How to Take De Nol: Action and Indications for Use

To date, quite a large number of people suffer from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and not always the medications that they take have a positive effect. This is because all of them are selected at their own discretion and on the advice of friends. That is why, one of the most effective drugs that doctors recommend, dealing with such problems every day, is De Nol.


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De Nol. The action of

De-Nol is a tablet release form

De Nol is the release form of the

De Nol tablets. It is one of the drugs whose action is aimed at alleviating the health of patients suffering from peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as gastritis. Its action is a bit special. After taking the drug, a protective foam forms, which is located directly in the affected parts of the mucous membrane of the organs. And so the pain decreases, and also the therapeutic effect.

De Nol is actively working on a bacterium such as Helicobacter, which causes the development of ulcers and gastritis. Due to this effect, the patient's chances to improve his state not only due to temporary relief due to the formed film, but also significantly improve the condition of the mucosa, weakening the effect of the bacteria or completely getting rid of it. De Nol has the following mechanisms of action:

  1. Stimulates the production of prostaglandin, which participates in the formation of the protective film
  2. Significantly improves circulation in the mucosa, thereby leading to better cell regeneration, which is an important point during the fight against ulcer or gastritis.
  3. Helps restore microstructures of the mucosa
  4. Reduces the production of hydrochloric acid, and as a consequence, the production of gastric juice
  5. Reduces the activity of gastric juice, thus not allowing it to "digestthe stomach itself »
  6. through mechanisms such effects, the drug is recommended to take many specialists who treat diseases in the field of medicine.

The most important goal of bismuth sub-citrate( the main substance) is to reduce the effect of gastric juice on areas with ulcers, as pain in patients with ulcers and gastritis occurs most often after eating, when the juice begins to be produced more actively and enters damaged areas.

Indications for use De Nola

De-Nol is an effective drug

De-Nol is an effective drug

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Before proceeding with how to take the drug depending on the patient's age and its problems, it is necessary to clarify, in what cases is its use indicated:

  • If a stomach or duodenal ulcer is found in a person that is caused by the destructive effect of the bacterium Helicobacter
  • If a person has been diagnosed with gastritis, which also appeared due tothe negative effects of the bacterium Helicobacter
  • If there are damaged areas of the stomach and duodenum mucosa as a side effect of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs
  • If a person has dyspepsia
  • If there are all the obvious symptoms of a disease such as irritable bowel syndrome, especially when the flow is accompanied by severe diarrhea
  • Depending on the reason why a person is prescribed DeNol, the scheme of his admission, the dosage, and also the combinedof other drugs in the complex treatment.

How to take DeNOL

The drug should be taken according to the instructions

The drug should be taken according to

Despite the fact that in most cases the dosage is issued directly by a doctor, there are cases when it is necessary to know the correct scheme of taking the drug on its own. In order for the effect of the drug to be positive, it is necessary to strictly observe all dosages, as well as follow the recommendations of specialists. At once it is necessary to note, that to accept De Nol it is necessary strictly for half an hour before a meal( means such receptions of food as tomorrow, a dinner, a supper, and also a snack before a dream), and to wash down with a plenty of the boiled or filtered water. The scheme of admission according to the patient's age is as follows:

  1. For children, whose age varies from 4 to 8 years, doctors recommend calculating the dosage based on the body weight of the baby, that is, 8 mg per 1 kilogram. And do not give the drug in one go, as it can be unbearable for a child of this age, it is better to divide by two times
  2. Children whose age varies from 8 to 12 years, doctors recommend giving one tablet twice a day
  3. Children,whose age is older than 12 years, as well as adult patients, the recommended daily dose is 4 tablets per day
  4. In some cases, in adults, you can reduce the daily dose to three tablets. It is also possible to increase the single dosage of the drug, by reducing the number of receptions. So often people who because of their working schedule can not afford more meals, despite the recommendations of the treating doctors.

In order for the drug to act as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet carbonated drinks( even mineral water with gases), any dairy products, alcohol, strong or not, coffee.

De Nol is one of those medicines that does not have a complicated regimen, and besides, you can make some digressions in the form of increasing the dosage and reducing the number of doses.

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