Epilation in the bikini zone at home

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  • Types of epilation
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  • Shugaring zone bikini at home: Video

  • Regardless of the time of year, any woman wants to look the best! Even when the bikini area, which is hidden from prying eyes, is groomed, it gives the girl confidence. Not every woman is ready to entrust such an intimate area to someone else's, even a specialist. Then epilation of the bikini zone at home is the best way out. How to make hair removal yourself? Read the article and choose your method!

    Types of epilation

    Bikini Zone The most popular hair removal methods that women use at home are wax epilation and shugaring. Now we will consider each of them. Perhaps, having tried this or that method, you will not immediately get what you want. Do not be discouraged and do not give up! This is normal. You will need some time to perfect your skills.


    Cosmetics sell a special wax that can be used at home. This is either ready-made wax strips, or jars with a wax mixture intended for heating. Both ways are good. It should be remembered that the warmer the wax, the less painful sensations the epilation of the bikini zone causes. Therefore, before buying a large batch of funds, women who have a low pain threshold should conduct an experiment on aging.

    The wax contains natural ingredients. Those who have skin diseases, wounds or rashes in the bikini zone, it is worth refraining from waxing hair removal. At least until he is completely healed.

    How to do hair removal correctly

    Epilation waxing of the bikini zone at home - the procedure is not so complicated. It is enough to follow simple rules, and positive results will please you right away!

    1. Prepare the skin by washing it with warm water, or even better in a bath or shower. Only not more than 20 minutes. So the skin will become softer, and the hair will be easier to exit.
    2. Wax strips are ready for use. And the wax in jars should be heated in a water bath until semi-liquid. With this you need to be very careful not to burn your skin. Check the temperature of the wax before applying or try to lubricate only a small area.
    3. The strip is glued on the hair growth. In the same way, you need to spread liquid wax. It breaks and the one and the other wax against the hair.
    4. Do not apply wax to the same bikini area more than two or three times, or even better once. If there are still hairs, then pluck them with tweezers or gently shave. Wax can not be applied to one place many times, because it removes the upper layer of the skin together with the hair and irritation is inevitable.

    Epilation of the bikini zone at home: Video



    Shugaring is epilation with sugar paste. It is easy to prepare at home, as the ingredients necessary for this, are always at hand.

    Recipe for sugar paste

    You will need sugar, water, lemon. Instead of sugar, you can use honey if you do not have allergies.

    To prepare the pasta at home, take 10 tablespoons of sugar and place in a container that can be heated. It is better that the dishes have a thick bottom.

    Add one tablespoon of water and four tablespoons of lemon juice. Put on the fire and bring to a complete dissolution, stirring constantly. When the syrup begins to boil, lower the heat to a minimum and cover the container with a lid. Cook the syrup for 10 minutes, it will just turn golden brown.

    Then pour it directly into the container, where it will be stored. A plastic container is good for this. Allow the syrup to cool for at least an hour. It will harden into a paste that can be used.

    How to do shugaring

    Shugaring Sugar epilation at home is much like wax. And still has some differences. Here's how to proceed:

    1. Cleanse your skin with soap. This will degrease the surface.
    2. Be sure to dry it well with a towel, because sugar paste is afraid of water.
    3. Apply talcum powder to the skin. It can be replaced with starch or flour, which are always at home.
    4. Take a piece of paste and spread smoothly against the growth of hair.
    5. Cut the paste in the direction of hair growth.

    Be sure to pay attention to the last two points. Only this method of application and tearing guarantees the absence of irritation and ingrown hairs.

    At home, you can experiment with the consistency of the paste. Having made it more liquid, apply a wand like wax. An ordinary wooden stick from ice cream will do. At the top, put strips of special paper for epilation or clean pieces of tissue. Now you can tear it down. This is a kind of substitute for wax strips.

    If you boil the syrup for 15-20 minutes, it will become much thicker and darker. From such a paste balls roll down, which then need to be kneaded to white. Experts say that a thick paste is more suitable for thick and thick hair.

    Care after epilation

    Regardless of how the hair removal at home, skin care for the bikini zone will be the same. Neglect it is not necessary, otherwise irritation and ingrown hair will spoil your skin for a long time:

    • Immediately after the procedure, the skin should be lubricated with a soothing cream or lotion. Instead of ready-made cosmetic products, you can use vegetable infusion( chamomile, sage, calendula), which is easy and simple to cook at home.
    • In the first 48 hours you can not take a bath, visit the sauna and solarium, sunbathe in the sun and rub the place of hair removal.
    • Lubricate the bikini area with an emollient cream. Instead, special creams that slow hair growth are good.
    • To prevent irritation, you need to peel 2-3 times a week. They begin two days after epilation. For peeling, sea or cooking salt, which is home to every woman, is suitable. In addition to the exfoliating effect, it also disinfects the skin.

    Hydrogen peroxide from unwanted hair( reminder)

    Hydrogen peroxide from unwanted hair

    Some lucky people can not touch the skin completely with a razor and look perfect at the same time. Their "extra" hairs, similar to the inconspicuous fluff, are completely invisible. True, this applies to blonde women. With the help of hydrogen peroxide, girls with dark fluff can also give a full resignation of hair removal.

    Slowing hair growth

    Epilation Epilation in the bikini zone at home will save you from excess hair for 2-3 weeks. Using different tricks, you can further extend this time. In addition to these creams, there are various folk remedies. The girls who used them say they are very effective. Let's look at some of them:

    • Turmeric is a natural seasoning popular in the east. Many lovers cook it at home. Turmeric is mixed with warm water and the resulting gruel is applied to the skin for half an hour. Regular use of this product significantly slows down hair growth. True, this method has a drawback - the skin is painted in yellow, which is difficult to wash off.
    • Laundry soap or some kind of acid( apple, wine vinegar, lemon juice).Simultaneously, these two tools can not be used, since they neutralize each other. Immediately after depilation at home, lubricate the bikini area with soap and leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. The next day you can use acid. If before it to steam out the skin, then the remedy will work even better. It destroys the hair follicle. Shells of walnuts. It is necessary to burn the shells and dissolve the resulting ash with water.
    • In the season of young nuts, it is enough to cut a green nut and lubricate the skin. The product is effective, but it also stains the skin in the bikini zone, like turmeric.

    Yes, it is not pleasant to have hair removal. .. But you can not do without it. As the heroine Leah Akhedzhakova said: "Nothing, you are a woman, be patient!" Moreover, there is such a wonderful remedy, like lidocaine.

    Shugaring bikini zone at home: Video

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    Published: 12-01-2015