How to remove hair growing over the upper lip

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  • Causes of hair growth on the female face
  • What if the mustache grows?
    • Removing the mustache above the lip at home
    • Hair removal with a thread. Instruction
    • Salon procedures
  • How to get rid of facial hair at home. Video

Mother Nature does nothing for nothing, and the protective hair layer on the female face is quite natural. Another thing is that someone has this "hairiness" more, and someone has less. Of course, fashion dictates its rules, so for those who value their appearance, the question of how to remove hair grown over the upper lip becomes truly relevant.

Causes of hair growth on the female face

Pure face The appearance of unwanted hairs on the female face is due to the excess of testosterone - the male hormone usually present in women in negligible limits. But female and male mustaches are not the same thing. Female hair manifestations are rather fluff, distinguished by its darkish shade, while the male bristles are so thick that sometimes it even creates the illusion of hairy lips.

It is worth highlighting some of the main factors that make vegetation in girls dramatically noticeable and puts them in front of the problem of how to remove unwanted hairs above the lip:

  • hormonal changes( puberty, menopause, pregnancy);
  • endocrine disorders;
  • stress;
  • hereditary factors.

What if you grow a mustache?

The owners of mustaches are most often representatives of southern nationalities or brunettes. But if you throw aside the genetic or national predisposition, then the appearance of dark hairs indicates the presence of some ailment.


It may be necessary to get rid of this male problem by medication. But if it turns out that this is purely a cosmetic defect, then hair removal over the lip can be done salon methods or use folk methods.

Removing the mustache above the lip at home

Removal in the salon

The struggle of women with male vegetation has been going on for a very long time. Therefore, any of the practicing methods of removing hairs above the upper lip has successfully passed the test and is time-tested.

When thinking about how to properly remove hair over the upper lip, many women are frightened by the myth that after removing them they can become thicker and even darker. But this is not so. Even with shaving, neither the thickness nor the thickness of the hair does not change. Bristles are caused by the fact that the cutting of hair is done obliquely, and the oblique cut always appears thicker. That's why it's unacceptable to use shaving for a woman's face.

In addition, the removal of hairs above the lip with a razor can cause on the female face not only irritation, but also the need to do this procedure on a daily basis. It is unlikely that any of the girls want to shave every day.

A lot of controversy also arises as to whether it is possible to pluck the hair over the upper lip with tweezers or a depilator. There is nothing wrong with using tweezers to form eyebrows, but not to remove the antennae. Since the skin above the lip is completely different, it can become irritated due to plucking, and damage to the follicles will cause the appearance of ingrown hairs or scars.

Sugar or wax depilation is very effective. The procedure is painful, but effective. Repeat the procedure is required only after 15 days. To remove hair over the lip with wax, you need to buy special wax strips in the pharmacy. For sugar processing, you need to prepare a sticky sugar mixture, which is then painfully removed with the hair.

You can also discolor hair over the upper lip.

Hair removal with thread. Instruction

Hair removal with a thread

Salon procedures

Electrolysis. The essence of the method is that a small current is passed through each follicle( hair bulb).The procedure is somewhat painful, but the problem of further hair removal over the upper lip disappears forever.

Laser epilation of the upper lip - this is also an effect on the hair follicle, but not the current, but the laser, and almost painless.

Photoepilation of the upper lip - involves the removal of hairs by a beam of light, which, causing overheating, destroys the follicles, but does not injure the skin. It remains smooth for 5 years.

How to get rid of facial hair at home. Video

In the question of choosing whether to remove hair over the lip and how to do it, the decision is yours. But most girls still believe that without them they will look aesthetically and feel more comfortable.

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Published: 17-08-2015