How to pump the bottom of the press?

How to pump the bottom of the press?

Sometimes you do not have time or fitness for fitness centers, but you can do exercises to pump the bottom press in your home. The formula for a successful result: proper nutrition and physical training.

How to pump up a girl's bottom press quickly and safely?

  • We calculate the individual calorie rate.
  • The third part of the food should contain protein and in two parts have carbohydrates. Fats are vegetable, useful.
  • Drink up to 2 liters of water, clean, still.
  • There is a balanced, often, 6 times a day, be sure to eat breakfast.
  • Before going to bed, drink low-fat kefir.
  • Refuse flour, bakery, confectionery.
  • The ban on smoked meat, salinity, fatty and fried foods.

How to pump the bottom cubes of the press at home?

How to pump the bottom cubes of the press at home?

The lower part of the rectus muscle is much thicker than the fatty layer, there are fewer nerves. However, if you properly perform special exercises, then you can achieve the effect from the picture in a short time.

  1. Reverse twisting. We lay down on the floor, hands along the trunk, raise our legs up. The pelvis comes off the floor, and the hips are directed to the chest, the legs do not bend. The legs return to the opposite position perpendicular to the trunk. We do 2-3 approaches 20 times.
  2. Raise your legs in the reclining position. It is better for beginners to do this exercise with bent knees. The number of approaches is similar to the first lesson.
  3. We twist the bicycle. A well-known exercise will help pump the lower, upper press and oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. Scissors. In the prone position, we raise our legs 10 cm above the floor and make flies as scissors, the faster, the more effective.
  5. Raising the legs on the bar. The higher your legs are, the better the result. It is advisable to reach the knees with the knees up to the chest, while holding the crossbar at the same time.

Training is best done in the morning, after 60 minutes after breakfast, 3-4 times a week. And also every day you need to do exercises on the upper press.

How to pump the lower abdominal press with cardio exercises?

This is a set of exercises that are performed consistently with high intensity. At this time, the processes of fat burning are launched, for a month it is possible to throw off substantially kilograms and pump up a relief press.

Workouts include push-ups from the floor for a while, bouncing from the leaning recumbent, jumping in place, rope training and other high-speed elements.

How to pump the bottom press a man?

How to pump the bottom press of a man?

Optimal training schedule - 4 times a week. At this time it is unacceptable to drink alcohol, it is also desirable to refrain from smoking.

It is advisable to perform the exercises on the bar prior to burning in the muscles, it is necessary to carry out exercises with dumbbells, holding them over your head or on your chest. In addition, classes are suitable:

Abdominal vacuum. Standing on all fours, we sharpen the stomach for inhalation, we exhale muscles for exhalation.2 approaches 15 times each.

Book. Lie on your back, hands to pull out behind your head, raise the body and legs at the same time, stretch your fingers to your toes, and your forehead to your knees. We lower the legs to the floor, the whole body. Three approaches 10 times.

All exercises are important to do focused, right, do not be lazy and do not skip training. Here's how to properly pump the bottom press:

  • back should not sag in the lower back;
  • feet do not bend at the knees;
  • neck and head extended forward;
  • breathing is smooth and relaxed.

During training, it is necessary to monitor food and drinking regimen! Very soon your belly will be tightened and attractive!

Video on how to pump the bottom press

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