Normalization of intestinal microflora: preparations for restoration

Thanks to the microflora of the intestine, food in the human body is absorbed, and nutrients come to all cells. But sometimes it happens that the microflora is broken for one reason or another. And if suddenly this happened, then certainly you need to make every effort to restore it.

  • 1 A little about the intestinal microflora
  • 2 Infringement of the microflora
  • 3 Restoration of the intestinal microflora
  • 4 Varieties of the preparations
  • 6 Normalization of the intestinal macroinflammation in children
  • 6 Normalization of the microflora in pregnant women

A bit about the intestinal microflora

Linex - a preparation for microflora

Linex is a preparation for the microflora

Before proceeding to the preparations that will helprestore the intestinal microflora, you need to learn a little more about its features, in order to understand how important the appointment is. The intestinal microflora begins to develop already from birth, but because of the peculiarities of the organism, it is completely formed only by the age of 13.In the microflora there are about 500 different bacteria, 99 percent of which are useful, and only 1 percent are harmful. Useful bacteria help digest the food that has entered the body, metabolize vitamins and minerals.

As a rule, useful bacteria include bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, bacteroides, enterococci, E. coli. As for harmful bacteria, which at any time can activate and disrupt the common flora, include staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. The microflora of the intestine is of great importance for the whole organism:

  • If the state of the microflora is good, then the human immunity is at the proper level, because the production of immunoglobulin A occurs
  • Provides normal digestion, resulting in nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals absorbed by
  • Neutralize the effect of toxins are harmfulbacteria, because of what a person does not feel the symptoms of intoxication, even if some pathogenic bacteria has become more
  • Improves the general condition of the skin, because if the pathogenic bacteria is more or just having problems with the intestines, then the skin deteriorates, pimples appear, which indicateabout existing problems in the intestine
  • Protects the body from premature aging. It was said above that useful bacteria neutralize the action of toxins released by pathogenic bacteria. And if the beneficial bacteria becomes less, then the body is poisoned by them, and therefore the aging process becomes faster

That's why close attention should be paid to your health, the microflora of the intestine, since the general well-being of the organism and the person depends on her condition.

Disturbance of the microflora

Microflora in the intestine can be disrupted for various reasons

Microflora in the intestine can be disturbed for various reasons

There are many reasons why microflora in the intestine can be disturbed. And depending on what became provoking factors, the treatment will depend, in the process of which attention is paid not only to the restoration of the flora itself, but also to the elimination of negative factors. The main causes of the disturbance of microflora include:

  • Antibiotic intake, which in 90 percent of cases is the cause of the dysbiosis
  • Improper nutrition, which causes the body to lose fiber and other nutrients necessary for normal bowel function.
  • Frequent bowel cleansing. Many people periodically, once or twice a week, "cleaned", taking special preparations to soften the stool. But from the intestine in this case, not only feces are excreted, but also useful bacteria that are so necessary for normal functioning of the intestine.
  • Frequent use of antibacterial agents that can kill useful bacteria
    Weak immunity, due to which infections and other bacteria will penetrate morethe body, as it is unable to resist them
  • Stress, which is the cause of many diseases
  • Overstrain, as a result of which the body is tuned to conserve energy
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Depending on what caused the disturbance of microflora, the treatment will depend, as it is not enough just to take drugs to improve microflora. It is necessary to clean and provoke the factor, because otherwise, even if the intestines are cured, but do not stop, for example, malnutrition, after a short period of time the problem will return again.

Restoration of intestinal microflora

Just so start to drink drugs to normalize the intestinal microflora can not. In fact, this is a very long process, and to restore the microflora, you need to spend three to six months. First of all, you need to start by cleansing the body. To do this, you need to start drinking Lactofiltrum, which can remove toxins and harmful bacteria from the intestine. In parallel, doctors recommend taking Enterol, which will help kill harmful bacteria that interfere with normal bowel function. In addition, it is necessary to eat properly and consume a lot of sour-milk products that contain lactobacilli in themselves.

After the course of Enterol and Lactofiltrum has been drunk, it is possible to pass to the process of colonization of the intestines with useful bacteria. There are many preparations, the most important is to choose the one that is most suitable. It should be noted that only a doctor can do this, which, based on individual characteristics of the body, as well as previously taken medicines, will write out the drug that will definitely help.

Types of

Baktistatin in capsules

preparations Baktistatin in

capsules As mentioned above, only a doctor can choose a preparation for restoration of intestinal microflora, because today there are several types of drugs that can solve this problem. They are divided into three groups:

  • Probiotics, which contain living cultures of microorganisms that help colonize the intestines with useful bacteria. This includes Lineks, Bifidumbacterin, Acipol
  • Prebiotics that promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria, thereby speeding up the recovery process. They include Dufalac, Normaise. These preparations can also be divided into several groups, each of which will differ in composition, namely the content of one or more strains of useful bacteria.
  • . Synbiotics, which are a complex of bacteria that promote the growth and colonization of microflora by beneficial bacteria. These drugs include Biovestin-Lakto, Bifido-Bak and other
  • Probiotics, prebiotics do not pose any danger to humans. However, it is necessary to pay attention that for people with lactase deficiency some of them are not allowed to take categoric beverages because of the sugar content in them.
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Normalization of the intestinal macroflora in children

Special attention should be paid to the recovery of the intestinal microflora in children, because it is in childhood that immunity develops, as well as the overall development of the organism where it is very important, so that cells and organs receive the necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins for normal growth. The most common drugs that are recommended for children to restore intestinal microflora include:

  1. Linex. This drug can be given to children from birth, and it can take up to one month. It is produced in a very convenient form, in the form of a powder, which can be dissolved in water, milk, milk mixture and give to the baby.
  2. Bifidumbacterin. This drug is relatively inexpensive, but the effect is excellent. Bifidumbacterin is recommended to give even to children, when they are transferred from one milk mixture to another, etc. The drug is dissolved either in water or in a milk mixture and give the child before eating. For a drink to achieve a better effect, you need about seven days
  3. Normobakt. This drug has several forms of release, but for children it is better to buy it either in the form of a sachet or simply in sachets. It dissolves in a tablespoon of water and is given to the child along with the food. It tastes rather sweet, so it does not cause any disgust in the child. Depending on how violated the intestinal microflora, the specialist will choose the duration of the course. In most cases, it lasts no more than 15 days
  4. Acipol. This drug is allowed to give to children from three months. The only drawback of the drug is that it is available in capsules that a small child simply can not swallow. Therefore, parents have to pour the contents of the capsule in a spoon, dilute with water and give
  5. Hilak forte. The action of this drug is aimed at cleansing the body of harmful bacteria, as well as stimulating the growth of useful. It is released in the form of drops, so the child needs to dilute it with water. It is forbidden to give Hilak forte with milk or any other dairy products
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Only the doctor will be able to prescribe this or that drug to the child, because all cases are individual, and one will be approached by Lineks,drink a long course of Normobakta.

Normalization of microflora in pregnant women

Drugs also help pregnant women

Drugs also help pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman may have many health problems that she previously did not even know about. This is due to changes in the hormonal background, and also because of the increased burden on the entire body. Dysbacteriosis often torments women "in position", so special attention should be paid to eliminating the problem in the safest way. First of all, the doctor will appoint a special diet during which you can not eat fatty, spicy food, and you will also have to exclude some foods from the diet. After that, the doctor will prescribe drugs to restore the microflora, which are considered safe for the future mother and her baby. These include:

  1. Bifidumbacterin
  2. Lineks
  3. Lactobacilli

Since the body of every woman is individual, the doctor can adjust the treatment depending on the complexity of the situation. So, in addition to drugs and diet, the pregnant woman will need to drink more kefir, and eat sour-milk products that will best restore the microflora of the intestine. However, not all pregnant women can go for it, because the taste preferences are changing, and quite often a certain product can cause disgust and vomiting. Some drugs, for example, such as Bifidumabacterin, Lactonorm, are released in the form of candles, which are considered the safest. Because they are not absorbed into the blood, but have a direct effect on the weak spot.

Preparations for the normalization of the intestinal microflora do not by themselves have the proper effect, because it is necessary before cleaning the flora with useful bacteria to clear it of pathogenic ones. Only in this case the effect will be positive. Also, it is not recommended to take medications while taking antibiotics, because there will be no positive action, only time is spent. Better immediately after the end of the course, start drinking lactobacilli.

The process of recovery of microflora is long. It is necessary to have patience and wait, because even expensive medications can not restore it 100% in a short time.

What will help restore the intestinal microflora, will tell the video:

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