Folk remedies for stretch marks: during pregnancy, you can

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  • Stretch marks and preventive measures for pregnant women
    • Causes of stretch marks in expectant mothers
    • Methods of preventing stretch marks
  • Available folk remedies for stretch marks
    • Collection of recipes
    • Mummy cream
  • Popular remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy: Video

Appearance inthe time of pregnancy of skin stretch marks is not a new phenomenon and absolutely harmless for health. Nevertheless, the fear of losing the former beauty of many women causes a truly panic fear. Here, more under the influence of advertising, pilgrimages begin in beauty salons, cosmetics are used. Spending a lot of time, money, future moms somehow forget that there are time-tested folk remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy.

Stretch marks and preventive measures for pregnant women

Clean body without strains Stretch marks, or striae, are called so-called dead zones or, properly speaking, scar tissue of the skin. In other words, these are small strips on the body, very similar to scars. Such zones do not succumb to sunburn, they do not sweat, do not even grow hair.

At first, after the appearance, they usually are bright red with a purple hue, but then discolor, become pale pink and rough to the touch. Unfortunately, almost all women around the world suffer from this annoying, non-esthetic defect.

Causes of stretch marks in expectant mothers

Stretch marks in pregnant women are not a disease, but a consequence of the rapid growth of the skin, caused by pregnancy, caused by an increase in the abdomen, breasts. Breasts, by the way, during this period can grow to three sizes, which causes the appearance of stretch marks on it, going radially from the nipples. At the end of pregnancy striae become broad, sometimes acquire a bluish-purple hue. At the same time, the skin is stretched on the upper third of the thighs and on the buttocks.

One more reason for the occurrence of striae is a significant and rapid increase in weight. That is, future mothers who scored more than 10-12 kg, are much more likely to become holders of stretch marks than those who have lower weight.

Ways to prevent stretch marks


Certainly, to look beautiful, any woman wants to get rid of stretch marks. But not everyone knows that it is much easier to prevent their appearance in advance than to struggle with them for many months and even years.

  • Weight. Eat right. Limit yourself in sweet and flour, more protein - the basis of elastin. This will make it possible to avoid sudden changes and control the weight.
  • Chest. Pour the chest with water, brought to room temperature, and wipe with a towel. Do not forget about special prenatal bras.
  • Belly. The skin will not sag or stretch, if you use special belts, bandages that support underwear.
  • Feet and hips. Lead an active lifestyle: do gymnastics for pregnant women, perform simple exercises for the legs, and also hips. This can protect you from the appearance of unsightly scars.

Available folk remedies for stretch marks

It is most effective to use folk remedies from stretch marks during pregnancy when they are not yet launched or just appeared.

Collection of recipes

We bring to your attention a selection of effective recipes from stretch marks during pregnancy.

Cream of mummy

Dissolve in 1 tsp.of warm boiled water 4-5 g of natural mummy, mix thoroughly, add 70-80 g of baby or your usual skin cream. All stir and leave "infused" for 15 minutes. Apply to stretching once a day. You can not prepare the cream for future use! One teaspoon is enough for three days. Keep refrigerated.

Yoghurt cream

Mix a glass of yogurt( can be sour cream) with olive oil( 1 tbsp.) And grated zest of one lemon. The skin is rubbed after taking a shower.

Dandelion Cream

100 g of dandelion-cucumber leaves( fresh or frozen) and several aloe leaves cut into slices( you can 1 teaspoon of aloe juice) in a blender to a uniform consistency. Add a small amount of oat flour to the cream to bring to the creamy appearance. Apply directly to the stretch marks, hold for 10 minutes.and wash off with warm water. Apply twice a day - morning and evening. Shelf life of the cream is 1 week, stored in the refrigerator.


Stretching Mix in equal proportions blue, gray and green clay, add liquid honey in an amount sufficient to obtain a uniform plastic mass. Apply on striae every night for the night until the extensions disappear( fix with a bandage).Mixture to do every time a new one.

Brewer's yeast

Dilute 15 g of dry brewer's yeast in 4 teaspoons of cream, wait until the yeast disperse, mix with 4 teaspoons of liquid honey, give 20 minutes.to brew. To put on problem places and to hold within 30 minutes.


Mix one glass of sugar and salt with any vegetable oil( best with red palm oil).With this compound, massage the problem skin during the shower for 10-15 minutes. Then wash everything off and lubricate the body with a nutritious cream. In pregnancy, this folk remedy for stretch marks should be used 4-6 times a week.

Fruit peeling

Mix 150 ml of yogurt, 1 tbsp.l.almond oil and grated from 1 lemon zest. Peeling apply on the stretch zone, hold for 20 minutes. Before rinsing, massage the skin a little. Do the procedure 2 r.in Week.

Mummy cream( reminder)

Treatment Scheme

It is difficult to get rid of these unsightly scars, of course, but it's worth a try. Even if they can not be removed, at least thanks to folk remedies, they can be made almost invisible.

Folk remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy: Video

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Published: 13-03-2015