Phytomycylum for weight loss: a good figure or health?

Phytomycylum for weight loss: a good figure or health?

Today among people who promote a healthy lifestyle, and those who aspire to have a beautiful slender figure, biologically active additives( BADs) that have only natural ingredients are very popular. They help to maintain a normal metabolism, prevent the accumulation of fatty deposits and generally support the functionality of the body.

One of these drugs is Fitomycil, reviews of which can be found in any forum where they discuss healthy lifestyle and the topic of losing weight. Basically, all these reviews are positive. But is it really so? And will the uncontrolled use of this tool bring harm to health? Let's try to understand.

What is Fitomycil?

This drug is manufactured by a Canadian pharmaceutical company called Accurex. It can be easily purchased at any pharmacy in our country, without the prescription of a doctor. The annotation of this remedy clearly states that this supplements is an ordinary laxative that helps normalize the work of the intestines and permanently rid the person of constipation. However, in practice it turns out that most people take Fitomycil for the purpose of losing weight, and not a laxative.

This drug is marketed as a powder. For convenience of use the manufacturer packaged his product on small bags, weighing 6 grams. One packet contains 5 grams of ground psyllium seeds and 1 gram of prunes.

What is Fitomycil

This composition only indicates that one packet of this substance contains a sufficient amount of fiber, which fills the stomach and eliminates the feeling of hunger. It is for this reason Fitomycil for weight loss and began to take.

And I do not have to talk here about the harm to health, since this tool contains only components of plant origin. And about any chemistry and speech can not be. However, this does not mean that the drug can be taken in infinitely high doses. To achieve good results, it is necessary to take it strictly according to the attached instructions. Only in this way you can get rid of excess weight and thus not to do much harm to the health.

How to take Fitomycil?

As we have seen, this product does not contain additional ingredients that stimulate the intestine. However, uncontrolled intake of Fitomcil can lead to diarrhea and other digestive problems. Therefore, it should be taken correctly.

In the initial stages, the most important thing is a quiet methodical approach. You can not immediately take the maximum daily dose of this dietary supplements. Begin with minimal doses, gradually increasing them. On the first day you do not need to take more than one sachet per day.

Take the medicine correctly while eating. One packet of Phytomycyl must be dissolved in one glass of water and a drink. The main condition that you must observe is daily increase the daily dose of drinking ordinary water. If you do not do this, then there can not be any positive effect.

Instead of clearing your body, you will earn yourself constipation, which will be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, nausea and increased gas production. Therefore, to ignore this recommendation is by no means impossible. Drink as much as possible.

The dose should be increased only after 2 weeks. If the first packet you took during breakfast, then the second should be taken at lunch time. Nutritionists have nothing against this remedy. They are even "for" its application. However, in their opinion, in order to achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to increase the dosage of this drug to 3 bags per day, that is, to take the drug even in the evening.

The manufacturer says that his product should be used as follows:

  • 1 st sachet - 30 minutes before breakfast;
  • 2nd package - 30 minutes before lunch;
  • 3rd package - in the evening instead of the usual dinner.

What is important to consider when taking Fitomycil

What is important to consider when taking Fitomycyl?

If we talk about taking Fitomycil as a means for losing weight, then the defining moment is the individual tolerance of the components that make up this product. It is also important to observe the daily intake of fiber and not to allow its overabundance in the body.

It is worth considering that the maximum dose of fiber for a person is 1 gram per 1 kilogram of real weight. At the same time between the consumption of the drug allowed easy snacks. It should be borne in mind that these snacks should consist exclusively of "light" food. And it includes fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, various nuts and cereal cereals.

Do not forget about the abundant drink. It does not have to be just water. You can also eat freshly squeezed juices and green tea, which, by the way, also helps to fight excess weight.

Fitomycil is an absolutely safe remedy, and therefore it is prescribed even to nursing mothers and infants. The effect of taking the drug can be observed after 12 hours. However, if you have an accelerated metabolism, it can be obtained within 8 hours after taking this medication.

It should be noted that the maximum course of taking Fitomycil is 4 weeks. Then you should take a break in 1-2 months. Then you can repeat the course.

Action of Phytomycyl

One of the most important benefits of Fitomycil is an excellent opportunity to purify the body of all toxins and toxins without harm to health. If you take it according to all the rules, then its reception will not be accompanied by such side effects as gas formation or bloating.

We have said before that Fitomycil is not intended for weight loss. Its main goal is to fight with constipation. In addition, it has the ability to enhance the effects of various prebiotics, which we often take to restore intestinal flora or when taking antibiotics to avoid dysbacteriosis.

To lose weight, a person should consume about 40 grams of fiber per day. And taking 3 packets of Fitomycil a day, you already provide your body with the main share of this component. The rest of the fiber should be extracted naturally, that is, through food. For this you need to eat raw vegetables, fruits and greens.

Action of Fitomycil

From the basic actions of Fitomycil it is possible to single out:

  • purification of the body( taking the drug is possible even with damage to the rectum);
  • suppression of appetite( fiber, getting into the stomach, starts to swell and fill the voids, thereby providing a false sense of satiety);
  • excretion of all toxic substances from the body( they are quite a frequent cause of slow metabolism, besides, because of them, the body's functionality as a whole worsens);
  • increase the body's natural defenses( restores the flora of the intestines, increases immunity).

Taking this drug, its active ingredients go straight to the stomach. Here they are transformed from a liquid state into a gel-like consistency that fills the void organs and signals to the brain that "food" has arrived. Thus, a person during the reception of Fitomcil does not feel very hungry, and therefore can withstand any diet.

In addition, it is worth noting the purifying action of this tool. After all, it is because of him that the body is completely cleansed of all the harmful substances that poisoned him from within.

We can not ignore the many reviews of this drug that were left by people who have tested the magic effect of Fitomycil. Most of them claim that thanks to him, they not only managed to get rid of constipation, but also from extra pounds. They argue that this remedy perfectly eliminates the feeling of hunger and with it you can actually lose weight, while not putting much effort.

Take Fitomycil or not, it's up to you. However, remember that although this remedy is natural, it still has its contraindications and can cause side effects. Therefore, we advise you, before using it, to consult with a specialist just in case, in order to avoid the appearance of health problems. Lucky you!

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