Angelina Jolie's diet - the secrets of harmony

Angelina Jolie's diet - the secrets of harmony

The famous film star Angelina Jolie, at 39 years old with an increase of 173 cm weighs only about 55 kg.by its slenderness the actress is obliged to the diet regime, which she developed herself. To the general public, this method became known as the Angelina Jolie diet.

The initial version of the diet assumed consumption of only liquid food. The essence of this method was to feed every two hours. The result of Angelina Jolie's diet was expressed in the purification of the body of toxins and toxins. At the same time, any solid products must be strictly excluded.

The technique developed by Jolie proved to be very effective and allowed her to say goodbye to 3 extra kilograms in a single week. But too severe diet turned into unpleasant consequences in the form of dizziness and weakness. Therefore, Angelina added solid food to her diet.

Diet of Angelina Jolie

In its final version, Angelina Jolie's diet is a very gentle method of losing weight that does not cause stressful conditions. The diet consists of several stages, the duration of which is selected individually depending on the result:

  1. During the of the first stage of the , it is necessary to exclude all products contributing to weight gain. In this case, weight loss is rapid. At the time when the desired result left to lose a little kilogram, you can go to the second stage.
  2. The second step of the diet of Jolie allows you to eat forbidden foods, but you need to add them gradually and in small portions. In this part of the diet, weight is lost more slowly, but weight loss does not stop. After achieving the desired effect, it remains to complete the final stage of the diet.
  3. Stage third implies the consolidation of the results obtained. In the daily menu, the previously excluded products are returned. Every day their volume increases and is brought to the usual rate.

Thus, despite the age and growth, Angelina Jolie's diet keeps weight in a constant framework. And for a long-term effect throughout the diet and at its end, the actress does not stop physical training.

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