How to clean the lower abdomen quickly and effectively - secrets that you did not know about

How to clean the bottom of the abdomen quickly and effectively - secrets that you did not know about

Most female representatives consider the bulk of the abdomen a significant problem. These problems are related to the following reasons: inappropriate attitude towards the way of life, too fast weight reduction, condition after childbirth, impaired metabolism and a certain body structure.

Do not rush to consult a doctor in order to solve the problem of the bulging belly. There are several effective ways to defeat this problem by yourself, without much effort on yourself and the body. From you, first you need only focus on the positive effect and the application of some effort.

A popular question even among thin women is how to lose weight in the lower abdomen? Help in this case will help exercise and reduce the intake of individual foods!

Features of nutrition

Following the established diet becomes the initial step to bringing your abdomen in order. For a certain period, sweet, fatty and fried foods, confectionery, canned food and fast food should be removed from the consumed food. The intake of honey and sugar should also be limited.

Food intake should be a fraction. And include: vegetables, fruits, low-fat fish, meat, cereals and cereals. Nutritionists are advised to spend once every 7 days of unloading days.

You also need to comply with the condition under which fasting during such a diet is prohibited!

Also during the day it is worth consuming a large amount of water, not per liter at a time, but at least 1.5-2 for the entire day - by all means!

How to clean the bottom of the abdomen

Kinds of physical activities

To reduce the lower abdomen in 7 days, it is worth starting to visit the pool, do aqua aerobics, pay attention to yoga or bodyflex( this type of exercise specifically affects the zone that requires special attention).Belly dances also contribute to bringing the tummy in order, raising self-esteem and gaining pleasure from such exquisite body movements. Hoop( hula-hoop) well relieves excess fat. These simple exercises correct the figure in the lower abdomen, but also reduce the size of your waist and sides. At the same time, if you want that result would not make you wait, you will have to make such lessons regular at least 10 minutes daily. The negative point is that the initial exercises in most cases can leave on your body not strong bruises.

Experts in the fitness area argue that you can not remove the amount of fat just in the lower abdomen - to eliminate this problem, it is necessary to focus on aerobics. Such exercises are good for fat stores throughout the body. For a simple weight reduction, it is enough to strengthen the muscles in the lower abdomen, choosing a pair of three good exercises. The same approach is required by cardio-operations, which dry the body well( for a good result you need to run 6-9 km, which is generally 10-15 thousand steps).

Effective exercises to reduce fat in the lower abdomen

Classes are recommended to be done daily, devoting them to 20-25 minutes. In 7 days you will notice a visible effect!

  1. A pretty good exercise is lifting the straight legs. The initial position, lying on the floor, the legs are straight, the arms are located along the body. On account 3, raise our legs 90 degrees from the floor, watching that they are not bent at the knees, and lower them in 2 seconds. It is necessary to repeat 15 times.
  2. Great exercise - drawing in the air. The initial position is similar, as in the previous exercise. Then we lift one or two legs at once and draw in the air numbers from 0 to 9. Each figure needs to be worked out, at least 5 times.
  3. Special attention should be paid to pumping the press to remove the bottom of the abdomen. Tightly fix the legs, so that they do not rise during the exercise, and the hands must always be fixed behind the head. Do this exercise for at least 2-3 minutes. If possible, do longer, do, most importantly, at least 2-3 minutes.

Effective exercises to reduce fat in the lower abdomen

Massage for getting rid of the bottom of the abdomen

For effective and rapid reduction of the lower abdomen, you need to perform special actions. Quite significant is the massage, aimed at weight loss of the lower abdomen. In doing so, it's quite easy:

  • Get down on your back with a soft object under your head, put your hands on your stomach, grasp the problem area with your thumb and forefinger and perform a gentle tingle around the navel for at least 3 minutes.
  • Then, for at least a minute, pat and stroke the problem area.

Such easy movements will take you no more than 5 minutes, but the result will be amazing! Do not be lazy, give your body at least 5 minutes daily, and it will certainly be grateful to you!

Belly plasty

In rare cases, the voluminous abdomen below causes a decrease in the elasticity of the skin( this usually happens when you quickly get rid of extra pounds or childbirth) - to fix this problem in the power of plastic surgery. Often for its solution, abdominoplasty is used. This intervention consists in separating and eliminating excess skin and splitting fat deposits with the help of a cannula( in fact, the operation looks much heavier - doctors strengthen and connect tissues, create a hole in the navel, etc.).At the end of the operation there is a small shovchik( he easily disappears under the underwear).It lasts from two to five hours.

How to get rid of the bottom of the abdomen for a week?

Learn to breathe through the belly using a diaphragm:

  1. Exhalation. Lips round, pull forward. And just push the air out of your lungs. Slowly, calmly, as much as possible.
  2. Breathing in your nose. Lips tightly closed. With noise, breathe in full lungs. Hold your breath for 8-10 seconds.
  3. All the air is exhaled through the mouth. Helping yourself with your belly using the diaphragm. Make an exhalation with force, making a sound: "Pah - ah."
  4. After exhalation try not to breathe at all, with the head tilted down. A belly is drawn inwards, making it concave. Count again to eight. Then, in relaxation, inhale with sound.

Sufficiently well-developed breathing exercises allow you to start physical exercises. Combining both is guaranteed tremendous effect.

How to get rid of the bottom of the abdomen for a week

Here are a few of the possible options that will strengthen the press and remove excess fat deposits in the abdominal area:

  1. Feet on shoulder width, slightly bent at the knees. Hands in an emphasis above knees. Do breathing exercises, pull the stomach. The left leg should be placed on the toe sideways, the arm extended in the opposite direction above the head. Weight on the right foot, the right hand to lean on the right knee bent. It is good to feel the tension of the muscles on the left. Count to eight. Change the side. Keep your back straight, do not bend your outstretched arm, keep your foot off the floor. In each side to do 3-4 times.
  2. Lie on your back. Do a breathing exercise again. Hands lay along the trunk, palms down under the buttocks. Raise straight legs over the floor, very low, pull out the sock. Dilute and reduce as scissors, crossing with each other. Run 10 times for 3-4 approaches.
  3. Still a good load is given by incomplete rises. Lie on your back. The legs are bent at the knees. Feet on the floor. Straight arms are raised upwards. Breathing exercises to draw in the stomach. Hands stretch and tear off the shoulders from the floor, while tearing off the upper body as high as possible above the floor. Hold the breath. Count to eight. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat several times, you can not lower your head low. Try to feel the muscles of the abdomen, not the neck. To work oblique muscles, lifts do not only up, but also in the sides. Multiple approaches to the left, then to the right.
  4. Perfectly trains the muscles of the press familiar to everyone exercise, which is called "Cat".Get on your knees, then focus on your elbows. To breathe a diaphragm. Smooth movements to draw, then inflate the stomach. It is believed that the "kitty" not only tightens the muscles, but also gives an amazing healing, rejuvenating effect.

After classes you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid in the form of warm green tea or mineral water without gases. By the way, the daily norm of drinking water should be at least 1.5-2 liters.

Having given such lessons every day for 30 minutes, a perfect result is guaranteed in a week.
Only by using all the above rules and trusting in yourself and your strength, you can achieve what you want. Use them, never give up, and you will certainly achieve success!

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