Diet for pregnant women 2 trimester

Pregnancy Diet 2 trimester

Pregnancy. .. Such a sweet word! Every girl expects this miracle when you have a little man to live in. The first months are difficult to feel pregnancy, the feeling more like a strong and long-term poisoning, of course not everyone in a row, but it happens quite often. The baby is growing and you can feel the beauty of motherhood already in the second trimester of pregnancy. Nausea and drowsiness take place, irritability decreases. Though the kid is also very small, he feels a lot, is afraid of loud noises and is nervous when going through mom. A small miracle already has its own preferences, it has its own tastes and the sensations of a pregnant woman can understand what the baby most likes. And for this purpose there is a special diet of a pregnant woman for the second trimester.

Features of nutrition for pregnant women

In the second trimester, you almost cease to feel sick, and the time begins, eating everything that you see. The most pleasant moment when you can send a husband at night for strawberries or pickles. In this period, the girl becomes not dependent on herself in terms of appetite, as if the kid in the store directly sees all the delicious from the counter and asks them, and Mom naturally buys and eats. This is not very scary if the mother does not have excess weight, or does not gain it too fast, because this can lead to complications during childbirth. If all the same the problem of excess weight is available, you should consult your doctor to fix the problem.

Menu of the diet for pregnant women in the second trimester

Eating a pregnant woman in the second trimester should be rich in vitamin D and must be calcium. The baby has teeth in the second trimester and he just needs this vitamin in abundance. You need to eat often, once five or six a day, and just by chance, snacks are possible. In no case, do not starve, it can cause nausea and discomfort to the child.

Menu of the diet for pregnant women in the second trimester

  • Mandatory dairy products;
  • Liver pollack or any other sea fish, there is enough calcium in it;
  • Periodically eat spinach, even if you do not like it too much;
  • Raisins;
  • Eggs and any egg folk.

Of course, you do not need to eat only these products, you just need to include them in your diet and eat as often as possible, the baby will thank you for these products. Carefully monitor the amount of liquid drunk per day, excess can lead to swelling. It is better to walk more, the baby needs oxygen now.

Nutrition in the second trimester of pregnancy should be balanced and correct. Do not lean on fatty foods, it can be harmful to both mom and baby. You have to be careful with allergenic products, with a lot of their consumption, the baby after the birth can develop an allergy to these products and will bring a lot of problems.

Try to be less nervous and tired, the child already feels everything and understands when it's hard for Mom. If you carry the baby calmly, he will answer you the same, and you will not spend sleepless nights at the crib with a crying baby, but only admire the sleeping ball. While you are the house of the baby, create in it a cosiness and harmony.

Features of nutrition for pregnant women

Reviews of pregnant mummies

To adhere to dietary nutrition is necessary only in cases when physiological changes of the body require it in excess of excess weight. Only under the instruction of the doctor of an obstetrician it is possible to be engaged in such procedures. For me, diet during pregnancy for good, I regained weight gain, stopped swelling of my legs and arms, felt much better. Fresh vegetables and fruits have not harmed anyone yet, but there is salty, sweet, sour, floury in excess proportions to each person is harmful, and even more so to a pregnant woman. Necessarily, you need to monitor the body's water balance, do not drink much at night, a glass of low-fat yogurt will be enough. More salads, first courses, less pasta, confectionery, but if you really want - how to refuse it! The main thing in moderation and not often.

Be all healthy, easy for you to give birth, dear moms and nice kids!

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