Laxative at home for quick action. Cheap and angry?

Constipation. .. Toilet for a while becomes a best friend. But the result is not happy, but most often plunges into discouragement. Trouble with defecation occur for various reasons - from eating disorders or stress to pregnancy and various gastrointestinal disorders.

In any case, with constipation, you need to find out the cause of this behavior of the body. Our people like to treat the investigation. And independently, without referring to a doctor and preferably home remedies. How to solve the delicate problem at home? And preferably quickly?


  • 1 Rapid response laxatives. Classification of
  • 2 To eat this?
  • 3 Herbal decoctions for constipation
    • 3.1 Senna and bark of buckthorn
    • 3.2 Chamomile broth
  • 4 Organic and mineral oils
  • 5 Mineral oils
    • 5.1 Vaseline
  • 6 Cleansing and other local methods

Laxative rapid response. Classification

laxative at home

Foods as laxatives

All laxatives for household use can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • Foods - not always the result will be fast
  • Herbal decoctions
  • Organic and mineral oils
  • Methods of physical impact - irritation of receptors of the rectum and enema

Importantunderstand that the funds of groups 1 and 2 behave unpredictably. There will be a quick effect, or you will have to wait, but may not act at all. Organic oils in rapidity of reaction pass before mineral. And only the methods of group 4 give a guaranteed quick result.

To eat this?

Nature has generously endowed man with plants with laxative effect. These are apricots, plums, rhubarb, beets.

  • Fruits can be consumed in fresh or dried form, make decoctions and compotes. Jam as a laxative is not used because of the large amount of sugar.
  • Good action has a decoction of prunes or dried apricots. To do this, dried fruit is boiled in a small amount of water. The broth is cooled and used for the intended purpose. Contraindications to the use of such a laxative does not exist. Even individual intolerance is a very rare phenomenon.
  • From beets make a variety of salads. Classic laxative, but very tasty salad - it's beets with prunes. To fill with vegetable oil.
  • Rhizome rhizome will solve a delicate problem. But preliminary roots are washed, dried and ground into a powder. Take a vegetable remedy for 1 teaspoon. The effect should occur within 3 hours.
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The disadvantages of home food laxatives are:

  1. Unpredictable result. Someone helps quickly, and another - even though a bucket of plums is eaten, but there will not be any sense. And someone will start diarrhea.
  2. It is impossible to predict after what time the body will solve problems. Time frames depend on the amount of food eaten or drunk, individual reaction to food.

Herbal decoctions for constipation

laxative at home

Herbs, such as senna, should be taken with caution

To combat infringements of defecation used decoctions of medicinal herbs - senna, buckthorn, chamomile. Decoctions are prepared based on 5 g of dry raw materials per 250 ml of boiling water. It is important to remember that medicinal herbs have contraindications and side effects.

Senna and bark of buckthorn


  • Individual intolerance to
  • Pregnancy is the entire period
  • Breastfeeding
  • Any diseases of the digestive system

The results of reception of senna decoction can be expected already in 6 hours after reception. The buckthorn bark operates after 8-12 hours.

Chamomile broth


  • Individual intolerance
  • Chamomile allergy
  • In some sources, contraindication is schizophrenia, organic brain diseases

Chamomile is one of the permitted during pregnancy and lactation herb. But remember! A long reception of the decoction of this plant causes the opposite effect - atony of the intestine.

The disadvantages of these tools are:

  1. This is not a home remedy. Quality vegetable raw materials will have to be bought at the drugstore
  2. . The facility for a quick response. The result will have to wait for 6 or more hours.
  3. . Have contraindications, may cause an overdose.
  4. . Before using, always require a doctor's consultation.

. Organic and mineral oils.

laxative at home

. Constipation is not worth it. It hinders the whole body.

Vegetable and mineral oils have laxative effect. The reaction rate depends on the type of oil. Natural acts more slowly, inorganic - faster. What is used from organic:

  • Olive oil
  • Pumpkin
  • Linseed
  • Cotton
  • Sunflower
  • Castor
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Take them on an empty stomach in the amount of 1-2 tablespoons. The reaction rate depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. The only quick option - castor oil starts working 2 hours after the intake.

Mineral oils


Vaseline oil is a product of oil refining - liquid paraffin. Take it for 1 tablespoon. Laxative effect occurs after 5 hours after admission. This substance has the following contraindications:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract
  • Pregnancy
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Inversion of the bowels
  • Individual intolerance to

Castor oil and Vaseline oil are used for constipation no more than 3 days. Other organic oils are widely used in cooking. But for fighting violations of defecation is better to take them in an unprocessed form and do not exceed the recommended total nutrition of nutritionists in the diet.

Enema and other local methods

laxative at home

The drugstore will offer more than one remedy with the laxative effect of

Enema is the only high-speed method for cleaning the intestines from stool in the home and hospital settings. Types of enemas:

  1. Hypertonic - using 10% solution of table salt
  2. Cleansing - apply pure water in a large volume

For hypertensive enema, 100 ml of water and 2 teaspoons of salt are needed. The reaction rate is 10 to 20 minutes after administration. Sometimes magnesium is used instead of table salt. In this case, only 50 ml of solution is sufficient. Introduced laxative with a rubber pear.

For a cleansing enema, 1.5 to 2 liters of pure boiled water will be needed and a design called the "Ehsmarkh mug".It consists of a rubber bulb, a tube and a glass or plastic tip.

Body cleaning rules:

  1. Mug filled with clean boiled warm water
  2. Tip grease with petroleum jelly or like butter available
  3. Vent the air in the tube, close the clamp
  4. Lie on the left side and gently insert the full-length tip into the rectum
  5. Open the
  6. clip Afterthe mug Eskmarh emptied to remove the tip
  7. And quickly - to the toilet
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The action of a laxative enema is immediate! Contraindications for similar procedures:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the digestive system
  • Curvature of the intestines
  • Hemorrhoids in the acute phase
  • Bleeding from the anus of the unexplained genesis
  • Pregnancy - can provoke the tone of the uterus and as a consequence of miscarriage or premature birth

Frequent use of cleansing enemas flushes the beneficial microflora from the intestine. The problem of constipation will only worsen.

laxative at home

Do not exceed the dose of laxatives!

To other methods of stimulating defecation is a laundry soap. Various sites and experienced grandmothers recommend using a small piece of soap as a laxative candle. And many mothers use this method on their own children. Motif is a natural and safe remedy.

The advantages of the procedure include fast action. The components of the soap irritate the receptors of the rectum, there is a urge to defecate. By cons - soap has an alkaline reaction and can cause burns of the mucous membrane of the rectum. Chemical lesions are treated for a long time.

Do not experiment on yourself and the children! Until you find out the cause of constipation, you will not get rid of the problem. And if you already use home quick-action laxatives, then choose safe means.

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