Vitamin diet for weight loss

Vitamin diet for weight loss

If the desire is a lot and indiscriminately still dominates the common sense, then congratulations - for the first time it can be of use, only there will be need not everything, but only vegetables and fruits. The meaning of the vitamin diet is a complete rejection of carbohydrates and fats in favor of fresh vegetables, fruits and some useful products, which you need to eat up to a kilogram per day.

Vitamin diet will help without harm to the body to drive carefully accumulated extra pounds, and at the same time make up for the lack of vitamins and normalizes the work of internal organs. An excellent opportunity to diversify the collection of cholesterol plaques in the body with substances that are more useful to him.

Vitamin diet menu

When choosing this diet, you need to clearly understand that the food should be fractional and frequent - this means that you need to eat small portions five to six times a day. This implies that from now on one can not afford a loaf with a sausage stick for breakfast, a roasted seal for lunch and one more roasted seal for dinner. First, pity the animals, and secondly - yourself. Fats of animal origin, easily assimilated carbohydrates, sweet soda and other harmful products, which have recently been the meaning of life, must be forgotten.

Vitamin diet menu

But you will have a close friendship with vegetables and fruits, fat-free sour-milk products and as a holiday you can afford a small piece of chicken cooked for a couple. You should take a special place in the diet of green tea, as it perfectly tones the body.

Breakfast. One green apple and vegetable salad in olive oil.

Second breakfast. Cottage cheese and green tea.

Snack. A glass of yogurt and peach.

Lunch. Herculean porridge and low-fat yogurt.

Dinner. Vegetable stew and green tea.

If at night watching a brutal appetite wake up, before going to bed you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt or kefir. Of course, this menu of vitamin diet for weight loss is exemplary, and in order not to stretch your legs from lack of fat, sometimes you can afford a vegetable broth or fish for a couple. But you can do it a couple of times a week, in order to let your body lose weight normally, and not slip unnoticed to a past life.

Important aspects of

It is recommended not to sit on such a diet for more than two weeks, and you can lose about 5 kg. When you get out of it safely, you need to maintain the weight with the usual gruel, fruit and steamed food. Otherwise, the kilograms that you so heavily drove back with reinforcements, and then get rid of them will be times more problematic.

In a month it will be possible to repeat a two-week marathon again, the main thing is that it does not turn into an experiment for survival, and for this you need to carefully monitor everything that gets to you on the plate.

Reviews about the vitamin diet

The result would be nice to maintain moderate physical activity, swimming and frequent walking. It is laziness that lies at the base of every extra kilogram, therefore, in order not to blame then bad heredity and ineffective diets, you need to move more.

Reviews about the vitamin diet

In general, the diet has earned positive reviews from those who want to lose weight people and doctors. The main plus is that the consumption of fruits and vegetables does not really have any special requirements, which means you can indulge in salads for just a few days. Of course, to bring yourself to a hungry faint is not recommended, and if it's really unbearable, you can eat a couple of coveted bread, and then just continue the diet. According to reviews of the vitamin diet can be judged that to lose weight by 5 kg is quite realistic, if you do not give yourself indulgences and do not consider physical activities punishment from above.