Healing system of a non-slimy diet from Arnold Ereta

Healing system of a fatless diet from Arnold Eretha

You may know about Arnold Ehret's medicinal diet, but most likely not, becausethis author is little known in the Russian-speaking world. Explanation of the name of the diet: toxins, poisons, harmful substances are concentrated in our body in the form of mucus, hence the name - bezslizistaya diet.

You can talk about Arnold Ehret's book endlessly, but we'll put everything in order. In today's world, a lot of people "slab", and do it extremely irresponsibly, without thinking about their health. We eat a lot of different foods, but only a small part benefits us, why?

Arnold Eret believes that a person should eat only when he feels hungry, because it is at this point the body will tell you what he really needs. When we are full and eat, our body is silent, because he still does not need anything, and we pile him, what is necessary and not necessary, thereby harming our health.

The besslishnaya diet is really curative! This diet is a huge set of rules and guidelines, about what to cook, how to cook, how to use it all. All diseases from malnutrition: we consist of what we eat! This is the author's main idea. When creating a diet, the author was guided by the laws of nature, the laws by which the entire animal world lives.

The task of dietary nutrition

The task of dietary nutrition

The main goal of the non-slimming diet is the removal of all harmful substances from the blood and tissues, as well as the renewal of cells in the body. It is necessary to take into account 2 factors, before the beginning of a non-slimy diet:

  1. It is necessary to take into account the slagging level, because if this level is high, switching to a non-slimming diet can cause harmful substances to enter the blood.
  2. If you have recently undergone a course of drug treatment, then in your body are the remnants of drugs. When switching to a non-slimming diet, they can get into the blood.

In a non-slimming diet, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Adherence to one diet;
  2. Absence of overeating;
  3. Drinking and eating should not be combined;
  4. Limited amount of food.

Recipes for the transition

It should be noted that cattle, when living in the wild, use only grass and nothing more. No animal at meal intake unites various products, and it is worth noting that no animal drinks between sips while eating, except, perhaps, except for domestic ones. So, from all this we draw a conclusion: for a person it will be ideal to consume one type of fruit in a season. Soon we will feel that you are free to be satisfied with only one type of fruit, and feel much better than in the past. During the transition diet, you need to use a combination of food and mixture, prepared from cooked, steamed or baked products.

Recipe for a non-slimy diet for a bad stomach

It is necessary to take as a basis two-thirds of the cut or grated raw carrots( can be used beets or celery, but preferably carrots).Add one-third of the sliced ​​ripe bananas, a little raisin or chopped dried figs. Do not eat nuts or cereals, plus everything: never mix juicy fruits and nuts.

The recipe for a non-slimy diet for a bad stomach

Recipe for a stronger stomach

Take two-thirds of the grated or chopped apples + one third of grated carrots( beets or celery) + raisins, sliced ​​dried figs, honey or fruit jelly. Effective combination, dissolving poisons and mucus. More often it is recommended to use raw vegetables. In the beginning, use stewed fruit well or 50/50.For example, 0.5 raw grated apples + 0.5 apple sauce, with a little honey.

Cooking bread

First we need to mix whole wheat flour with fresh carrots( grated) in a proportion of 50/50.Just to keep the dough, we add a little white flour. Add a little grated apples and nuts, the taste can add raisins. The oven does not need this bread very quickly( carefully), and it is recommended to eat it when it is 2-3 days old.


Fruitfully beat one chicken egg for 5 minutes, slowly adding a pint( about 473 milliliters) of salad oil. Then add salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste.

Vegetable goulash in Serbian

In a small volume of water( possibly in olive oil or vegetable oil) stew large chopped cabbage and onions( in small quantities).Then you need to add a little sweet pepper, sliced. Then you can finish the quenching by adding chopped tomatoes in a small amount. Salt, pepper - to taste. It is worth noting that the dish is very mouth-watering.

Vegetable goulash in Serbian


In the event that you completely stop consuming salt, there will be moments when you will very much want to drink during the transition diet. Lemonade with a little addition of honey, will help reduce thirst much better than ordinary water. Also an excellent drink can be obtained from sour and sweet and sour fruit. Apple cider is also a good option.


Condiments are a matter of taste! And here are their small ways of cooking:

  1. Olive or salad oil with lemon juice;
  2. A spoonful of nut or peanut butter that is dissolved in water + a little lemon juice.

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A small break between the meals served gives the sitting at the table time to share the events of the day - bear in mind that laughter contributes to digestion. Remember that there is nothing better than mono-diet! In nature, nothing is found in the form of a mixture. Instead of a number of different dishes, it is better to eat some fruit in the season, that's how you really get enough.

This is only a small part of great science! The main thing is that you learned about the existence of such a diet, and now, it's up to you!

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