necessary to contact the specialist as soon as possible:

  • changes in the stool of the baby
  • dehydration symptoms
  • sharp temperature rise
  • vomiting

When applying the drug, especially when it comes to a very small child, many parents may havecertain difficulties. In order to somewhat simplify this process, there are useful recommendations:

  1. giving the baby a remedy, it should be ensured that the child is in a sitting or semi-lingering position in which his body is at an angle of forty-five degrees to the plane of the surface on which heis sitting. Thus, the probability that the baby is suppressed by the received suspension
  2. is significantly reduced, the spoon with the drug should be placed closer to the corner of the lips, and not in the middle of the oral cavity. If the spoon is placed directly in the center, then the probability that the baby will push the teaspoon with the drug increases, or the
  3. will choke it. Do not lie to the child that the medicine that is taken is some kind of treat. If the baby does not like the taste of the drug, in the future he will less trust the deceived adults and give him the medicine will become even more difficult. Communicating with the baby, it is necessary to show calmness and perseverance, and then everything will necessarily turn out.

The suspension of Nifuroxazide is only used as directed by your doctor. Dosage and frequency of taking the drug depend on the age of the child.

Nifuroxazide is an antibacterial agent released in the form of a suspension and tablets. Suspension is great for children from two months old who suffer from infectious diseases. The drug may be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. If any side effects occur, the medication should be discontinued, and the symptoms should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible.

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