Folk remedies for the treatment of barley on the eye

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Such a nuisance, like barley on the eye, is familiar to many. And the most offensive that it overtakes, in most cases, by surprise, when you wake up, you discover a painfully itchy tubercle on the eyelid, similar to barley grain. And if he jumped up, no makeup can not disguise him. As practice shows, usually with such a disease do not go to the doctor, but use tried and effective national means of treating barley on the eye.

What is barley on the eye

Healthy eye Barley is commonly referred to as a purulent process in the century, caused by clotting and inflammation of the sebaceous or sweat glands of the century. Barley can be either external or internal. External barley is accompanied by stitching pain, especially when touched, redness of the skin, there is limited edema. With internal inflammation, the abscess is not so noticeable, because it can be seen only by pulling down the lower eyelid, but it is more dangerous. In this case, the inflammation can spread to the entire eyeball, or even cause a meningitis.

Causes of the appearance of barley

There is a well-established opinion that the abscess on the eye is a consequence of hypothermia or draft. The truth is there, but the main cause of this disease is improper hygiene. A rather interesting pattern is noticed: most often from this misfortune, women and children suffer. And all because the main reason for the formation of barley is the penetration into the body of all kinds of bacteria or dirt.


In women, this is mainly through make-up. Especially when using someone else's cosmetics or unwashed make-up accessories. Children, capricious, usually rub their eyes with dirty hands, than open a straight path for infection. But this happens, mostly, when the body is greatly weakened: in case of beriberi, weakened immunity, cold or against other diseases.

Healthy and sore eyes. Figure

Healthy and Sick Eyes

Symptoms and consequences of barley

Many people believe that such an abscess is a trifling disease. For some, it probably is, as barley usually passes after the release of pus. But often such an ailment turns into a rather serious problem, accompanied by lack of sleep, jerking pain, a spoiled mood. Yes, and from an aesthetic point of view, an abscess on a century is unlikely to give anyone pleasure.

If you do not take certain measures in time, including folk remedies for barley, an abscess will form on the eyelid. The eyeball turns red from the rush of blood, there is a cutting pain, the eyes are watery, there is photophobia. Rapidly progressing, barley ripens for 3-4 days, and on the 5th-7th day from the moment of the disease breaks out, abundantly allocating pus. Having broken through, the abscess can provoke keratitis, conjunctivitis or the formation on the centuries of new barley.

Home recipe from Magic-skin. Our video

Treatment of barley with folk methods

To get rid of the disease and not give it the opportunity to arise repeatedly it is possible both with the help of official medicine, and using the tried and tested folk remedies for barley on the eye. There are many very good ways how to cure barley with folk remedies that even doctors of serious medical clinics approve. Folk treatment of barley on the eye is not only available to everyone, but it is also very effective and gives good results.

Barley on the eye

What does traditional medicine offer? Barley on the eye is very well treated with herbs, various compresses, lotions, etc. Here are a few effective and safe recipes.

  • At the initial stage of the disease it is recommended to use such folk remedy for barley as tansy flowers. In order to kill the inflammation in the very bud, you need to take about 5 times a day without chewing on 4-5 small flowers of this plant, washing them with water. Treatment continues until complete cure.
  • 10 g of calendula inflorescences( dry or fresh - it does not matter) pour a glass( 200 ml) of water, boil on a water bath, then wrap and insist for an hour in the heat. Then, straining the broth through a multilayered cheesecloth, do every hour of cotton swabs compresses. Instead of calendula flowers, you can use the pharmacy tincture, diluting it in a ratio of 1 to 10 cool, boiled water. Eliminates even a strong inflammation in the century.
  • As a popular remedy for barley on the eye, aloe juice proved to be quite good. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice from the plant leaf, dilute it with water( proportion 1 to 10) and do 3 times a day of lotion.
  • A glass of boiling water to fill a handful of dry plantain, hold it for 2 hours in a thermos bottle and then strain it. Gadgets do daily on both eyes 5-6 times a day for about 10 min.
  • A handful of washed birch leaves are poured with 1 glass of boiling water, wrap the dishes with a drug, cover with a dense cloth or lid and allow to stand for 1 hour. Apply for both eyes for 10 minutes.as lotions 5-6 times during the day.
  • A glass of boiling water to fill 3-4 brushes of cherry blossoms, cover and let it brew for 1 hour. The infusion can be used as a means for washing the eyes, and as a lotion daily several times a day on both eyes.

Conspiracy from barley. Instruction

Conspiracy from barley

To treat barley with folk remedies or to seek help from a doctor is a private matter for everyone. But in any case it is important to understand that the eyes are vital and sensitive organs of a person, therefore it is necessary to take them very seriously.

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Published: 04-10-2015