Why Festal and how to take it?

There is a new drug called festal on the shelves of pharmacy chains. Despite the fact that, this drug has just recently been on sale, it has already proved itself in the population as a quality and effective drug. In most cases, festal is prescribed to patients who have problems with digestion or in the treatment of various kinds of poisoning. And under what diseases can you also use this drug as a medicine?


  • 1 When should I drink the festal?
  • 2 How to use Festal?
  • 3 What is dangerous?

When should I drink Festal?


Festal - plate

One of the proven and proven in the market as a high-quality medicinal product is a preparation - festal. The bile extract, which is extracted from the liver of such mammals as bulls, gives its effectiveness to this medicine. For a person, Festal is a good helper, as it is extracted from the organs of representatives of the mammal class, which includes all people. The mechanism of the work of the fistal is based on the choleretic effect. In this case, the enzyme complex, which is present in the formulation, is able to compensate for the shortage of substances that are produced by the pancreas.

The complementarity of the components of the drug with a deficiency of certain compounds is very beneficial for the coordinated activity of the whole organism. As for the enzymes of the Festal, they are extremely indispensable for various diseases of the digestive system for the body. Enzymes work as accelerators of food digestion reactions in the digestive tract and promote complete absorption of the nutrients that form. In other words, the activity of the process of digestion is simply not conceivable without a festal, if in the body there are certain kinds of diseases of the organs of the digestive tract.

Festal is prescribed in cases of human development of various chronic diseases that affect the organs of the digestive system. When poisoning the body with poor-quality food, the drug is also indispensable. Also, Festal is included in the course of treatment in the presence of such diseases as:

  • Reinforced flatulence;
  • Development of chronic form of pancreatitis;
  • Appearance of diarrhea;
  • The occurrence of ulcerative colic;
  • Acquisition of irritable bowel syndrome.
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Festal is indispensable for therapeutic and restorative treatment, after transferring various operations to the digestive organs.

After the procedures related to irradiation of the organs of the digestive system or with the appearance of failures in their work, the preparation is also an indispensable treatment.

How to use Festal?

Festal enjoys good reviews

Festal enjoys good reviews

Depending on the type and stage of various diseases of the digestive system, a certain dosage of the drug is prescribed. This medicinal product is prescribed for use by the attending physician in the event of disruptions in the activity of the digestive organs. Dosage festal should be strictly following the recommendation of the attending physician. He also issued a detailed instruction, which indicates the number of pills taken during the day, as well as the duration of the course and when to use the drug. Festal is most often prescribed if the patient has:

  1. Improper diet;
  2. Need to improve the absorption of other drugs;
  3. Necessity for medical indicators;
  4. Continuous Therapy;
  5. Problem digestion.

Festal tablets are recommended for use in problems with digestive disorders, for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. If a person gets used to the newly installed artificial mouth in the oral cavity, only the use of Festal will help normalize the digestive tract.

On average, a person with a normal body weight is given a fistal intake up to three times a day for one or two tablets. An increase in the dosage of the drug occurs only according to the recommendation of the doctor in cases of increased certain pathologies. Tablets can be taken either after eating or with it. Drink them with water at room temperature.

What is dangerous?

Festal - a form of release of pills

Festal is a form of release of the

pellets. Festal is not recommended for women during pregnancy and children under the age of three. The drug is not prescribed for people with hypersensitivity and acute pancreatitis. When liver failure or hepatic coma occurs, the use of the drug is also undesirable. If a person develops intestinal obstruction, then he stops receiving the fistal. Festal is not recommended for use by people suffering from hypersensitivity to the components of its composition, made on the basis of products of animal origin.

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Festal is not allowed if the patient has acute hepatitis. Suffering from diabetes, people use the drug in a certain concentration, because it contains glucose and a more complex carbohydrate - sucrose. When an overdose of the use of the Festal, a person can feel nausea, the manifestation of allergic reactions to the components of the drug, pain in the abdominal cavity and even manifestations of diarrhea.

If an overdose in the blood can increase the level of uric acid, which is the reason for the development of a person's gout or chronic arthritis.

During the whole period of testing and widespread use of the drug among the population of our country, there were practically no such cases. Overdose of the drug occurs only in extreme cases and if a person spontaneously consumes a huge amount of these tablets. In general, the drug is completely safe for human health, but it should be used only for the purpose of the therapist. Self-medication in this case can lead to the most unpredictable consequences.

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