Tatiana Tarasova's diet and her secrets of an ideal figure

The diet of Tatiana Tarasova and her secrets of the perfect figure

Show business is a serious thing. And every person who appears in it is constantly under the camera's sight. And it is only necessary for him to change something in himself, as this leads to the emergence of various discussions among the people and not only. ..

The famous for the whole country Tatyana Anatolievna Tarasova also did not remain without the attention of the paparazzi after her spectacular appearance. She threw off more than 30 kg! Naturally, this caused a lot of enthusiasm among the people and a new wave of discussions.

The same and used those who are trying to make money on someone's success. What only did not ascribe to Tatyana Anatolyevna. And the fact that she ate the Goji berry for a month, drank effective teas for weight loss, liquid chestnuts, etc. And some argue that Tatiana managed to lose weight due to a special gum.

Naturally, all this is complete nonsense. Tarasova's diet is an ordinary diet, due to which many people have already lost weight. And no other methods( chewing gum, berries, drinks), she did not use on herself. But still many people are interested in the question, how did she manage to throw off so many kilograms? Let's try to understand.

Principles of Tarasova's diet

Tatiana Tarasova's diet is a correct and balanced diet. She never eats meat with pasta or even with any side dish. She prefers to eat meat and fish products only with vegetables, which is correct from the point of view of dietetics.

Principles of Tarasova

At the same time Tatiana never has a night, and during the day tries to eat often, but in small portions. As she claims, her portion for today is 1/3 of the portion she ate before.

In addition, Tatiana Anatolyevna drinks a lot of water. She says that it was very difficult to accustom herself to this, despite the fact that she is an athlete. But she succeeded, which certainly benefited her.

First she drank various teas, compotes and fruit drinks, but when she realized that they did not give the desired result, she replaced them with ordinary water. After that, on the 6-7th day, I noticed how her weight began to decrease.

Tatyana is also a lover of dairy and fermented milk products, so to replace a heavy dinner with ordinary cottage cheese for her did not cause any problems.

If we sum up all the above, then we can conclude that if you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently, like Tatyana Tarasova, you need:

  • to eat 4-6 times a day;
  • reduce portions to 200 grams;
  • drink plenty of water during the day, and half an hour before a meal, drink one glass;
  • replace dinner with light dairy products;
  • is not at night.

It is worth to give up fatty meat, chocolate, coffee 3in1, baking, pasta, fat, fast food and other harmful products. It is especially important to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. They not only increase appetite, but at the same time slow down metabolic processes, which is not necessary when losing weight.

In this case, physical loads are important. Without them, losing weight is simply impossible. It is not necessary to train indefinitely in gyms. It's enough just to get to work pesha and to the elevator place to climb the stairs.

It should be noted that Tatiana's weight loss took about 6 months, but not as much as 1 month, as claimed by various sources trying to sell you another miracle means for losing weight.

"Only perseverance, patience and proper nutrition without any indulgences will help you lose weight" - says Tatiana herself. Apparently she had enough willpower to force herself to learn to live a new life, which we also wish you!

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