Regidron: what helps the drug

Problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract, poisoning or diarrhea are often encountered. And first of all, a person who has encountered such a nuisance is looking for a remedy to normalize the condition. The effective drug in this case is Regidron.


  • 1 Regidron: what is it?
  • 2 How to take Regidron for poisoning
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  • 4 Contraindications to the use of Regidron

Regidron: what is it?

Regidron: what helps

Regidron: an affordable and effective tool

Regridron is a powdered preparation that must be dissolved in water and allows replenishing the water-electrolyte balance in the body. In other words, Regidron is a medicine that does not allow the body to suffer from dehydration in case of loss of large volumes of fluid that occur due to a number of diseases. The characteristic features of the drug are absence of odor and sourish-sweet taste.

In addition, the powder quickly dissolves in water, which allows you to provide first aid in the event of the threat of dehydration of the body without delay. The drug is intended for oral ingestion and through a nasal probe. Indications for use are:

  • Diarrhea in children and adults
  • Food poisoning accompanied by vomiting
  • Violation of blood acidity level
  • Increased sweating associated with physical overstrain
  • Heat stroke
  • Other fluid loss by the body.

The composition of Regidron includes such trace elements as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, citrate and glucose. The solution makes up for the loss of exactly those substances that actively leave the body for any kind of poisoning, along with vomit or diarrhea.

The drug is available, sold in any pharmacy, and its cost varies from 250 rubles per package.

How to take Regidron for poisoning

Regidron: what helps

Children do not like this drug very much - it does not have a pleasant taste.

The drug is taken both in outpatient and at home. Prepare the solution at the proper dosage is simple and fast. In order to alleviate the condition with the help of Regidron, it is necessary to dilute a packet of the preparation in one liter of warm water, mix thoroughly and give a drink to the patient( of course, not all the volume at once).

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The solution should be consumed in small sips, making frequent but short breaks. Variants of application depending on the disease:

  • Drink 50-100 milliliters of fluid every 5-7 minutes or injected through a nasal probe for five hours with diarrhea and vomiting
  • At 100-150 milliliters with an interval of 40 minutes for five hours atthirst or thermal overload
  • For 80-100 milliliters with an interval of 10 minutes to maintain the water-electrolyte exchange.
  • The exact dose to be taken with large fluid loss should be consulted by your doctor.

It should also be remembered some simple rules where compliance with the effects of poisoning will be easily removed:

  1. You should not add anything to the mixture for the sake of improving the taste of
  2. . Before each use, the solution must be well mixed without letting the sediment descend to the bottom of the
  3. container.and after a meal.
  4. In terms of dosage for children. It is calculated somewhat differently than for an adult. One kilogram of the baby's mass requires about 50 milliliters of the solution. Take it by a teaspoon every five minutes for ten hours. The breast canal solution can be given from the pipette also for ten hours at intervals of five minutes.
  5. For severe vomiting in the child, the solution should be given at least ten minutes after the last attack.

If you can not buy the Regidron( the attack was unexpected or the pharmacies are already closed), and treatment is necessary immediately, you can easily prepare it analogue at home. In order to cook Regidron at home, you need to have at hand:

  1. one liter of boiled water
  2. 3-4 grams of salt
  3. 2-3 grams of ordinary baking soda
  4. 20-30 grams of sugar
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The solution should be used in the same way as the medicinal medicine, observing the dosage and the necessary standards. Prepared solution is not recommended to store more than two days. Moreover, it is impossible to store the ready-made solution in an uncovered state in the sun even for several hours - non-observance of this rule entails a decrease in the effectiveness of the preparation, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Regidron: what helps from yet?

Regidron: what helps

Regidron: for preparation of drinking solution

Regidron, in addition to its useful properties for poisoning, is recommended for use in alcoholic intoxication of the body. After consuming large doses of alcohol in the body, a toxin such as aldehyde is formed. Its surplus significantly reduces blood pressure, which results in a worsening of the human condition and often accompanied by vomiting and dehydration.

To remove harmful toxins from the body contributes to the use of a large volume of liquid, and, consequently, solutions containing the necessary trace elements. The solution of Regidron, taken after the feast, helps to restore the lost stock of glucose, sodium and potassium, and also support the work of the nervous system, heart and brain.

It is recommended to take the drug not only in cases of food or alcohol poisoning, but also in cases of getting a heat stroke. After rendering the first medical aid to the victim, the stock of the lost liquid should be replenished, which will help the correctly calculated dose of Regidron.

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Contraindications to the use of Regidron

As with any medicine, Regidron has its own contraindications. For example, Regidron is not recommended for use in the following cases:

  1. If the patient has type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  2. With a tendency to high blood pressure
  3. Intestinal obstruction
  4. Severe renal failure or other kidney and liver problems
  5. Excess inorganism potassium
  6. Individual intolerance of the drug.

You should not combine Regidron with the same type of drugs that prevent dehydration, which can lead to an overdose of potassium and sodium.

In addition, it is dangerous not only the wrong application of Regidron, but also an overdose. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor about the recommended dosage before use. Excess micronutrients( especially sodium) contained in the drug can lead to very sad consequences, such as:

  1. Drowsiness and confusion
  2. Convulsions and muscular excitability
  3. High temperature( more than 39 degrees)
  4. Breathing stop
  5. Coma
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Therefore, you should carefully consider both your own body condition and read the instructions attached to the drug. You should consult a doctor if, after taking the drug, you have general weakness, arrhythmia, trouble breathing.

Regidron is not only an affordable, but also a proven tool for decades. Its use is recommended both in combination with other medications, and independently. Able to quickly and without any problems put on his feet a person after a serious dehydration of the body.

But despite its useful properties, improper use of this drug can lead to serious consequences. So before using, consult a doctor about the dose required and be careful with individual intolerance to Regidron.

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