How to tighten the breast after losing weight

How to tighten the breast after losing weight

The chest after losing weight has sagged: what to do?

Taking various measures in the fight against excess weight, most women achieve their goals - the fat layer leaves and the weight, finally, returns to normal. However, losing weight not for everyone provides as much joy as you would like - instead of a beautiful pulled-up figure, wrinkles form on the skin, and the breasts decrease considerably in size and sag.

What to do in this situation? How to tighten saggy breasts? And why is this even happening? Let's try to figure this out. And in order to do this, you must first remember a little about the physiological characteristics of the female body.

Why does my chest hang?

Female breast is not designed to attract male attention, but in order to produce milk and feed offspring. In the chest are the mammary glands, which produce the production of breast milk. Their number in each woman is individual and they are attached to the pectoral muscles by means of connective tissue.

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Between these mammary glands is located fatty layer, its number and thickness are also individual for each woman. There is no muscle in the chest, even though many are propagating this version to sell this or that product, which supposedly will solve the problem of many women - to tighten the breast and round its shape. Remember, all this is nonsense, no miracle cream or special simulator can pull up a saggy breasts.

Undoubtedly, their application will help to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the breast, but no more. And the effect will last exactly until you use this or that remedy.

So, back to the consideration of female physiology. Some of the breasts have very few mammary glands and a lot of fatty layer, so the fluctuations in weight are very much reflected in the state of the breast. Weight increases - the chest also increases and tightens. The weight decreases - the size of the breast also decreases and it saggers.

And for some women, on the contrary, the number of mammary glands is very high, and there is little fatty layer. In such "happy" women, the size and shape of the breast is completely independent of fluctuations in weight.

As it was already said, the breast is attached to the pectoral muscles, there are no muscles in the breast itself, therefore it is impossible to tighten the saggy breasts with the help of physical exercises. For a beautiful breast shape, "natural bra" answers. It is available for every woman, only for some it is in working order, someone does not.

How to tighten the breast after losing weight

Stand in front of the mirror and smile in your mouth. If, during a smile, the skin of the neck, shoulders and décolleté is tightened, then the "natural bra" is in your working condition and you can slightly change the shape of the breast at home. If during a smile you did not feel that the skin is stretched, while the breast is still, alas, except for the operational methods of correcting the shape of the bust, nothing will help you. And thus it is unimportant, for what reasons the chest has hung, whether it is sharp slimming or feeding of the kid by a breast.

What should I do if my chest hanging?

If you are tormented by the question "how to make a breast tightened after losing weight" and at the same time you have the financial means, then you can use modern methods:

  • breast lift by surgical method( mastopexy);
  • laser correction of breast shape;
  • surgical breast plastic, in which a breast lift is performed and an implant is inserted.

All these methods have their positive and negative sides. All of these methods have side effects and contraindications. But there is one thing that "crosses out" all fears, these methods almost instantly transform the chest. She becomes taut and beautiful.

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How to tighten saggy breasts at home?

If you are not a supporter of surgical intervention and you want to tighten your chest at home yourself, then we want to tell you at once, you will have to sweat very much. Since different exercises and techniques should be performed regularly, the first results you will achieve only after a month or two of active training.

How to tighten the chest

All exercises for the breast are aimed at increasing the elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the breast, due to which it visually pulls up and rises.
If you do not have time to exercise, then you can use other methods to increase the elasticity of the chest. For example:

  1. Daily twice a day( morning and evening) to do a contrast shower for the chest. But you should be very careful not to get a bonus as a mastitis. Contrast shower involves changing the temperature of the water, the jet of which is directed at the chest. That is, it is necessary to alternate cold water with hot water. The final stage should be cold water. You can not wipe the breast after such a shower. It is only slightly patted with a towel and greased with a nutritious cream.
  2. Every day you need to massage your breasts with essential oils. This will improve blood circulation and increase the elasticity of the skin.
  3. You need to choose the right bra. He does not have to curb traffic, crash and crush, but he should keep his chest well.

tighten the breast after losing weight

Well, if you have free time, then in combination with the above recommendations, you can perform physical exercises. This will increase efficiency and allow you to tighten your chest.

More information about physical exercises, you can from the following video clips:

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