Post-alcohol depression and ways to treat it


Alcohol addiction or simply drunkenness destroys a person not only physically, causing various diseases of the digestive system. The drinking person is changed by the psyche, the personality is destroyed.


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Causes of


The regular use of alcohol leads to various physical disorders. In humans, metabolism is disrupted, liver function impairments, lack of vitamins, chronic nervous reaction to the nervous system. Taking large doses of alcohol each time provokes a significant surge of energy, some people have unrestrained joy, others have strong unmotivated aggression or other mental activity. And after about 10 hours the body begins to experience devastation, a lower energy production, so a person has a feeling of insecurity, depression, nervousness, various fears that lead to the development of depression. The slightest trouble, any conflict or household quarrel causes an absolutely inadequate reaction.

The alcoholic tries to get rid of depression by the only method known to him - the use of a new portion of alcohol, resulting in a vicious circle, which the self-drinking person can not break. If post-alcohol depression develops in an ordinary person who has consumed a large dose of alcohol but does not have chronic alcohol, then it does not require special treatment, takes several days or weeks.

Symptoms of


The poor state of health of the clock after 10 after excessive drinking, expressed in malaise, dehydration, headache, nausea and other dyspeptic disorders should not be confused with post-alcohol depression. All these symptoms are characteristic of a hangover feeling, which refers to the sphere of physical health. And any depression is a mental health disorder. At the same time, a person experiences a depressed state, has a constantly bad mood, reduces motor activity, slows down mental activity, reduces mental reactions, a sense of guilt, and the instinct of self-preservation becomes dull.

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Methods of treatment


As a rule, treatment is most successful if the patient himself is determined to free himself from the habit of abusing alcohol. Either way, but salvation is possible only with complete refusal of drunkenness. At the beginning of therapy, this, of course, will aggravate the patient's condition, but without this step, treatment is unlikely to be successful. This is usually warned in advance both the patient himself and his loved ones.

Medical treatment consists in the use of modern antidepressants, and whether it is blockers of amine capture, MAO inhibitors, monoamine receptor agonists or some combination of them with tranquilizers and hypnotics, the doctor decides individually in each case. Usually, antidepressants help cope with anxiety, guilt, insomnia. The person raises mood and self-esteem, but after the abolition of drugs, in everyday life, any stress can lead to a relapse of alcohol dependence and associated depression.

To prevent relapse, the patient needs to undergo a course of individual or group psychotherapy, the goal of which is to form the right attitude to life, learn how to enjoy it without alcohol, and establish new social ties. Often, in the treatment of alcohol dependence, hypnotic exposure is also used to suggest a sustained aversion to alcohol.

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