If the spike is plucked: treatment with folk remedies

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When on the human body there are any neoplasms like papillomas or warts,they usually cause a feeling of disgust. For the owners of such entities themselves, this problem generates not only moral, but also physical discomfort, caused by painful sensations. This is well known to people suffering from spinules. And not only official medicine helps them to get rid of this ailment, but also the treatment of the healer by folk remedies.

What is a heather?

Leg without shpits In the official modern dermatology of the term "spinach" as such does not exist. So people call warts on the foot - viral neoplasm, which is a relative of a common wart. There is an opinion that warts, in addition to aesthetic problems, have no other health hazard. But this is a profound error, because any wart is, in fact, a viral benign tumor. It is the cause of the growth of the cells of the upper layers of the skin and their subsequent keratinization.

Locations of the

Most often, the spike is found on the foot: the heel and thumb pad, although often in places of its formation there are surfaces of the palms, elbows and knees.

Growing up, they can form into single solid areas. If the warts appear on the foot, it causes severe acute pain, it becomes very difficult to walk. When pressing on the foot in the areas where the thorns are concentrated, the pain becomes especially unbearable and resembles a stitch with an awl. Actually, according to this association, there was a popular name for this disease.

Externally, the spike on the leg is extremely similar to the plantar corn. The difference lies in the fact that the plantar wart, in addition to the horny growths, also has papillary growth surrounded by horny cells. This painful outgrowth of a yellowish-gray color slightly rises above the surface and can reach in diameter about 1.5 cm. Quite often in the center of such neoplasms there may be grooves resembling a crater. Growing up, a large spine forms around itself a whole family of daughter warts. The danger of such a benign education is in the very real possibility of degeneration into a malignant one.

Causes of

Wart on the foot The appearance of a spiny on the leg, arm or any other part of the body is caused by infection of the human papillomavirus and is transmitted by contact. If the skin has scratches, cuts, splinters, cracks, rubbing, etc., the risk of infection is quite possible when dressing someone else's shoes or gloves, tight or uncomfortable shoes, using their own hygiene items. The virus of the papilloma is found in most people and can not manifest itself for a very long time, being in a latent form. Weakened immunity leads to the spillage of the virus. Thus, the following major factors contribute to the appearance of the spine:

  • microtrauma;
  • stress;
  • increased sweating of the feet or hands, as sweat promotes the growth and growth of viruses;
  • all kinds of chronic and acute diseases that help undermine immunity;
  • a long stay in the shoes - at the first opportunity it is necessary to walk barefoot.

Most often, a spike is infected in gyms, swimming pools or public baths. But the disease does not come immediately, because after the infection the incubation period can last very long - for several months. Having discovered ailment, you need to start treatment.

Prevention of infection

Prevent the possibility of infection simply, it is only necessary to perform some simple rules of prevention:

  • regularly take care of the skin of the feet and hands;
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • protect the skin from all kinds of mechanical damage;
  • in the gymnasium, swimming pool and other public places do not walk barefoot, do not use someone else's towel, gloves and other things, do not touch dirty handrails.

But the main thing in prevention is to increase your immunity, which is why you need to eat right. Make sure that the necessary vitamins and minerals are present in the products. In spring and winter it is desirable to take special vitamin-mineral complexes.

Traditional medicine in the struggle with the spike

In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are many ways of treatment aimed at destroying this new growth. But at the same time, there are also syringes and folk remedies, which make it possible to fight the disease at home. There are many simple recipes with which you can treat growths at home, if for some reason you can not seek qualified medical care. Here are some of them.

Treatment of a spike with effective folk remedies: Video


For the treatment of a spike, plants are often used.


Leaves of young, not burning hands of nettle finely chop, put on a sore spot, wrap up with a large burdock. The compress should be fixed with a warm toe and left in such condition for the night. Ragged skin should fall behind in the morning.


In a steamed place, put the gruel from the rhizome of grated horseradish. In order not to leak juice, put a plastic bag on top and a warm toe on top. The procedure should be carried out in the evenings, leaving a compress for the night and repeating until complete healing.

Crude potatoes

Cut the potatoes in a blender or grate and perform the same operations as in the previous recipe. The difference is that the potato compress should be kept on the foot before lunch, and the course lasts fourteen days.


The plant contains a number of organic acids that effectively affect the old and plantar warts. The heel on the leg needs to be smeared with celandine juice 3-7 times a day for 10 days. If after two weeks from the beginning of the procedure no positive effect has occurred, the agent needs to be changed.

Garlic with apple cider vinegar

Garlic Together are very strong cautery. Rastoloch 3-4 cloves of garlic, pour gruel 2-3 tbsp.l.apple cider vinegar, to insist 2 hours and strain. To protect the skin, it is desirable to stick a sticking plaster around the spike. Apply a thick layer of the ointment on the wart, cover it with a film, fix it with a bandage or band-aid and hold for 20 minutes.- not more. There will be a burning sensation, but you will have to suffer.

Unusual ways of

In addition, among the folk remedies for the treatment of spines there are also quite unusual.


Moistened cement must be applied to the steamed limb. It is best to use a moistened saliva finger to rub the cement slurry into the problem site until it dries completely. Repeat procedure three times in a row after each drying. The ailment must pass for several days.

If the spine on the leg is large, the folk remedies of a "soft" effect on it will not be affected - in this case it will take "heavy artillery".

Raw meat

Leg to steam, wipe dry, put a piece of raw meat on the wart and bandage. Do not wet for 3-4 days. After that, the softened wart should fall out with roots when removed. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

Where are the spines( slider)

Where is the spike Wart under the microscope Wart on the finger Spike on the finger Multiple warts Large wart Spitz Heather on the heel The heel on the foot Wart on the foot

It should be borne in mind that in most cases, traditional medicine helps to remove only the upper part of the wart, and root hairs do not affect. This causes a re-education.

In this regard, everyone who decided to use the follicle from the spiky, it is necessary to do this very carefully and always consult a specialist. Only systematic and correct treatment will certainly give a positive result.

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Published: 01-02-2015