Phytolax for weight loss

Phytolax for weight loss

In order to lose a couple of extra pounds, our women are ready to take any measures and, unfortunately, not always safe. An example of this is the use of laxatives that purge the body. One of these drugs is Phytolax for weight loss from the company "Evalar", which contains only components of plant origin. Consider this drug in more detail and try to understand how losing weight with the help of it affects the state of health.

Phytolax: composition and action of

Phthalax is a plant-derived preparation that stimulates intestinal function. But in addition to the fact that this tool helps to remove stagnant stools, it also removes from the body all the harmful substances that accumulated in it for a long time, working as if a sorbent.

Take the drug at night, since it is at night that the body works most intensively. The morning comes the effect of - releasing the intestines.

Phytolax itself has apricot flavor, and therefore very easily accepted. It is produced in various forms - in syrup, tablets and powders. As part of this product is the flesh of the apricot in a dried form, which gives this drug a fruity taste.

It is worth noting that it is apricots that can help a person lose up to 4 kg in just 3 days! They are low-calorie and are great for mono-diet. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are so necessary for the body.

Phytolax: composition and action

In addition, there are also auxiliary substances in the Phytolacs. This extract and dried senna leaves, which is known for its laxative properties, and plantain extract, which protects the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, and dill fruits, which reduce the side effects of laxatives - eliminate bloating, colic and spasms. Let's consider each of the components in more detail.

Dried apricot

This fruit is the best means for cleansing the intestines. As a laxative, apricot was used many years ago. The composition of this fruit contains a lot of fiber, which normalizes the work of the digestive tract and accelerates the intestinal peristalsis.

In apricots there are also various acids that have a positive effect on the digestive system. They also contribute to the removal of colic and the normalization of the level of acidity of the stomach.

Senna extract

As a laxative, senna has also been used for a long time. It is an absolutely safe herbal remedy, which has a laxative and diuretic effect.

This plant contains anthraglycosides, which activate the work of the large intestine. It is worth noting that even a long senna does not lead to side effects and is not addictive.

The effectiveness of senna can be observed only after 10-12 hours. It acts gently, without introducing discomfort to the habitual rhythm of a person.

Plantain Extract

Plantain has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Its presence in this preparation provides protection of the gastrointestinal tract from irritation and inflammation. In addition, it contains substances that can lead to weight loss, by suppressing appetite.

Plantain also has a laxative effect, but it is less pronounced than other components that make up Phytolax.

Fruits of dill

Fruits of dill are universal. They can be used for various purposes, including for the treatment of constipation. They are often used to eliminate colic and blisters in infants, so they are completely safe for health. In addition, it is dill that allows to soften the effect of other components.

Fruits of dill

How to use Phytolax

Phytolax, the use of which occurs for weight loss, does not differ from the system of its use to eliminate constipation. Therefore, you can simply follow the recommendations prescribed in the instructions.

Since phytolax is available in various forms, it is accepted in many different ways:

  • If your choice fell on Phytolax tablets, then they should be taken during the evening meal. As a rule, take 2 tablets at once, but to get a more tangible result, you can increase the "classical" dosage to 4 tablets. The maximum duration of the drug in this case is 2 weeks.
  • If your choice fell on Phytolax in the form of a syrup, then take it in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons during the evening meal, previously dissolving the drug in a glass of water. As well as with tablets, if you want to see a more tangible effect, the dosage can be doubled. The maximum course of treatment for this drug is 10 days.
  • "Phytolax" tea is very convenient to use. Take it should also in the evening during a meal. Preparing a drink is easy. For this, one tea bag is taken and poured into a glass of boiling water, after which it is slightly insisted and drunk, like ordinary tea. You can also increase the dosage in this case. Take this tea for more than two weeks is not recommended.

Contraindications to the use of "Phytolax"

Phytolax is a medicinal product that is intended for the treatment of constipation. And like any medicine, it has its own contraindications. Use Phytolax is not recommended for people who have an individual intolerance of the components that make up this tool.

Also, Phytolax in any form is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. In the second case, the laxative effect can also affect the baby, since the ingredients included in the preparation can penetrate into the breast milk.

Pregnant women are not allowed to take Phytolax because they can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus and lead to a spontaneous miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy or premature birth.

Side effects of

In the annotation that accompanies this medication, there is no information on side effects. So far, they have not been identified. As shown by clinical studies, unpredictable reactions of the body during the reception of the pre-store were not found.

Side effects

Interaction of Phytolax with other medications

Phytolax has components of plant origin. Their influence on the effects of other drugs was not revealed. However, taking Phytolax along with alcoholic beverages is not recommended, as the beta-carotene( one of the components of apricot), which is part of this drug, contributes to the increase in the effect of alcohol on the body, thereby exerting even more negative effects on the liver.

Where can I buy Phytolax?

The preparation Phytolax has undergone clinical studies and is officially sold in pharmacies, therefore problems with its acquisition should arise. In addition, today it can also be bought on the manufacturer's website, and other online stores where sales of dietary supplements and other medicines are sold. Of course, it is much easier to purchase Phytolax without leaving home via the Internet. However, we do not advise you to do this, because instead of a quality product, you can slip a fake. And in the pharmacy, you can easily request to show you documents confirming the authorization of the sale of this drug and confirming its originality.

The cost of the drug is different. It depends on how many pieces of tablets are in one package. So, one package containing 20 tablets costs about 140 rubles, 40 tablets - 200 rubles. In liquid form, the cost of the drug is slightly more expensive.100 ml of liquid concentrate costs about 250 rubles. Tea "Phytolax" costs 160 rubles. One package contains 20 sachets.

What do doctors say about "Phytolax"?

However strange it may sound, doctors do not have anything against losing weight with the help of Phytolax. They note the natural composition of this drug, which has a mild laxative, without provoking dehydration and without causing addiction.

Due to the fact that this drug helps to improve intestinal motility, the body gets rid of stool and harmful substances that have accumulated in it for a long time. These are various toxins and slags, which have a toxic effect on the body, which negatively affects the work of all internal organs and systems.

What doctors say about "Phytolax"

However, they note that the loss in weight is not due to burning fat deposits, but as a result of a powerful body cleaning. For 2 weeks of using this remedy, you can get rid of 2-4 kg. But, unfortunately, they return after the cancellation of the funds very quickly.

Therefore, it is advisable to "sit down" during the cleaning process for a low-calorie diet, which will make it possible to burn the fats. Preference in this period should be given to fresh vegetables and fruits, greens and dairy products. On boiled meat and fish, too, do not forget.

Food should be served in small portions 5-6 times a day. It is very important to observe the drinking regime, which will help maintain the water balance during the cleaning of the body.

Remember that Phytolax is a medicinal product, therefore, before using it, consult a specialist. Exceed the dose indicated in the instructions is not recommended, as this can lead to the development of complications from the digestive system.

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