I want beautiful hands: how to get rid of hair here?

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  • Cause of hirsutism
    • Stages of hair growth. Figure
  • Methods of removing hair on the hands
    • Going to the salon?
  • As a woman get rid of excess hair. Video

It used to be a sign that a girl with hairy arms would marry a rich man made the beautiful sex even proud of excessive hairiness. Nowadays, this phenomenon is considered a cosmetic defect, and what tricks the expensive ladies do not go to eliminate it. Here we are today, we will talk about how to get rid of hair on hands.

Cause of hirsutism


We remove hair on hands In most cases, the girls have a small subtle fluff on their hands, but there are also those who have hair in this place grow stiff and dark. The increased content of the male hormone in the body is the reason for the excessively hairy female hands. Usually such a "gift" is awarded by nature and the girl has to suffer all her life.

If you only recently noticed such an attack at home, then it's a good reason to see a doctor as soon as possible. Reinforced vegetation on the female body may indicate a number of gynecological or endocrine diseases, diabetes mellitus.

Stages of hair growth. Figure

Stages of hair growth

Methods of removing hair on the hands of

And if the hair grows on the fingers, what then? How to deal with them? For starters, forget about the razor. Use it on this part of the body is blasphemy. Is it only in fashion that the presence on the female handles of dark and stitching bristles will not enter. There are many other, more effective methods that you can perform at home.

  • If the hair on the hands and fingers is thin enough and thick, then they can discolor. Clarify the vegetation can be with the help of hydrogen peroxide, hydroperite or chamomile.10% hydroperite will do everything at once, but with chamomile and peroxide will have to tinker. But they do not so often cause allergies.
  • Tweezers are a convenient way to get rid of lone thick hair on your fingers.
  • The electric epilator removes hairs very effectively, but for some women this procedure may seem like torture.
  • Wax strips are a more pleasant replacement for the epilator. Although, when it comes to pulling the hair on the hands and fingers, the word "pleasant" is not entirely appropriate. Use strips conveniently: bought, pasted on the growth of hair, tore off in the opposite direction.
  • Shugaring, or sugar hair removal, is that you need to weld a thick syrup honey color from sugar, water and juice half a lemon. When it thickens, it becomes dense. This sugar "plasticine" kneads and is applied to the skin against hair growth. For a few seconds we wait for him to get a good grip on the hairs, and severely tear off already in the direction of growth.

Hair on hands

Going to the salon?

If you do not want to bother yourself with hairy hands and palms, then go to the salon. There experts will do everything in the best possible way. In addition to wax epilation and shugaring, you can be offered the following procedures:

  • Laser hair removal painlessly removes hairs for a long time. The course is not expensive and lasts for several months, but then there is a possibility that the hands will never be hairy.
  • Photoepilation gives the same results. The difference with the laser in principle: the hair bulb destroys the heat ray.

As a woman get rid of excess hair. Video

Excessive dark hair on the hands and fingers of the girls do not look very feminine. If it embarrasses you, then do not suffer by wrapping up your clothes. Take up the elimination of this problem and soon you will be able to wear a T-shirt or T-shirt without embarrassment.

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Published: 09-08-2015