Nicole Richie's Diet

Diet Nicole Richie

What woman does not dream of being slim and fit, attract the looks of passing men and cause jealousy in their women? This is very difficult to find, and if she is found, then for sure she is already over 60 and she is completely occupied with caring for her grandchildren.

The big desire to be like stars with glossy covers causes a storm of discussions on forums related to weight loss techniques. And to date, Nicole Richie's diet is the most popular.

And it's not at all in the dazzling appearance of the American model and actress, but in her magical transfiguration. The thing is that Nicole Richie after she became a mother, significantly increased weight. But in a very short period of time she returned to the show business not just thinner, but exhausted.

There have been rumors that Nicole Richie's weight loss is due to her illness - anorexia. However, as the star herself claims, she is completely healthy and complete refusal of food is not for her. She does not even like hungry days of release. So what is the secret of losing weight to Nicole Richie? And how does she manage to keep her body in shape?

Secrets of Beauty from Nicole Richie

Beauty Secrets from Nicole Richie

As Nicole Ricci tells us, she is losing weight due to a dramatic change in diet and heavy physical exertion. She completely abandoned bad habits( smoking, alcohol) and fatty high-calorie food. Instead of it, she ate low-fat cottage cheese, eggs and green tea.

The Richie diet does not include any more food. Therefore, it is difficult to sustain it. But according to the star itself, the complexities are tested only a few days. After there comes relief and the feeling of hunger gradually disappears itself.

So, Nicole Richie ate on the following schedule:

  • 8:00 - boiled soft-boiled chicken egg( one without salt);
  • 12:00 and 16:00 - 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese and a cup of green tea without sugar;
  • 20:00 - green tea without sugar.

Thus, the star eats for three days, after which it feeds on only dietary products for one week( boiled fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits).And then again, this strict diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the

diet Like any nutrition program, Nicole Richie's diet has its advantages and disadvantages. And the advantage of it is a rapid weight loss. In just a few days in weight, up to 3 kg.
But with all this, it has many more drawbacks than the advantages. A constant feeling of hunger can provoke the development of peptic ulcer or gastritis, and sharp weight loss in general is dangerous for the body. After all, it can disable almost all internal organs and systems.

Nicole Richie

To adhere to this diet is not recommended for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, kidney and CNS.In this case, compliance with it can lead to serious complications.

To stick to you diet Nicole Richie or not, it's up to you. But nutritionists in one voice argue that this should not be done, because you can do much harm yourself. It is best to take advantage of a diet that aims to gradually reduce weight and is completely safe.

Application of the Richie diet is possible only if you need an emergency weight loss of several kilograms for a couple of days. It will help you remove a few centimeters at the waist. However, remember that maintaining this diet for more than 3 days may turn out to be sad consequences for you.

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