Folk remedies for cracks on the hands: velvet skin, like cat's feet

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  • Why the skin on your hands is cracking
  • Recipes in the piggy bank. Treatment of cracks in the hands
    • Ointments from cracks in the hands
    • Cavities from cracks "For one night"
    • Compresses from cracks on the hands
    • Remedies for cracks on the hands that accept inside
  • Home recipe for beautiful skin of hands. Our video

Hard-working women's hands themselves love care, but rarely see it. And let's declare a big women's strike and arrange a vacation for our hands! Do not want or can not? It's a pity. .. Then let's chat about folk remedies for cracks treatment on hands and save hands beauty in the home!

Why the skin on the hands is cracking

Hand care Among the causes of cracked hands are many factors:

  1. Active sun. The sun's rays dry the skin.
  2. On the contrary - frost and wind. Temperature changes, cold air, windy weather do not like the skin very much.
  3. Chemical means, any: dishwashing, acetone for removing varnish, building mixtures. ..
  4. Humidity changes. If the hands are wet for a long time in the water, and then suddenly "come out" in the frost or fall under the hair dryer, - wait for cracks.
  5. Dirty hands. Summer beauty works are not added to the hands.

In addition, the skin of the hands is sensitive to health problems:

  1. Skin diseases: eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections.
  2. All disorders associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals: vitamin deficiency, anemia, hormonal failures. ..

Recipes in the piggy bank. Treatment of cracks in the hands of

If the cracks are small and they are small, just pour your hands in the baths with soda or sea salt. Alternatively, prepare one of these:

  1. Mix potato starch( 2 tablespoons) and warm water( 1 liter).
  2. Prepare a linseed broth: 3 tablespoons of seeds steamed in half a liter of water.
  3. Oat flakes or ground whole oats( 100 g) brew in 1 liter of water.

Place your hands in the decoction bowl for 15 minutes. The procedure is performed before bedtime. After the healing bath, soak the skin with a towel, apply a greasy cream.

Ointments from cracks on the hands

  • Cream from the petals of the rose

Pound a handful of fragrant pink petals in a blender. Add a tablespoon of goose fat. Goose fat is an ancient remedy for treating the most difficult wounds. They also used our great-grandmothers. The cream should be insisted in the refrigerator for 4 days and after lubricating the cracks, and any wounds in general.

  • Yolk cream

Healthy hands Mix the vegetable oil( 1 tbsp.), Raw yolk( 1 pc.) And vinegar 9%( 1 tsp).Apply, gently rub. If the cracks are bleeding, pre-sterilize the oil: pour into a glass bottle, put in warm water, bring to a boil and pasteurize 20 minutes.

  • Amazing product

Replace the dishwashing detergent with soda. Three times a day, steam your hands in a warm chamomile broth. After the tray, lubricate the skin with shaving cream, which is added with vitamin E. In the morning - on an empty stomach - take a tablespoon of sunflower oil. This remedy helps even when the cracks do not lend themselves to treatment.

  • Cracks around the nails

A good handful of herbs celandine( dry or fresh) pour a glass of sunflower oil, bring to a boil and immediately turn off. When the oil has cooled down, carefully apply a natural wax( a match-sized plate), put it on the fire again and hold it until the wax dissolves. Remove the ointment from the fire, pour into a clean container, cool and send to the refrigerator. This tool not only heals, but also painkillers.

  • A miracle ointment from simple components

This is a popular remedy for cracks on the hands that heals not only wounds but also draws pus. Therefore, it is especially good for inflamed, festering cracks or abscesses. Mix in equal proportions such components: honey, butter, vodka, flour. Rinse the mixture well, spread it on the gauze and attach it to the sore spot for 4 hours.

  • If the hands are often in the water

This product is suitable for young mothers, whose hands are constantly sour in soapy water. Chop the bird cherry branches and brew in boiling water. Cook your hands in the broth for a few days. The effect is enhanced by lotions for the night from the same broth.

Creep remedy "For one night"

Means against cracks

Compresses from cracks on the hands of

Compresses are not entirely folk remedies, because they are readily recommended by beauticians when patients have fingers cracking.

  • Honey compress

Preheat half a glass of honey on a steam bath so that honey "flows".Add a teaspoon of salicylic acid and half a glass of refined sunflower oil. Distribute the warm mass over the skin of the hands, put on polyethylene gloves. Wrap the brush with a towel. Hold the compress for 20 minutes. Remove the residue with a napkin, then grease with lemon juice and again, soak with a cloth.

  • Sour cream, yolk, lemon juice

A glass of homemade sour cream mixed with fresh juice of one lemon. Add a fresh yolk, grind. Soak cotton gloves and put on hands. Top the plastic bags and tie them on the wrists. Wrap the compress with a towel. Keep the compress for 20 minutes, rinse off the residues, apply a nourishing cream.

Remedies for cracks in the hands that take inside

Gentle hands

Since the cracks on the hands are formed from lack of vitamin and trace elements, it is necessary to replenish the body with the necessary substances.

  1. Onions. Eat 1 onion a day. You can crumble in soup, you can eat, eating bread and bacon - it does not matter. The main thing is that the bulb should be fresh. Course - one week.
  2. Gelatin. Soak 1 tsp.gelatin in cold water( 100 g), stir and drink. Take gelatin in the morning and evening. Course - 1 month. This remedy cures firm deep cracks on the palms and pads of the fingers. In addition to gelatin, use some ointment.
  3. Carrots. Grind 1 kg of carrots on a large grater. Place in a deep container, pour with vegetable oil so that it slightly covers the top layer of carrots. Heat the mixture to 80 degrees, simmer at this temperature for 3 hours. Place in cans, cool, refrigerate. Eat for about a month.

Home recipe for beautiful hand skin. Our video

Treatment of cracks in the hands of folk remedies is a wonderful way to do without medicine. And, nevertheless, dear readers, let's rest your hands. They also want a vacation, just like you. Rest and be beautiful always!

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Published: 03-10-2015