How to deal with pimples after shaving?

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  • Causes of acne after shaving
    • Trigger factors for the appearance of pimples
  • How to use acne lotion.
  • Reminder How to clean after shaving pimples
  • Video. How to get rid of pimples

Shaving is one of the most common ways to combat unwanted vegetation on the body due to the fact that it is fast and cheap. But here it does not do without negative moments. So, for example, after shaving there can be spots that do not adorn at all, but add unnecessary worries. Therefore, it is important to find out why they appear and what is best to do with them.

Causes of acne after shaving

Shaving legs Everyone who has ever used a razor, faced with skin irritation, when it blushes, itches and there are different inflamed elements. There are three reasons for this:

  • ingrown hair;
  • infection;
  • is an allergy.

The first reason is the most common. That is why popping acne after hair removal with wax, an electric epilator and after using a razor. The hair loses the path by which it usually grows and starts moving in different directions unusual for it.

Hair can grow sideways, deep inside the skin, curl up in one place. All this not only looks ugly, but can also inflame at any time, which often happens. Thus, small and large pimples appear, which in particularly neglected cases can merge into large inflamed foci.

Infection can also get into the microenvironments that form during shaving. It lurks on razor blades, especially blunt, on hands and skin. If you do not comply with the basic rules of hygiene, then it can easily end with a strong irritation of an infectious nature.

Allergy is at the expense of funds for and after shaving, so carefully approach their choice if your skin is too sensitive. It is also desirable to give preference to clothing and linen from natural fabrics that will not provoke allergic reactions, and will give the skin an opportunity to breathe.

Trigger factors for the appearance of pimples

Hair removal with razor For each of the reasons there are their triggers, which you need to know in order to protect yourself as much as possible. If you do not know why acne appears after shaving, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the probable factors.

  • Unprepared skin. Before shaving it is necessary that the skin is clean. It is desirable to steam it. So the razor will be easier to cut off the hairs.
  • Blunt razor. Not only that in its microcracks microbes accumulate, so it also scratches the skin, so the blade must always be changed on time. If it does not cut all the hairs from the first time, then this is the first sign that it's blunted.
  • Shave to dry or use soap instead of special tools. During the shaving of dry skin, the razor literally cuts off its top layer. After a short time on it there is a strong reddening and it is possible to notice scratches in which the infection can easily get. Soap makes the skin dry, so it's better to use special gels or shaving creams.
  • Shaving against the growth of hair, although more clean, but it most of all provokes ingrown hair, and, hence, the appearance of itchy pimples. If you know for sure that you may have such a problem, you need to accustom yourself to shave on the growth of hair.

How to use acne lotion.

How to use acne lotion

Reminder How to clean after shaving after a shave

Knowing the main reason why pimples appear after hair removal or shaving, you can easily derive the rules that should be followed in order to avoid such a result. But what to do if the terrible itching and inflammation still appeared? First you need to remove the inflammation. For this:

  1. Stop shaving until the pimples are completely gone.
  2. Apply to soothing and antiseptic agents. The most effective are pharmacy ointments with zinc content. Also you can prepare infusion of chamomile, calendula or sage. Well with pimples, tea tree oil helps, which should be diluted with water and moistened with fleece wipe the problem areas several times a day.
  3. If the pimple is ripe, then you can squeeze it gently. Often, along with pus comes out and a hair, which became the cause of inflammation. Follow the procedure with clean hands. Pour the pimple before and after the procedure with alcohol.

When the pimples dry, go to the peeling, which will allow the ingrown hair to extrude outward until they have had time to give new inflammations. However, if there are even single pimples, then this can not be done.

Video. How to get rid of acne on the feet

Shaving, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes a person is so excruciated with various kinds of irritations, then the only advice for him is to change the way of hair removal. But before that, see if you are doing the right thing while shaving. Sometimes one small mistake leads to such sad consequences as pimples and it is enough to correct it so that the skin becomes smooth and clean.

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Published: 04-11-2015