Why does the right side hurt after eating?

The feeling of pain in the right side is familiar to many, especially if it occurs after eating. This unpleasant feeling arises very unexpectedly and causes a lot of inconvenience. Of course, it is not advisable to endure such pains and it is worth to visit with a given specialist's problem. After hearing you, the doctor does not immediately establish the exact cause of their occurrence and will diagnose. Here you need a comprehensive diagnosis and a thorough examination. By the same to guess at which body exactly is the source of pain is quite difficult, because in this area of ​​the body are the following organs: liver, appendix and other organs. Consider the main causes of pain in the right side.


  • 1 development of cholecystitis
  • 2 pyelonephritis and pain in the side
  • 3 excessive exercise
  • 4 pleurisy
  • 5 manifestation of appendicitis

development of cholecystitis

Sometimes the pain in the side is unbearable

Sometimes the pain in his side is unbearable character

cholecystitis is a fairly common disease among the population of our country. When it occurs, the gallbladder is affected. In many cases, this disease when it occurs quickly turns into a chronic form, when against the background of an exacerbation of the disease there are remissions. Based on their patients and judge the nature of the occurrence of pain. All this is very unpleasant and arises suddenly. Early diagnosis of this disease significantly increases the patient's chances of recovery. Therefore, if pain occurs in the right side, it is preferable to contact the hospital for help.

Sometimes cholecystitis develops on the background of a serious lesion of the body with cholelithiasis. If a person is very fond of very fatty, sharp and salty dishes, cholecystitis worsens. In this case, there is a rather painful tingling in the right side of the abdominal cavity. The focus of pain is clearly visible under the ribs. Exacerbation of cholecystitis is accompanied by an increase in temperature. If you have had attacks of this disease, you should not start its development, and from the first moments start a fight.

Self-treatment of this disease in this case is not welcomed, since the liver is a fairly important organ, therefore it is extremely undesirable to harm its structure.

If you suspect a cholecystitis, you should consult a health center for advice and assistance. The started stage of the disease can cause the formation of pus in this area, which will not be easy to take out. Disposal of pus formation with cholecystitis occurs through surgical intervention. Therefore, if you feel tingling in the right side after eating. You should consult a doctor for finding out its causes, so as not to bring the organism to an acute state of the disease that has arisen.

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pyelonephritis and pain in the side

Pain in the side may occur after physical exertion

flank pain may also occur after

physical exertion Pretty dangerous disease to the organism in which also a little pain is felt after mealsright side, is pyelonephritis. This pathology is characterized by the appearance of inflammation in the calyx-calcaneous region of the kidney. In this case the kidneys cease to fulfill their function. The resulting pain is usually aching and aggravated with time. Strengthening of pain is felt and with a slight tapping in the zone of the waist. In many cases, the development of pyelonephritis occurs with the emergence of fever in the body and an increase in the urination process.

If you suspect a pyelonephritis, you should contact the clinic for confirmation or refutation of this suspicion. Taking medication from pyelonephritis alone is not recommended, as by these measures you can only worsen your sick state. Treatment of this disease should be under the guidance and supervision of a specialist. Usually, with pyelonephritis, the patient is prescribed antimicrobial medication, a pastel regimen, and observance of special prescriptions. In this case, you can get rid of the pain that occurs on the right side of the body.

A cyst or a kidney tumor can become the cause of pain in the lumbar region. Both cases are quite serious and require immediate treatment.

Excessive physical activity

It's not strange, but it is from fast walking or running that sometimes a person grasps the right side of the severe pain that arises there. It is the greater physical exertion in this case that provokes the appearance of pain. The pain that arises in this case is similar to tingling in the side. If a person who periodically has such tingling when walking fast, stops and makes a little respite, then the pain passes. Many people do not attach importance to the unpleasant sensations arising in this way, while others immediately go to the hospital for advice.

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In cases of very rare occurrence of painful sensations after walking or running it is not necessary to worry and in vain to worry. The cause of the pain here can be the usual tension of ligaments located in the liver. Their tension arises from the concussion of the body in space. If pain recurs with every fast walking, a person should sound an alarm. Here, the body can suffer from cholelithiasis. In order not to guess and not panic in advance, a person should go to a hospital where it is carefully examined and the true cause of the pain is revealed.


Pain in the side is not worth it!

Pain in the side is not worth it!

Pleurisy can also cause pain after eating in the right side. The development of this disease sometimes occurs against the background of complications arising after a person has pneumonia. In order for a patient to develop pleurisy, at least he must get pneumonia. The first symptoms of pleurisy start with an increase in body temperature, the appearance of a cough, a feeling of malaise. The pain in the right side of the pleurisy skin resembles a tingling sensation in the area, which can be amplified if the person takes a deep breath.

Pain intensification occurs with violent laughter and coughing attacks. If a person lays down on a sore side, the pain that arises earlier in this area will subside. The causeless occurrence of pain in the area of ​​the right side commits you to go to the hospital to establish the exact reasons for their occurrence. Do not tolerate pain, as this can be a signal of irreversible changes occurring in the body. An experienced doctor will necessarily send you to X-ray and will give the delivery of certain tests. In the treatment of pleurisy, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are necessary for patients. The neglect of this disease is dangerous for your health and general well-being.

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Appendicitis Appearance

If the pain that occurs after eating is felt at the very bottom of the right side, most likely you have appendicitis. Its signs:

  • Appearance of nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Temperature rise;
  • Defecation disorder;
  • The appearance of pain in the right side.

Pain in appendicitis is hardly tolerable due to the strength of their manifestation. In some cases, vomiting or loose stool may occur. Help in this case you will only be in the hospital. Treatment of this pathology is performed by a doctor. Often this happens through surgical intervention.

In conclusion, I want to note that, having felt pain in the right side, you should immediately seek medical advice in the hospital, as the causes of the pain can be associated with the development of the pathologies described above in the body.

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