How to shave a bikini zone without irritation: some useful secrets

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Video When a woman feels beautiful? Then, when she has clean and well-groomed skin, a suitable make-up, a beautiful hairstyle and stylish clothes. All this is visible to others, and they can appreciate her efforts with pleasant compliments. But there is something that is hidden from the eyes of others. If a woman is all right and "there", then she feels confident. Have you guessed? Of course! It's about how to shave the delicate bikini area without irritation.

Advantages of the

Shaved bikini shaver Many people want to have a smooth skin without excess hair even in places hidden under panties. Hair removal will help to get rid of unwanted vegetation for a long time. It all depends on the way you choose.

Epilation of the bikini zone can do without irritation. If, of course, adhere to the rules of shaving this delicate place.

When hair removal is not an option

Hair removal and depilation are somewhat different. In the first case, the hair is pulled out. In the second - it is simply cut off or dissolved by cream depilatory. Not all women are ready to decide on such a painful procedure as epilation. After all, hair is removed with roots, and it hurts! Therefore, most women prefer a simpler and more accessible method - shaving.


You might ask, why shave? After all, this method is an echo of the past!"Epilation" with a razor has many drawbacks compared to more modern and effective methods of hair removal. A shave without irritation in the area of ​​the bikini zone generally seems fantastic. But such "epilation" has a number of advantages. Thanks to these advantages, many women continue to use the machine. And do not even plan to move on to something else.

Types of hair removal( memo diagram)

Methods of removing hair on the body

About «pros»

  • If you decide to shave your bikini area, it will take you less time( as compared to other methods of hair removal).Depilation with special creams or waxing requires a lot of time, but it does not always exist. Especially if the result is urgent, then shaving is an ideal option.
  • As mentioned earlier, shaving the bikini zone is painless. In many women, epilation causes severe pain. And under no pretext they will not agree to pulling out hairs, which requires a lot of patience and patience.
  • And the third advantage is affordability. If other methods by far not all can afford, then the cost of means for shaving is quite low.

How to proceed with the procedure

Despite all the benefits of shaving, "epilation" in this way leads to such an unpleasant consequence as irritation. This is the main disadvantage of the procedure.

It is important to note that you can not completely avoid the problem. Especially if you just start shaving the bikini area. But there are some secrets that will help you figure out how to properly shave the bikini zone without irritation. Over time, "epilation" with a razor will become familiar to the skin, and the rash may completely disappear.

Secrets of proper machine

Many at this point recall television commercials, which show how hair removal is carried out by special women's razors. These machines have moisturizing strips for a more comfortable shaving. But very few people know that these machines are suitable only for the feet. The bikini zone has many features, because of which female machines are not the best choice.

Therefore, you can safely buy a men's razor. It is much better suited for delicate skin in the bikini area, since it has sharper blades. In addition, men's machines are specifically designed to remove hair in hard-to-reach places. It hardly worth talking about that blades should not be blunt and worn. They will simply tear your hair and irritation is inevitable. Use one blade no more than 5-10 times.

It is not advisable to use disposable machines, because their blades are too sharp, and you can easily get hurt or bring your skin to irritation.

Shaving aid and preparation of skin

Skin Preparation Soap in this case it is better not to use. It dries very much the skin and clogs the razor. Avoid also male means, because they are designed for a coarser male skin. Choose for yourself a foam or gel for sensitive skin from the female line of funds.

Take a hot shower. From this, the skin will become softer, and shaving will be more comfortable. Just do not need a long sour in the bathroom, enough 15-20 minutes. With a longer stay in the water, the skin begins to swell and wrinkle. This will cause shaving to be more difficult.

Shaving technique

  1. If you do not want to suffer with irritations, then you need to shave only in the direction of hair growth. Only in this case, the epilation will be carried out correctly. That will help to avoid the problem of ingrown hair and inflammation as much as possible.
  2. There are many different folds and irregularities in the bikini zone. To not injure the skin, you need to lightly pull it with one hand. The tension will level the surface, and you will easily remove excess hair from it.
  3. After shaving you should rinse your skin, but never use a loofah for this. The place of shaving at first is better not to rub once again. Dry gently with a dry towel and apply a special emollient.
  4. After the procedure, do not rush to wear panties, so that the skin can breathe freely. Therefore, it is better to shave the bikini area for the night.

How to shave a bikini zone without irritation: Video

What to do if the irritation still appeared

If the "epilation" was not done in a hurry, but with the observance of the necessary technology, then you are unlikely to suffer from irritation. But it happens that shaving was sloppy, resulting in skin irritation. Here are some simple tips on how to remove it:

  • Chamomile tincture Take advantage of special pharmacy products that contain cortisone.
  • Prepare the lotion and apply to the place of irritation. To do this, shred 2-3 tablets of aspirin and add a little glycerin to get a thick gruel.
  • Make the infusion of chamomile and apply a compress - a piece of cloth, soaked in infusion.
  • You can gently apply an alcohol solution( alcohol diluted with water 1: 1).This will not only disinfect the place of shaving, but also remove irritation. For sensitive skin, this method is not suitable.

Here we have considered important points about how to properly shave without irritation the bikini zone. Following them, you will be able to achieve good results, and without any fear you will wear bold underwear or a miniature swimsuit!

Methods of hair removal: Video

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Published: 09-12-2014