The first stage of caries

Such a dental disease as caries has several stages of percolation. The beginning of the development of the pathological process can be recognized by the presence of spots on the surface of the enamel. At this stage of the disease there is no defect in hard tissues, but demineralization and an increase in the permeability of enamel are already taking place.

The first stage of caries in dentistry is also known as the "white spot stage", because this is how the disease manifests itself. The formation of white spots on the surface of the teeth, that is, the development of the first stage of caries, occurs, as a rule, with insufficient oral hygiene. The spots are a soft microbial deposit and solidified food residues.

Such pathological process proceeds as follows: cariogenic bacteria, which rapidly multiply in the oral cavity, actively process food residues, mainly carbohydrates.

As a result of such activity, these microorganisms secrete organic acids. When these acids begin to contact the tooth enamel, which mainly consists of calcium salts, it dissolves under the action of such substances.

Acid gradually flushes out the enamel of calcium, so the surface of the tooth becomes porous and brittle. The process by which calcium salts are washed out of the tooth enamel is called demineralization, and the white spots themselves are demineralized.

When an initial stage of caries development is discovered, specialists conduct remineralizing therapy aimed at strengthening and restoring the enamel. Having noticed the change in enamel, you can brush your teeth with fluoride and use dental floss. Such actions can prevent the spread of the process to the deeper tissues of the tooth.

To recognize the development of the initial stage of caries will help such a sign as the increased sensitivity of the enamel. It is very difficult to notice tooth decay at the white spot stage, primarily because pain does not occur during this period. However, patients can complain about the increased sensitivity of teeth, which occurs with the use of cold or hot food.

During the diagnosis it is important to differentiate the initial stage of caries from diseases such as spotted form of fluorosis and enamel hypoplasia. Details about the treatment of caries can be found at http: //www.dentalfantasy.ru/ lechim-detey / lechenie-kariesa-molochnykh-zubov /.