Enterofuril: suspension for children suffering from infectious infections of the intestine

Infectious diseases of the intestines in babies are quite common. Modern medicine has achieved a good success in the fight against these infections and drugs that effectively defeat diseases are now available to any person. One of the means used to treat infection in a baby is Enterofuril.

Two forms of the drug are produced: suspension and capsules. Antimicrobial and antidiarrheal qualities of the drug, which can stop the growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms, allow the facility to occupy a high position among other drugs of a similar type of action.


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suspension. Enterofuril is a remedy for children of all ages.

Enterofuril: suspension for children

Enterofuril occurs in different forms of

release. The high prevalence and incidence of children's intestinal infections is a serious problem. The attending physician, after examining the baby and specifying certain details, can prescribe a special drug - Enterofuril for children. The preparation can be either in the form of a suspension or in the form of capsules.

This drug has a distinct antidiarrheal property, in addition to which it copes effectively with pathogenic microorganisms. Depending on the age of the small patient, various forms of the drug are used. So, older children can take Enterofuril in the form of capsules, very small children show a suspension.

These differences in the form of the drug in no way affect its effectiveness. Drug remedy excellently removes various diarrheal manifestations, which occurs due to the development of infection in the child's body.

Nifuroxazide is included in Enterofuril. This component is the main part of 5-nitrofuran, a bactericidal substance having a broad spectrum of action. The component is contained in the preparation in the form in which the drug is manufactured.

The enterofuril suspension contains 200 mg of nifuroxazide per 5 ml of the drug, the capsule contains 100 to 200 mg of this substance. The content of the component is not only optimal for the purposes set for the preparation, but also makes it safe, which allows the dispensing of the product without a prescription.

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The area of ​​influence of the preparation is limited exclusively to the internal part of the intestine and it is not absorbed by the mucous membranes of various organs involved in digestion. A child version of Enterofuril can be used from the moment the baby is 1 year old.

Enterofuril is a medicinal product used to combat infectious diseases in children. The main component of this agent is a substance whose antimicrobial effect affects many types of pathogenic microorganisms.

Principle of action of Enterofuril

Enterofuril: suspension for children

suspension Enterofuril: suspension for children with bright taste and color

In addition to nifuroxazide, some auxiliary components are included in the Enterofuril suspension. The preparation itself has the appearance of a thick yellow mass with a banana odor. The vial with a volume of 90 ml, in which the drug is contained, is made of dark glass. Also, special spoons are applied to it, on which are marked: 5 and 2.5 ml.

The enterofuril suspension has a rather pleasant taste, which is why it is remarkably perceived by children. Injected drug enters the digestive tract, where its main action occurs - the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Suspension is not adsorbed into the blood, the area of ​​its action is limited by the intestine, from which it is excreted naturally along with feces. Enterofuril does not irritate the intestinal wall, even in situations where the drug is taken for a long period of time.

Depending on the dose taken, they may have a different effect on the pathogens of the infection. It can simply suppress the vital activity of these microorganisms if the dose is average, or kill them if the dose is large. Despite the dosage of the drug, the drug does not have a side effect on the baby's body. The only side effect of Enterofuril is allergic reactions, but they can be found in very rare cases.

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One of the distinctive features of the drug is that it does not adversely affect the beneficial intestinal microflora. Sensitive to the agent are such causative agents of intestinal infections:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Proteins
  • Shigella
  • Streptococci
  • Salmonella

Enterofuril suspension is often used in the early stages of intestinal infection.

Enterofuril suspension is a yellow, thick mass with a banana odor, which is characterized by a rather pleasant taste. The drug has a bactericidal effect on the pathogens of infection, without touching the useful microflora of the intestine.

Indications for use of Enterofuril

Enterofuril: suspension for children

suspension Enterofuril: suspension for children

The drug is indicated in cases of detection of infectious nature in a child, regardless of the nature of the disease - acute or chronic. Also, it is used to diagnose a child with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, which are of bacterial origin.

Suspension is taken internally. The necessary amount of the drug can be measured with a special spoon, which comes with it in the kit. Babies less than three years of age can be given Enterofuril only in the form of a suspension. This form of the drug can be used at any time and does not depend on the mode of eating. Before giving the medicine to the child, the container with the preparation should be shaken carefully.

  • Babies, whose age ranges from one to six months, the drug is administered three times a day, 2.5 ml at a time. The drug is used no more than once for eight hours.
  • Children from seven months to two years, the drug is given four times a day for 2.5 ml per reception( the interval remains the same).
  • Children, three to seven years of age, can take Enterofuril three times a day for 5 ml per reception all at the same interval.
  • Children from seven years of age and adults can take the remedy up to four times a day for 5 ml per reception, the interval of drug use is six to eight hours.

Therapy can last for a week.

Contraindication to the administration of Enterofuril suspension may be intolerance to any of the components of the drug, as well as the age of the child not exceeding one month. Before giving the drug to infants, the possibility of having a congenital failure of splitting sucrose in them should be ruled out.

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An enterofuril suspension is indicated for certain gastrointestinal diseases when any bacteria cause the pathology. Depending on the age of the child, the drug is administered in a certain mode and with a certain dosage.

Enterofuril is a drug used to treat infectious diseases. Suspension is the form of the drug most suitable for children. The product has a pleasant taste and is perfectly perceived by the kids. Enterofuril destroys pathogenic microorganisms without adversely affecting the beneficial microflora of the baby's intestines.

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