Rice broth for diarrhea in a child: how to cook and eat

One of the most unpleasant conditions for a person is an intestinal disorder. And besides, because of diarrhea people's health is undermined, for very young children diarrhea is often deadly.


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Diarrhea in a child

Diarrhea in children

Diarrhea in children may occur due to indigestion or intestinal infection.

Liquid stool is a fairly common condition in young children. The causes of diarrhea can be quite different - from indigestion to intestinal infection. In any case, before trying to treat a child, it is necessary to understand the causes of this condition.

What is considered diarrhea in small children? Liquid frequent stools, sometimes with watery impurities and uncharacteristic color. In addition, it happens that diarrhea is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, nausea and sudden temperature changes.

For children over the age of a dangerous liquid stool, which occurs more than 6-10 times a day. Despite the fact that now there are many tools that eliminate the effects of diarrhea, the danger for children, one way or another, is preserved. If there is an intestinal disorder with each chair, 50 to 200 ml of fluid is released from the body to the body, and it is necessary to make up for it immediately.

This fluid, released from the body along with the calves, is needed to conduct a normal metabolic process. Therefore, with the loss of this fluid, there is a danger of dehydration. Dehydration is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Weakness, lethargy and drowsiness
  • Drying of the mucous membranes( dry mouth, drying of the lips, eyes, etc.)
  • The volume of urine decreases, its color and odor changes
  • There is a sudden rise or fall in temperature
  • Failurefrom food and a sharp decrease in body weight.

The onset of any of the above symptoms is a serious reason to call a pediatrician. Moreover, diarrhea itself in a young child requires a prompt medical examination.

How to treat diarrhea in a child?

Folk remedies

Folk remedies will help in the treatment of diarrhea.

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Diarrhea, even diagnosed in time, can cause serious harm to the baby. And in order not to harm the baby even more, you need to immediately seek help from a doctor. However, it sometimes happens that this same assistance has to wait a long time, or it is not possible to call a doctor at home.

In this case, the well-proven folk remedies will help to stop diarrhea and eliminate its consequences. What is the best way to cope both with diarrhea itself and with impending dehydration? Of course, these are different broths and tinctures.

A walnut crushed in a coffee grinder or mortar must be dissolved in a glass of boiled milk. A solution is recommended to give the child 1 tsp.every three hours. Five grams of dried hawthorn fruit is poured with boiling water in a saucepan. The infusion is brought to a boil and continues to boil for half an hour. After the broth is filtered, diluted with boiled water and used on a tablespoon three times a day.

Due to its astringent effect, decoctions and compotes from pears will help to cope well with diarrhea. However, the most powerful effect in the fight against diarrhea is rice decoction. Rice broth for diarrhea in a child

Rice broth

Rice decoction - excellent in diarrhea.

The action of rice decoction, used in the disorder of the intestine, is diverse. Due to the large content of starch in rice, the right, sufficiently sturdy chair is formed, the process of fermentation and flatulence is prevented, and the lost substances in the human body are replenished. Receiving broth from rice grains:

  1. Softly envelops the intestinal wall
  2. Improves its functioning
  3. Promotes the formation of strong stool.

However, despite all the above-mentioned positive effects of taking a decoction of rice, many are wondering - do they, like any drug, have contraindications? In spite of the fact that properly cooked rice itself can not harm anyone, giving a broth to a small child suffering from an intestinal disorder, pay attention to his condition.

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If a baby has diarrhea in addition to diarrhea, there is a lot of vomiting, you should stop using traditional medicine and immediately contribute to hospitalization. Also, if mucous or bloody discharge is found in the feces, decoctions and infusions should be discarded - in this case, stool-fixing drugs will only aggravate the situation.

How to cook rice broth for a child

Rice broth

Rice broth should be taken in small portions but often.

The broth for the baby, as for the adult, is prepared very simply:

  • For 0.5 liters of pure boiled water, 2 teaspoons of rice grains
  • are added. The mixture is boiled and cooked for 50 minutes, after which it is carefully filtered and cooled
  • In the processit is necessary to stir the rice so that it does not burn and does not solidify

In small portions, but often water the patient with a decoction. It is better not to overdo it - the excess of the broth can simply go outside through vomiting. The first results usually appear in an hour or two, after the start of the decoction. Immediately after the normalization of the stool, the reception of the broth should be discontinued.

Concerning dosage. Children of the youngest age at one time are recommended to take not more than one hundred milliliters of broth. Also the number of his receptions should not exceed three to four times a day. Abuse of decoction threatens the appearance of constipation, which is also not normal for very small children. A breastfeed should be drunk from a spoon or from a bottle.

Do not mix the broth with milk if the baby refuses to take it alone. The norm in this case is four applications of decoction of 50 milliliters at a time. For older children, it is recommended to take a decoction for two days a quarter of a glass every three to four hours. Once the stool is normalized, stop taking it immediately.

Rice broth can also be taken by adults suffering from an intestinal disorder. Dosage in this case, too, will be different - an adult, as well as adolescents, is recommended to take at least 150 milliliters of infusion at a time, while the procedure should be repeated every three hours until partial or complete fixation of the stool.

What if the broth does not help?

Diarrhea in children

In case of complications of diarrhea, an immediate medical attention is required.

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Sometimes it happens that even after the use of decoctions and medicines, diarrhea does not stop. There is a logical question - what to do in this case?

First, do not forget that an intestinal disorder is a dangerous disease for small children, requiring immediate treatment. Address to the attending physician, in fact at an acute diarrhea the child needs urgent hospitalization with the subsequent restoration of balance of a liquid in an organism.

Secondly, if the doctor confirms that the life and health of the child is not threatened, you can prepare a rice cream, a decoction, equivalent to a decoction of rice. It should be noted at once that this method of treatment is not suitable for treating infants and young children. The recipe for preparing a cream-broth is not at all more complicated than the recipe for regular broth:

  • In a frying pan without oil, it is necessary to fry 5 tablespoons of rice until darkening.
  • . Grind the grains on a coffee grinder or crush in a mortar.
  • Add three cups of water and cook for 25 minutes on low heat.
  • Cool broth.

For the most part, the cream-broth serves as a restorative. Therefore, it must be used strictly after carrying out all the necessary procedures to prevent the complication of the disease. Treatment of diarrhea in small children is of paramount importance.

In this case, old, time-tested folk remedies can serve a good service, for example, a rice broth that not only heals, but also restores the body. However, do not forget about the need for medical intervention. However, only with the skillful combination of professional and folk treatment can quickly and effectively get rid of the problem.

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