Why is colitis in the right side: what diseases provoke pain

Pain and tingling in the right side is one of the most common complaints that therapists and gastroenterologists hear. Sometimes the cause may not be serious, and sometimes urgent hospitalization is urgently needed.


  • 1 Why does it hurt in the right side
  • 2 Pyelonephritis and tingling in the right side
  • 3 Urolithiasis
  • 4 Bile colic
  • 5 Cholecystitis
  • 6 Tingling while running

Why it hurts in the right side

Why is colitis in the right side

Pain can be very strong

Stitching in the right side can be causedvarious reasons. Most often these are problems with the liver, kidneys, gall bladder. Due to the fact that the disease develops gradually, and the symptoms manifest themselves too, that is, at the very beginning of the development of the disease, a person can complain of tingling in the right side. And not always it causes discomfort, just willy-nilly or forced to pay attention to it. For the main reasons why a person can tingle in the right side, refer:

  • Pyelonephritis, during which it can both ache side, and can just prick. This symptom is also associated with pain in the back area, mainly aching and pulling
  • Urolithiasis, during which pain accompanies not only pricking, but also other unpleasant symptoms
  • Biliary colic, during which the pain may appear immediately, and may not manifest itselfstrong tingling in the right side closer to the ribs
  • Cholecystitis.
  • Appendicitis. Although appendicitis most often manifests as pain, some patients note that it all started with a slight tingling of the

. Also, a tingling in the right side may appear during running. Often it can be noticed that people who have just started to play sports are most susceptible to the appearance of such a symptom because of poor preparedness and adaptation of the body to greater physical stress. Especially tingling occurs in the event that a person breathes incorrectly.

This further exacerbates the process of the appearance of pain, thereby forcing even a novice athlete to stop. But not only amateurs and beginners may have a tingling in their right side while running. Experienced athletes after the trauma, when the body relaxed, there are such tingling because the muscle tone is weakened, and we have to come back into physical form anew.

Pyelonephritis and tingling in the right side

Why is colitis in the right side

Sometimes pain occurs after strength exercises

Pyelonephritis is an inflammatory process in the kidney that can lead to impaired body function. The main causes of pyelonephritis include:

  1. Penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria that spread very quickly through the blood and can penetrate absolutely into any body of the
  2. . The first sexual experiences, during which all safety measures are not always followed, and even for the female body it is a peculiarstress
  3. Urolithiasis, during which, due to the formation of stones in the body, the normal blood supply and congestion of
  4. may stop. Weak immunity, which causes the human bodyjust can not resist penetrating bacteria and microbes inside it.
  5. Prostatitis
  6. Diabetes mellitus. With diabetes, the blood in a person thickens, especially when the blood sugar level increases and this can lead to the development of complications and the onset of pathological processes in other organs.
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Tingling inright side - this is not the only symptom of pyelonephritis. In addition, it appears mainly in the very initial stage, when just bacteria and microbes entered the kidneys and began their destructive actions. Such tingling can be a day or two, maximum three, then there are other( basic) symptoms of the disease, which include:

  • A sudden increase in body temperature, and sometimes it can rise to 39 degrees
  • Sharp temperature changes. So, a person in the morning can have quite normal temperature, 36 degrees, and after two hours to jump to 39-40 degrees, and then back. Such changes are accompanied by poor health
  • Headache that appears as a result of side pain
  • Nausea, and sometimes even vomiting due to the onset inflammatory process. Sometimes vomiting and nausea appear as a reaction of the body to pain, because each person has a pain threshold that is different, and someone can tolerate pain, and someone becomes ill

. If you have the above symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor. Rather, you should not even suffer a tingling in your right side, because that's just how it feels.


Why is colitis in the right side

Various diseases can cause pain

Urolithiasis is most common in people over 40 years of age. But every year the disease is getting younger. And the reason lies in the wrong way of life and nutrition. One of the symptoms of urolithiasis is tingling in the right side. And, as in the case of pyelonephritis, such a tingling may indicate the onset of the disease, that is, when the stones have not yet reached a large size, and simply interfere. To the reasons for the development of urolithiasis in humans, it is fashionable to refer:

  • Excessive or, conversely, inadequate urine content of certain substances such as calcium, cystine, uric acid
  • Chronic infections in the genitourinary system
  • Heredity. Heredity plays a very important role. If one of the relatives had stones in the bladder, then the likelihood of their appearance in close relatives( especially in children) increases
  • Sedative lifestyle, which causes the metabolism to occur much worse and slower
  • Kidney disease, which is whythe excretion of harmful substances together with urine from the body is not as necessary for normal functioning of all organs.
  • Incorrect nutrition
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Another important thingth cause of the appearance of stones in the bladder is a bad ecological situation, which significantly weakens the immune system, and the body itself can no longer resist harmful bacteria and microbes penetrating into it. Separately it is necessary to say about the symptoms. It has already been said above that if the colitis is in the right side, then it can be stones in the bladder, and the disease is at the earliest stage of development, when you can try to get rid of the disease in a short period of time. Other symptoms of urolithic illness include:

  • Painful sensations in the right side, which may not be strong at the beginning, and after a while it grows into intolerable
  • The presence of blood in the urine, which indicates that the stone injures the mucous membrane and tissues
  • Nauseaand vomiting that appear in response to severe pain
  • Painful sensation during urination, which should alert any person, since it is not normal.

Urolithiasis is most common in the elderly due to the fact that all processes and metabolism slows down, and the elimination of harmful substances is no longer the case.

Bile colic

problems with the digestive system cause pain in the right side

problems with digestive organs cause pain in right side

Biliary colic( or as it is sometimes called, hepatic colic) appears either suddenly, or, on the contrary, it tortures a person constantly. Some patients note that at first they feel a slight tingling of the right side, which they do not pay attention to. But gradually the stabbing begins more strongly, and all leads to the strongest painful attack, which is rather difficult to stop.

Most often the biliary colic begins if the bile duct is blocked and the bile itself stagnates. In this case, the pain can appear abruptly, and nothing foretold such a development of events. Typically, tingling and then pain appear either after overeating, when the body does not cope with the load imposed on it, or after physical exercises. Physical exercises can provoke colic, especially when the body has stones. This will spodvignet to move them.

In most cases, the silencing of colic passes in 6-8 hours on its own. But before that a person just suffers and no painkillers( except for very strong ones) can not help him.


This disease is characterized by inflammation of the gallbladder wall. Depending on the stage at which the disease is located, the symptom of the manifestation will also depend, which include:

  • Tingling in the right side, which appears at the initial stage of the inflammatory process, when a small area of ​​the
  • is hit. The cramped bouts that appear as a result of the admissionfatty or spicy food that further destroys the mucous
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • A fever that indicates that the body has an inflammation focus
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When the earliest symptoms of cholecystitis appear( starting with a tingling in the right side), it is necessary to contact a specialist who will conduct the examination and, if necessary, prescribe a treatment.

Tingling while running

If during running a person felt that he had begun to stab in his right side, then the reason lies in the liver capsule. During the run, blood begins to be distributed throughout the body, especially for those who work intensively. In a calm state, when a person lies or simply goes, the blood circulates not so intensely. At the moment when a person starts to run abruptly, the blood quickly comes to all organs. But since the process takes about two minutes, the first blood is poured on the liver and spleen.

As a result of admission to the liver of a large volume of blood, it increases and presses on its capsule. And, as you know, all capsular receptors are in the capsule. That is, the pain comes from the capsule. To avoid such a feeling, you must run a warm-up before running, during which the blood will gradually supply all organs( there will not be a sharp jump).But if, nevertheless, during the physical exertion, the right side is stuck, then it is necessary to immediately reduce the tempo, but in no case do not stop, because it will only get worse. Some people are helped by deep breaths and exhalations, which can help normalize blood circulation.

In any case, if you have stabbed in the right side, and this feeling does not pass a long period of time, you should contact your doctor to find out the cause of discomfort.

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