Swing the press to the dice at home

We pump the press to the dice at home

It's quite possible to pump the press into cubes at home, even if before that time the sport in your life did not fit in any way. How much time will it take to pump the press to the dice? And it depends on you, namely on your body weight and your desire to have a beautiful attractive belly.

It's all about the fact that there are cubes of muscles on each person's abdomen. They just hide under the fat layer, which is very much on the front of the peritoneum. Therefore, if you are wondering how to pump the press to cubes, you must first "sit down" on a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and only after reaching the required body weight, you can begin to actively engage in pumping the press.

Cubes on the stomach: diet

So, have you ever paid attention to what athletes eat? Naturally, protein and carbohydrate food. Fats in their diet are also present, but only in very small quantities and at the same time they are dietary, that is, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

Proteins, in turn, are an excellent fat burner, as the body consumes a lot of energy for their digestion, and accordingly fat burning occurs. And also protein is the building material for muscles, so if you want to lose weight without reducing muscle mass, protein food is what you need!

Most people have a wrong opinion. They believe that carbohydrates are very harmful and are stored in fat. However, this is completely wrong. Carbohydrates are energy for our body, that is, a kind of fuel.

Swing the press to the dice

In each body, the "function" of self-survival is laid. That is, the body needs energy, through food, it does not receive it, accordingly, it takes it from the stores - fat cells. But! After the body does not receive additional energy for 2 to 3 days, its adaptation to the "new way of life" takes place and the process of burning energy is slowed down. That is, metabolism slows down and fat burning does not occur. How to pump the press to cubes quickly at home

Therefore, there is carbohydrate food you need, but only you need to eat the correct carbohydrates - complex. They are digested for a long time and do not have time to transform into fat, as they are immediately wasted by the body. But simple carbohydrates, which are contained in buns, chocolate, cookies, etc.digested quickly and deposited as fat cells. Here such carbohydrate food really harms the figure and adds extra pounds, so it must be abandoned if you dream of seeing cubes on your stomach.

To eat carbohydrate food is best after exercise, so the chances of converting carbohydrates to fats are reduced to zero. But protein food is recommended to eat in the morning and immediately before training.

Exercises for the

press cups Press every day to make cubes on the abdomen meaningless until you lose all excess weight. As soon as the fat layer from the abdomen completely disappears, you will see that the cubes of the press began to appear on it. And only then, in order for them to become more pronounced, one can begin to work hard to inflate the press.

It should be noted that the press consists of two departments - upper and lower. The upper consists of 6 blocks of muscle, which are located above the navel. The lower section consists of two cubes, which more closely resemble one large rectangle located below the navel closer to the groin area.

Exercises for press cups

How to pump the upper cubes of the press? Everything is very simple. To do this, the usual exercises in the supine position on the back with lifting the upper body of the trunk. That is, you need to pump an ordinary press. To do this, take the starting position( lying on your back, hands behind your head, hands in the lock, your legs are bent at the knees) and start lifting your shoulder blades and shoulders off the floor. Perform 20 times per 3 calls.

But since there are also oblique muscles on the abdomen, which also require "work on yourself", it is necessary to perform one more exercise. To perform this exercise, you need to take the starting position, only the legs are raised this time above the floor, creating an angle of 45C.Begin lifting the upper body of the trunk, while trying to touch the opposite knee with the elbow( bend the leg and direct it towards the elbow).This exercise is very difficult and it is worth doing 6 to 8 times in 6 visits.

In order for the exercises to be most effective, the break between calls should not exceed 60 seconds.

How to pump the bottom cubes of the press? It's a little more complicated here. You will need a bar on which you will do the exercises.

Hang on the bar and start lifting your legs forward, creating a 90 ° angle. In this position, you need to hold for 5 seconds, after which the legs in the knees need to bend and pull them to the stomach, then return to the starting position. Such an exercise is performed in 3 sets of 15 times.

Exercises for press cups

There is one more exercise that will help pump the cubes of the bottom of the press when there is no horizontal bar nearby. Lying on the back, it is necessary to lift straight legs upwards, creating an angle of 90 ° C.At the upper point of the foot, you need to hold 5 - 10 seconds, try to keep the body tightly pressed against the floor at this time. Then go back to the starting position and start all over again. Exercise is performed in 3 sets of 10 to 15 times.

And remember, the cubes on the stomach can appear as a month after the start of diet and exercise, and after six months. It all depends on your desire, patience and, of course, the initial condition of your stomach.

And for you to be able to choose for yourself a set of exercises for inflating the press, we have selected for you video clips, which describe in detail each exercise:

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