Polysorb for losing weight: is it effective?

Polysorb for weight loss: Is it effective?

There is an opinion among the people that a large accumulation of toxic substances in the body and slags contribute to the appearance of extra pounds. Therefore, to lose weight, you need to use special medications that have enterosorbent effect. One such means is Polysorb for slimming. Can I really lose weight with this drug? And how can his reception affect the state of health? Let's try to figure this out.

Toxins and obesity: where is the connection?

For sure, you have repeatedly heard that in a healthy body, fats are practically not digested and not deposited in the subcutaneous tissue. And the extra pounds are due to the increased content in the intestines of toxins and toxins. Do not believe this, because this statement does not have the confirmation of scientists.

These are just fables that producers tell in order to sell their medications that contribute to a powerful cleansing of the body.

Polysorb is in fact one of the most powerful and effective enterosorbents. It binds toxic substances in the intestines, preventing them from being drawn back into the bloodstream. After that he, along with the calves, removes all the toxins that form in the gastrointestinal tract.

Toxins and obesity: where is the connection?

However, to the process of losing weight this action of the drug does not matter. Fat deposits in the body arise due to the transformation of glucose, and not toxins. Therefore, believe everything that sellers say these "miracle" means for weight loss is not worth it.

Poisons can indeed contribute to the occurrence of obesity, but only in rare cases. In doing so, they must block the synthesis of hormones and destroy them. And this can happen only if there is a regular penetration of toxins into the body. That is, if a person works at a chemical plant and constantly inhales toxic substances. In other cases, the association of obesity with an excess of toxin in the body does not make sense.

Polysorb and weight loss

In fact, there are a lot of drugs on the market, so-called sorbents, which are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. Some of them can really affect the body weight due to several mechanisms.

  1. Basic. Sorbents capture fatty acids, bind them and remove them from the body. It is also worth noting that fat, which enters the body with food, under the influence of sorbents is not deposited in the subcutaneous tissue. In addition, the total caloric content of food decreases, which undergoes digestion. Is not the reduction in daily caloric intake a key to successful weight loss?
  2. Optional. Sorbents remove from the body bile acids, which are necessary for the breakdown of fats. In principle, the mechanism of action here is the same - the calorie content of food is reduced. Only here it happens a little differently. However, if we talk specifically about Polysorb, then it does not have such an effect, unlike conventional and all known activated carbon.

Polysorb and body weight

Since Polysorb is a sorbent, it can also affect the weight of a person. The first action that it has on the human body is the cleansing of the digestive tract. In this case, weight loss occurs solely due to cleansing of the intestine from stool.

The second action of Polysorb is like fiber. When it penetrates into the stomach and begins to interact with the liquid in it, the volumes of Polysorb begin to increase, which leads to the filling of the body cavities and the appearance of a false sensation of satiety. As a result of this action a person starts eating less, which means losing weight.

But this does not mean that we recommend you to take Polysorb for weight loss, since its use for these purposes is not appropriate.

Remember that the removal of accumulated stool from the intestine will not lead to a decrease in the waist or hips. You can see the result only on scales. This will reduce the total body weight by 2-3 kg.

The second action of this drug( the occurrence of false satiety) can actually lead to weight loss. But it will be slow and not too noticeable for a person. The maximum that you can achieve, taking this drug, minus 2-3 kg in one month.

However, to achieve such results, it is not necessary to take medications. For these purposes, conventional microcrystalline cellulose or fiber can be used. Today they can be purchased without any problems in the pharmacy or sports nutrition stores. The result from their application is almost the same, but the side effects are much less.

Polysorb and body weight

It should be noted that Polysorb does not remove fatty acids from the body, but it easily "cleanses" the body of proteins, which are the foundation for muscles and internal organs. This action of this drug helps with burns, purulent wounds or food poisoning. Since Polysorb displays not only toxins of a bacterial nature, but also proteinaceous, so in this case it will indeed be useful.

But a healthy person to remove proteins is not necessary, because it can damage his body. Since proteins, they are also proteins, are the building material for our body. And if for a long time to take Polysorb, the body will lose a lot of protein. And this can lead to such consequences as:

  • decrease in mental activity;
  • emergence of a strong craving for food, since the body needs to replenish its protein and other elements that were removed from it;
  • appearance of puffiness of the lower limbs due to a decrease in the level of oncotic blood pressure;
  • reduced metabolism, which will promote weight gain;
  • decreased blood clotting.

And this is only a small part of what can entail a long reception Polysorb. It is also worth noting that, while purging the intestine, this drug displays not only toxic substances, but also vitamins and minerals. Therefore, if you already decided to lose weight in this way, be sure to take vitamin supplements.

Prolonged reception of Polysorb can also lead to a breakdown in the intestinal microflora, which will lead to serious problems in the future.

How to take Polysorb for weight loss

The use of Polysorb for weight loss should occur strictly according to the instructions. As a rule, dilute the powder in a small amount of water, so as a result, a consistency that looks like a paste is obtained. It should be noted immediately that the very reception of such a solution does not bring pleasure, since there is a feeling that shavings are stuck in the throat. Well, if you decide to lose weight, then, as they say, endure. After all, beauty requires sacrifice.

It is not so difficult to use Polysorb. According to the instructions, take it half an hour before meals. The powder should be diluted with ½ cup of water. The amount of powder is calculated in each case individually. For every 10 kg of weight is about 2 grams of powder.

But the daily dosage does not need to be drunk at a time. It should be divided into 4 equal parts and consumed before each meal. The maximum course of Polysorb reception is 14 days. It is not necessary to take it for more than this period, since this can lead to serious health problems, of which we have already talked about.

How to Take Polysorb for Weight Loss

What else should I know?

It should be understood that Polysorb does not have the ability to burn fats. It does not help you to reduce your weight by no gram, if you just drink them high-calorie food. In order to really achieve positive results, you need to use Polysorb in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise.

Refuse alcohol, as it slows down metabolic processes in the body, increases appetite and, as a consequence, the appearance of fatty deposits. Also it is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty and fried dishes. Advantage should be given exclusively to products that have been boiled in lightly salted water or steamed.

Sweets and flour products should also be excluded from food, as they contain the simplest carbohydrates that instantly convert to fats and are deposited in the sides and abdomen.

Different salinities are also "enemies number 1" for those who are trying to lose weight. After all, they lead to the appearance of excess salt in the body, which prevents the removal of fluid. As a result, you have swelling, which gives you an extra 3-5 kg.

Since Polysorb removes from the body not only harmful substances, but also useful, you must acquire a complex of vitamins. This will help you avoid a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which leads to the development of various diseases.

Do not forget about the drinking regime. The more you drink water, the better the Polysorb action will be. The body will get rid of toxic substances much faster and you will be able to see the first results in a couple of days. This will not affect your weight loss, but the appearance of your skin and hair will be much better.

Remember that Polysorb is a medicinal product that is intended for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract. It has its contraindications and side effects. And this means that before using it, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Especially this drug can affect the effect of other drugs, if their application occurs. Therefore, in this case, you can not independently designate Polysorb yourself.

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