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Individual features when removing hair

Legs without hair We ask the girlfriends, we search for information on the Internet, we scan the magazines in search of novelties,which will simplify our women's life in this matter. We try to do it at home and go to the salon. Although there were times in history when hair was not attached to the legs, women in most cases tried to get rid of them. And it happened not only during the period when the mini entered into fashion, but in the more ancient times women started different tricks to remove hair and please the husband.

To those who are interested in how to remove hair permanently, let's say frankly: a way that would save the excess vegetation on the body permanently, does not exist yet. Too much depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Someone does not disturb the hair, they are light, thin and grow slowly. But others can suffer because of their dark, thick hair on their legs, which does not give the female image of attractiveness.

Hair growth and disorders in the body

Before dealing with unwanted hair, it is important to pay attention to the nature of their growth. It happens that excess hair can indicate a number of diseases associated with a violation of the hormonal background. And only the removal of vegetation here will not help. If you have dramatically increased the amount of hair on your legs and body as a whole, then it makes sense to consult a doctor who will help determine the cause. Do not try to solve this problem at home.

If nature itself has given you such a feature and the hair on your legs is pretty boring, then you need to find the best way to remove them. Having done this correctly, you can, albeit not forever, but for a long time to become the owner of beautiful legs with clean even skin.

How to get rid of hair on your feet forever: Video

How to remove hair on your legs

Since we are talking about the long-term effect of the hair removal procedure, in this article we will not consider methods such as shaving and chemical depilation using a cream. These methods, although popular, but do not give a lasting result, and the procedure has to be repeated almost every day.


Although the removal of bored hair on your feet for ever continues to be just a dream, but there are methods that can save you from them for a period of 2-3 weeks to several months and even years.

Top-10 remedies for ingrown hair( reminder)

Top 10 remedies for ingrown hairs

Salon procedures

The laser method gives the longest effect. The ray penetrates deep into the hair follicle and destroys it from the inside. Thus, the hair in this place will not grow any more.

The hair that we see on the surface of the skin is only part of the hair we actually have. Part of the follicle is in a dormant state. Removing active hairs awakens sleepers. Therefore, the laser procedure is carried out in several stages with interruptions in a couple of weeks-months to remove all possible hair.

But at the end of the full course, there is a possibility that hair will not appear at all. Most often, the supporting procedure should be performed every six months or a year. And if you are lucky with heredity, then every few years. Agree, the prospect is tempting.

The only drawback of this method is that the laser does not affect light and gray hair.

Photoepilation is very similar to the action and result with the laser, only in this case the hair follicle is destroyed by the action of heat. She is able to remove hair for a long time. Photoepilation is also suitable only for girls with dark hair.

Hair removal on the legs Epilation with wax or sugar paste. These are more economical ways, but they do not give such a lasting effect as the above types of hair removal. Hot wax or pasta, cooked on the basis of sugar, is applied to the skin of the legs, and then breaks down with the hairs.

Someone likes wax more, and someone prefers shugaring. Here it is necessary to try and decide for yourself. The only thing that can be said, shugaring is less traumatic for the skin and after it the problem of irritation and ingrown hair is not so clearly manifested.

Home remedies

Understanding the list of procedures that a specialized institution can provide, let's look at how you can permanently get rid of ugly hair on your legs at home.

Electric epilator

Many companies offer a special device that is capable of plucking hairs on their feet. It is easy to use at home. Hair with roots is removed, so your skin becomes smooth for 2-3 weeks. Regularly using a depilator, you will see that the hair is thinner and grow less often. The procedure is rather painful, but no more than others.

Wax and shugaring

Leg epilation Hair removal, which is carried out by specialists in the salon, can be successfully carried out at home. Of course, you can from the first try it does not work out perfectly, but with time you will get better, and the result will only please.


This may seem funny, but some women use it to remove hair on the legs. Tweezers are best used if you have too little hair or need to adjust the result after using other methods. Otherwise, you hardly have the patience to pull out every hair.


This is an old way that our mothers and grandmothers used at home. The meaning of it is that taking a bath, you need to lightly, without fanaticism rub the skin of your legs with pumice stone. It is important to rub it gently so as not to damage the surface of the skin. The procedure is repeated regularly for a long time, until the hair begins to disappear. This happens because pumice contains certain chemical elements that destructively affect the hair and its root.

Foot care after epilation

In the fight against the problem of excess vegetation on the body, there is important not only the question of how to remove hair permanently, but also how to take care of the skin after the procedure. The treatment of the skin strongly affects the duration of positive results. If care is wrong, then new hair can grow into the skin, causing discomfort and spoiling the appearance of the feet.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of foot care after epilation:

  • Immediately after the procedure, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with a soothing cream or antiseptic tincture( chamomile, sage).
  • The first 2-3 days can not be rubbed and once again touch the skin;it is good to use softening creams.
  • Avoid sun rays and hikes in the solarium for several days.
  • On the second or third day, you need to do pilling to prevent ingrown hairs. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week or even more often.
  • Use a special cream to slow down hair growth.

In order to choose what to remove the hair permanently on your feet, you need to try a few options. Perhaps you're lucky and the first method that you use will completely satisfy you. Or maybe not. In any case, do not despair and luck will smile at you.

How to get rid of ingrown hairs on the legs: Video

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Published: 28-12-2014