Motilium for children: the instruction manual will help you understand the purpose

The condition of disturbance from the stable activity of the digestive tract quite often causes anxiety not only for adults but also for children. Stagnant phenomena in the upper parts of the system cause heaviness in the hypochondrium, a feeling of discomfort, activating the vomiting reflex. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and normalize the digestive activity, the action of Motilium is directed at ingestion.


  • 1 Forms of the produced preparation
  • 2 Principle of action Motilium
  • 3 Structure of internal reactions
  • 4 In what cases is it necessary to take the drug?
  • 5 Admission technique
  • 6 Recommended dosage
  • 7 Conditions limiting use
  • 8 Side effects
  • 9 Special recommendations
  • 10 Overdose actions
  • 11 Combination with other drugs
  • 12 Storage requirements
  • 13 Synonyms for

Forms of manufactured

As in adults, children also have digestive problems

As in adults, children also have digestive problems

Motilium for children is made in the form of a suspension that has a neutral taste and is easily perceived by the child's body without causing a rejection in the reception. The viscous liquid has a white hue, the main component of which is domperidone in the amount of 0.005 g. Additional components of the preparation include:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Saccharin sodium
  • Sorbitol
  • Carboxymethylcellulose
  • Parahydroxy benzoate
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Polysorbate
  • Distilled water

In addition, the preparation is produced as a self-absorbable tablets containing 0.01 g of domperidone active substance with the possibility of placing inoral cavity on the tongue without additional use of fluid. Inactive tableted substances include:

  1. Aspartame
  2. Mannitol
  3. Gelatin
  4. Flavoring fragrance

Motilium is used depending on the age category of the child, as well as individual preferences, providing the best effect of internal effects on the body.

Principle of action of Motilium

The drug is assigned to a group of antiemetics having a central effect in the form of blocking dopamine receptors. In addition to the antiemetic effect, the agent activates the contraction of the smooth muscles of the small intestine, stimulating its peristalsis. The drug has similarities with Cerucal and neuroleptics, but differs in poor permeability through the blood-brain barrier, excluding a number of negative effects, but promotes the activation of proliferation from the pituitary cells of prolactin.

The action of the drug prolongs the contractile capacity of the intestine with internal absorption, accelerating the time of devastation of the stomach. In a healthy state, there is a transition to the following intestinal sections of homogenized semiliquid fractions, determining the tone state and pressure of the sphincter entering the stomach. In patients with a pathological disturbance in the activity of the digestive tract - solid fractions, determining the inhibition of the process of food from the stomach into the initial part of the intestine. Motilium does not change the state of the internal environment of the gastric cavity.

Structure of internal reactions

After receiving Motilium, in the state of an empty stomach, the following chain of reactions takes place:

  1. Absorption. The highest content in the blood plasma, after taking on an empty stomach, is reached after 60 minutes. Low sensitivity to the active component of the drug may be due to a reduced degree of diffusion capacity of the walls of the intestine and liver. Increased activity is observed in healthy people with subsequent intake of food. Disturbances from the motor activity of the digestive tract limit the intake of food to half an hour after the use of Motilium. Reduced levels of gastric acidity reduces the diffusivity of domperidone.
  2. Transportation. Domperidone does not regulate its own metabolism. In the regime of constant intake for 14 days in an amount not exceeding 0.3 g., The maximum content in the blood plasma is kept within a constant level after 1.5 hours after the initially taken dosage. The connection with the protein structure of the plasma is not less than 92%.The total content of the active ingredient in breast milk has a ratio of 4 times lower, constituting blood plasma.
  3. Diffusion. Metabolism of the main substance occurs in the liver cells in the form of dealkylation and hydroxylation reactions. Routes of excretion through the urinary and intestinal tract in a percentage ratio of 30 and 65%, respectively. Unchanged, domperidone is utilized up to 10% with bowel movements and up to 1% in urine.
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In case of pathological disorders of the urinary tract, there is an increase in creatinine clearance, determining a low level of the active component in the blood plasma.

When should I take the drug?

Motilium. Form release slurry

Motilium. Form release suspension

With the development of the following signs, the use of motilium removes their vivid manifestation with the elimination of the immediate cause of their formation:

  • Nausea and vomiting while receiving dopamine agonists in diagnosing Parkinson's pathology.
  • Digestive disorders due to systemic reflux.
  • Duration of food in the gastric cavity.
  • Sensations of bloating and excessive gas generation.
  • Berept and heartburn.
  • Painful sensations in the epigastric region.
  • Dyspeptic phenomena on the background of organic, infectious or functional genesis.
  • Emetic syndrome and a feeling of nausea associated with the restriction of diet, the performance of drug chemistry and radiation therapy.
  • Physiological disorders of the motor tract of the digestive tract in children of early age.

Technique for taking

For the early childhood it is recommended to take the suspension form of the released drug. Age category older than 5 years allows the reception of self-absorbable tablets with their immersion in the oral cavity on the surface of the tongue. In this case, the tablet completely dissolves in a short time interval and is swallowed without requiring additional water volume.

When using self-absorbable tablets, it is necessary to take into account the details of packaging the form of the drug in the blister and the brittleness of the structure, which can lead to kinking when the package is opened. For this it is necessary: ​​

  1. Holding the blister over the edge, remove the surface coating from the foil.
  2. Press on the convex part of the package and gently remove the tablet.

Features of the suspension include the following necessary technical rules for the use of packaging material and directly the solution, which must be shaken before use, due to the uneven distribution of the drug dosage forms:

  • The bottle cap is protected against accidental contact with children's hands, so it must be pressed and turned in the opposite direction clockwise.
  • Remove, close the bottle, part.
  • When using a 100 ml package, the kit includes an eyedropper, which must be removed from the outer shell.
  • Push aside the upper pipette retainer until the designation corresponding to the weight of the child holds the lower retainer in place, while taking the suspension inside.
  • Remove the filled pipette from the vial by holding the lower retainer of the mark.
  • After use, rinse the pipette with water and put on the packing case.
  • Bottle with lid closure

Recommended dosage

Motilium. Form release - tablets

Motilium. Form release - tablets

In cases of symptoms of nausea and vomiting in children older than 5 years, the allowed daily dosage is 0.04 g per day, with a frequency of 3-4 reception, including the range before eating and before sleep. Suspension form is calculated depending on the weight of the child, which is 5 ml per 10 kg of mass, with the maximum daily dose being determined at 2.4 mg per kilogram.

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Prolonged flow of functional disorders of the digestive tract includes regular intake of the drug at a dosage of 10 mg for half an hour before regular meals three times during the day. If there is a need for an extraordinary reception before bedtime. The maximum daily dose is no more than 0.08 g per day. Suspension form of the drug is used, based on the weight of the child, with a calculation of 2.5 ml per 10 kilograms of weight, which is 250 mg per kilogram.

In case of violations in the activity of excretory system it is recommended to increase the interval between reception of Motilium. Coordinate the dosage is not required, since a small percentage of the active substance is utilized by the kidneys unchanged. With repeated use of the drug, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of reception up to 1-2 times during the day, and, depending on the individual course of the characteristics of the pathological disorder, it may be necessary to adjust the dosage applied.

Conditions restricting the intake of

The drug is well tolerated, proving a high level of functional effect, but the drug has some limitations in the admission:

  1. Gastrointestinal bleeding.
  2. The perforation of the walls of the organs of the digestive tract, since the agent, by increasing the motor ability of tissues, can provoke a sharp deterioration of the condition.
  3. Acute intestinal obstruction.
  4. Tumor transformation in the tissues of the pituitary gland with a violation of the secretion of prolactin.
  5. Co-administration with ketoconazole.
  6. Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  7. Chronic or congenital metabolic disorders in liver tissues

In any case, before taking the drug, it is necessary to consult a specialist to avoid the development of possible negative consequences that worsen the current symptoms and exclude the presence of unacceptable pathological conditions.

Side effects of

Deviations from the necessary dosage and disturbances in the intake structure, as well as individual characteristics of the organism that display the intake of the drug, can provoke the development of the following manifestations:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Spasm of muscle fibers in the digestive tract.
  • Violations of neurological genesis, which is associated with insufficiency of the blood-brain barrier in early childhood, with the disappearance of symptoms immediately after the withdrawal of the drug.
  • Deviations in the endocrine sphere in the form of gynecomastia, rarely galactorrhea

Special recommendations

Motilium is recognized as an effective tool for children

Motilium is recognized as an effective tool for children

Antisecretory or antacid agents should not be used in combination with Motilium, which is recommended, if necessary, in admission, postponed to a time interval after meals. Care should be taken to take the drug against the background of functional disorders of the excretory system and liver, which indicates a high degree of excretion of domperidone tissues. When appointing a course of therapy for a long period should be observed regularly with the attending physician.

In pediatric practice, since in the first stages of a child's life, the incomplete resistance of the blood-brain barrier is observed, the drug should be used with special attention and under the supervision of a specialist. The development of abnormalities from the sphere of nervous activity is allowed at the age of the first year of life, reflecting the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. In addition, excess dosage contributes to the manifestation of pathological disorders from the nervous activity.

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Overdose actions

Excess of the admissible drug allowance may contribute to the development of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of orientation
  • Drowsiness
  • Extrapyramidal reactions

If these symptoms appear during the period of taking the drug should be immediatelyto stop the use of a subsequent dose, it is recommended that activated charcoal and supervision by the doctor in charge. The development of extrapyramidal reactions requires additional treatment with antihistamines and anticholinergics.

Combination with other drugs

The combined use of antisecretory and antacid drugs disrupts the domperidone absorption, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of Motilium. Also, its action inhibits the intake of sodium hydrogen carbonate and the neutralizing ability of anticholinergic agents.

Since the active substance has a stimulating effect on the tissues of the digestive tract, it is possible to increase the absorption capacity of other drugs, against the background of a combination with Motilium. In particular, it concerns tableted forms with an enteric coating or medicinal preparations, with an extended interval of absorption of the main components. A practical study, when combined with the use of Motilium with Paracetamol or Digoxin, showed the invariability of the level of concentration of the main active components in blood plasma.

Experimental data allow an increase in the concentration of domperidone in blood plasma when combined with drugs that significantly suppress the action of the enzyme. To such substances carry:

  1. Antimycotics.
  2. Macrolides.
  3. Nefazodone.
  4. Drugs that inhibit the HIV protease

The active component of the drug does not exert a potentiating effect on the combined administration of antipsychotics, which allows simultaneous administration. Motilium eliminates the side effect when taking dopaminergic receptor agonists, such as Levopod and Bromocriptine.

Storage requirements for

If the child

If the child has a heavier weight in the tummy, Motilium

will be an excellent solution. The drug should be stored at room temperature in a place restricted to children's access. The suitability of the drug is maintained for 5 years from the date of manufacture, regarding the suspension forms of release. Self-absorbable tablets are suitable for use within two years from the date of manufacture.

Synonyms for

The analogue group with the main active component in the form of domperidone is:

  1. Ganaton
  2. Motilik
  3. Damelium
  4. Motigeckt
  5. Peridia

Analogues differ depending on the use of the patented formula of the active substance and the drug structuring technique by the manufacturer thatdisplays the price variety of choice. Not all synonyms have a convenient form of release for ingestion in early childhood, not excluding the presence of certain side effects associated with the technology of manufacturing the drug - an analogue.

The need for admission and choice of a drug is based on the current signs of the pathological condition and features of a single organism, which is possible after a diagnostic examination when visiting a specialized specialist, and given the child age category, is a prerequisite.

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