Diet for the press. Want beautiful cubes?

Diet for the press. Want beautiful cubes?

If you have long dreamed of a perfect figure, with pronounced cubes on your stomach, but neither physical training nor food restrictions help, pay attention to a special diet for the press.

Why can not I pump up a press?

Quite often you can observe such a situation that by exhausting training and torture yourself with hunger strikes, there is a certain tightness of the stomach and its elasticity. But, if such a regime stops or weakens, at the speed of light, extra pounds appear, and the fat folds appear worse than before. What is the matter here? And is it possible to get the desired result for a long time?

It turns out that you can. But most of us do not realize that in the question of how to pump up a press the most important role is played by a competent diet. Many professional athletes are aware of the existence of such a diet and most of the time they have resorted to it.

The most important mistake in the usual campaign to lose weight and form the abdomen is the fact that driving the body into stress due to caloric restriction and poor diet, as well as strong unusual loads, we make him lose weight by dehydration and burning his own muscles in orderget yourself a quick energy for life.

In addition, the process of storing negative information about the possibility of a famine situation starts, and every cell in the future will treat food as a source for creating a stock. As a result, at an accelerated pace in place of the former muscles and folds, there is an even greater amount of adipose tissue.

And only in the case when a diet is used for the cubes of the press, the body correctly gets rid of excess fat and strengthens muscle tissue, thanks to a properly organized diet and exercise regimen.

The basis of the diet for the beautiful press

The diet for pumping the press requires the following fundamental principles:

  • diet course 6 weeks;
  • 6 meals a day, including three main meals and three snacks;
  • snacks are arranged 2 hours after the main meal;
  • compliance with the drinking regime - 2 liters of water;
  • after training to drink a glass of cold water, to further activate the metabolism, allocating additional energy for its warming;
  • compliance with the exercise regime;
  • Once a week it is allowed to relax in the menu, i.e.you can eat anything you want in one of the main meals;
  • It is allowed, in case of emergency, to use 1 time a week of low-alcohol drinks( a can of beer, a glass of dry wine).

List of useful products

List of useful products

Daily diet in a diet is one of the most important conditions for its success. Thus, it is desirable to focus on the following products:

  • beans, lentils, peas;
  • all grades of low-fat meat, avoid eating pork;
  • preference for olive oil;
  • berries, especially raspberries:
  • nuts, especially almonds, peanuts and pasta from it;
  • sour-milk and dairy products with low fat content;
  • whey proteins;Oat flakes on milk or yogurt;
  • whole wheat bread, bread and ready-baked unsweetened breakfasts;
  • eggs;
  • low-fat fish;
  • vegetables, especially spinach;
  • ginger to accelerate metabolism;
  • cinnamon to reduce the feeling of hunger;
  • red pepper ground to accelerate metabolism and stimulate the burning of fat stores within 2 hours after ingestion;
  • mustard to increase the metabolic rate by 20% and stimulate the production of hormones responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Particular attention should be paid to cooking methods. It is recommended to avoid frying foods.

With respect to the balance of the daily diet should follow the scheme, where 30% are proteins, 10% fat, 60% complex carbohydrates.

to use protein cocktails

To ensure that the diet gives the best results, you should use protein snacks based on dairy products with foods rich in fiber( oat flakes, fruits, berries, nuts) during the day during snacks or in basic meals.

The total daily calorific value during the diet for the press for girls( women) should be at the level of 1600 - 1700 kcal in the first week, 1200 in the second, in all subsequent weeks 1400 - 1500 kcal.

Physical activity mode

At the beginning of the diet, during the first two weeks, you should individually develop a comfortable for yourself training regimen, but at least three times a week for 10 minutes. It is possible more.

Beginning with the third week, it is necessary to conduct exercises 3 times a week for 10 minutes to study all 5 zones of the press. In addition, strength training is required for the entire body for 20 minutes. You should also pay attention to fast walking.

Expected results

During the first 2 weeks, usually due to a change in the food ration, there is an overall weight loss of 2 -3.5 kg. By this time, there is also an adaptation of the metabolism to new nutritional conditions.

After strength training is included in the regime of the day( 3-4 weeks), the elasticity of the press appears and the overall tightness of the figure. As before, the consumption of fat reserves continues at this stage, and the total number of kilos dropped is usually at the level of 3.5 kg.

On the 5th and 6th weeks belly reliefs are already clearly visible, its elasticity, as well as the elasticity of the thighs and buttocks, are enhanced. In addition, the general tone of the body becomes higher, and the figure acquires new features of harmony and grace. This is due to the already formed habit of the body to fat burning and muscle building.

Everyone who has tried a diet for the press, especially women, notes its ease to perform and the rapid achievement of results. With its help, a magnificent overall physical shape, and especially cubes on the stomach and a beautiful relief, are provided for a short time and in a comfortable life.

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