Hanging belly: how to remove in a short time?

Hanging belly: how to clean for a short period of time?

Childbirth - give your favorite offspring, but also leave quite noticeable changes on the figure of each woman. This is natural, because the biggest burden is on the abdominal wall, the muscles of the press stretch and the skin becomes weaker. Fortunately from this "annoying apron" you can get rid of, the main thing is a little patience and perseverance.

How to remove the drooping belly with exercises?

For this you need to prepare a massager, body cream, mummy in capsules, a gym mat and pull-up wraps.

  1. Massage of the anterior abdominal wall. Such an everyday procedure will help get rid of excess weight in this area, pump up muscles and make the stomach more elastic. Circular movements need to rub your stomach and at the same time do a pat on the sharp blows. After the massage, you must lubricate the stomach with a moisturizing cream with the addition of mummies.
  2. Nourishing wraps based on honey and clay will help to remove excess liquid from the body, nourish the skin with useful vitamins and make it tender and supple. Such procedures can be easily carried out at home. To do this, prepare a composition with 2 tablespoons of heated honey and a teaspoon of white clay, the mixture is applied to the stomach and aged for 30 minutes. After it is washed off with warm water. This is not a one-time action, but a special course of skin improvement, a course of treatment - 2 times a week.
  3. To pump the bottom of the press, you need to do an everyday 15-minute exercise that will help eliminate the entanglement of the abdominal tissues. They are made as follows: stand in a bent position, put your hands on your knees and inhale your stomach, hold your breath for 10 seconds and lower your stomach. So several visits are made, after a break is made.

How to remove the hanging belly with exercises

With such intensive loads, the stomach can easily be removed in 2 weeks.

Another exercise for the hanging belly: lie on your back, hands stretch along the body, legs bend at the knees and pripodymite them so that the shins become parallel to the floor. Thus, do a press for 10-15 exercises, hold your legs on the weight for a few minutes, pull your stomach.

We add to the exercise load running training, 3 times a week for 40 minutes will give a very good result. More walks on the street, less sedentary lifestyle!

How to remove a huge hanging belly with diet food?

The first rule: does not eat at night, because in a dream the muscles are relaxed, and a full stomach will stretch the abdominal wall, negating all daytime efforts. The last meal - two hours before bedtime. It is best to drink a glass of yogurt in the evening and eat a portion of lean meat with vegetables. It is wrong to have supper with pasta or porridge, such slow carbohydrates are more useful in the morning.

The second rule: rebuild the entire diet. Take away everything sweet, floury, spicy and salty. More vegetables, fruits, protein foods, milk can not be abused. Food should be divided, 6 times a day, wholesome and nutritious. The better you feel, the more energy for exercise.

Third rule: positive attitude and visualization. Imagine yourself slim, beautiful, with a tight belly, smile and happily follow all planned procedures. More joy - less negative! Even if the first results did not please you - believe in yourself and go further with the belief in victory!

Observing these simple rules, you can regain your beautiful forms in two or three weeks, and the annoying hanging belly will disappear from your life as a bad mood!

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