Lingju Capsules for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Capsules

Lingzhi Slimming Capsules is another biologically active food additive that is made in China. The manufacturer claims that from this drug your fats will melt by themselves, while improving not only your figure, but also the appearance, as in the composition of this product is the main ingredient - the mushroom of the lingzhi. It is he and has a fat-burning and health-improving effect on the body. Is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

Composition of Lingzhi capsules

Lingzhi capsules have mostly positive reviews. A great indignation among buyers caused the cost of this drug. The average price per package is 1500 rubles. Unfortunately, one course of one package is not enough.

As mentioned above, the main component of these capsules is the lingzhi fungus, or rather its extract. According to ancient sources, this fungus increases the inner cinnabar among those consuming it. But in China itself this fungus is called the "fungus of immortality", as in its composition are components that have a rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

However, modern scientists are puzzled by such statements, because in the composition of this plant is a cinnabar, which is a source of toxic minerals and mercury. And when these substances regularly enter the body, they lead to the destruction of the liver, deterioration of the hair and metabolic disorders. In some cases, the excess of mercury in the body can even lead to death, so it is simply impossible to say that the lingzhi mushroom is a mushroom of immortality.

Lingzhi capsule composition

However, these capsules contain not the cinnabar but the sulphite of the extract of the tinder, the very mushroom of the lingzhi. In addition, they also contain laxative components such as cassia seed and pore seeds, which also has a diuretic effect.

It would seem that the list of components included in this drug is clear to everyone, but only if at the end of it there was not written "etc.".what is meant by the manufacturer, is unknown. He says only that it is impossible to exceed the recommended dosage. That is, in fact, the composition of Lingzhi capsules is not known, so before you apply it, you should think carefully.

Should I take Lingzhi capsules?

Lingzhi biologically active additive does not have an official marketing authorization. You can buy it only through intermediary firms on the Internet. According to sellers, this drug will also reduce appetite, and will remove extra pounds better than various diets and physical exercises.

However, all these eloquent speeches do not belong to the manufacturer. However, in forums where various drugs for weight loss are freely discussed, reviews of Lingzhi are not the best. Many people notice the appearance of various side effects that knocked them out of the rut.

This is dry mouth, and pain in the liver and kidneys, and severe diarrhea, and frequent urination. Similar symptoms can easily be compared with the symptoms that are observed when poisoning cinnabar.

In addition, many also noted the presence of hallucinations and severe headaches during the intake of Lingzhi capsules, which indicates the presence of psychotropic substances in this preparation. And this is no longer good, because they affect the central nervous system, which can be a lamentable result for a person.

Should I take Lingzhi capsules

However, almost all tested on this drug claim that under his influence, the appetite really disappears, but it is replaced by a constant thirst for drinking.
Remember that this drug is not sold officially. This should already alert many.

After all, the guarantees that you buy a quality product on the Internet you simply do not have, and claims in the event of which there will be no one to present.

Therefore, think very carefully before you start taking Lingzhi capsules. And remember that the components that make up these components can negatively affect the functioning of the liver, kidneys and brain.

Well, if you do not fear all these warnings, then know that you do not need to believe the words to the sellers. Neither this drug, nor any other will help you lose weight just like that. You will definitely need to stop using harmful foods and alcoholic beverages. Also, you will need to do sports, since it is he that promotes the activation of metabolism.

If you lead a passive lifestyle, weight loss, perhaps, will occur, but very slowly. And you will not be able to achieve the desired results soon.

Do not forget that before using Lingzhi, you need to consult a specialist. And in case of occurrence of by-effects from its or his reception it is better to refuse. Otherwise, it can provoke the development of serious diseases.

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