L-carnitine for weight loss - a natural fat burner

L-carnitine for weight loss - a natural fat burner

If you are trying to fight excess weight, then you probably have repeatedly resorted to the help of physical exercises, which according to the idea were to contribute not only to reducing body weight, but also to improving the condition of the skin. But the bad luck, every time you start to train, you feel such a burst of energy that you are ready to bear any burden. However, the day passes, the other and you have a weakness. All exercises are given with great difficulty, and after training and does not remain at all forces.

As a result, you quit training, start to seize your failures, and gaining strength, again begins to engage. And all this is like a vicious circle, which is filled with setbacks and disappointments.

And if you want to break this vicious circle and have the strength for daily workouts that will last more than one hour, then you need to learn more about a drug like l carnitine for weight loss. That's about it now and will be discussed.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is not a drug. This dietary supplement( biologically active additive), which is widely known among athletes of different levels. It is used by many girls and guys to maintain energy and burn excess fats.

L-keratin is a natural fat burner. This substance, which is produced by the human body, more precisely, the liver. In the normal level, it is produced only under the condition of sufficient consumption of protein foods.

Due to the fact that this substance is produced by the body itself, scientists do not define it in any special chemical group. However, it is still possible to manufacture it artificially. And that is why today on the shelves of sports stores and pharmacies so many drugs that contain this substance.

What is L-carnitine

As claimed by the producers of all these dietary supplements, this substance is completely harmless and you should not be afraid to replenish its reserves in the body by acting on it from outside. But at the same time it is very important to follow all the recommendations for the use of these drugs, which are prescribed in the annotation attached to them.

I want to note that the main task of l-keratin is the processing of fat into energy, which allows you to practice power training for many hours in a row. Therefore, if you want to become slim and fit, then this drug will help you realize your dream.

And you can buy it at any pharmacy. The form of its release is very much. This capsules, and tablets, and emulsions. And what kind of a form you would not choose, believe me, the result itself will not affect it in any way.

You should not buy l-carnitine on the Internet or in questionable sports stores, because you can buy a low-quality product, which will turn out to be sad consequences for you.
The cost of this drug is different. And it depends more on the manufacturer and its popularity in the world market. So, for example, BAD Multipower L-Carnitine costs about 2000 rubles, while the same drug in the form of tablets Ultimate Nutrition costs 10 times less( about 200 rubles).

It is very easy to take carnitine. As a rule, it has a pleasant smell and fruity taste, does not cause disgust and vomitive reflexes. True, some female representatives complained that the tablets are very large and difficult to swallow. But also from this position it is possible to leave, simply having divided a tablet into 4 parts.

Who needs L-carnitine?

Before talking about how to properly take carnitine for weight loss, you need to talk about who is generally recommended this drug and whether it is possible to implement it at their own volition?

L-carnitine is a substance that our body produces to digest protein. And if you daily eat enough eggs, meat, fish or some other protein food, then this drug is not needed for you. In your body there is a sufficient amount of this substance to provide you with the necessary energy for the whole day.

If you are a fan of proper nutrition, then taking l-carnitine is also pointless, even if you want to lose a couple of extra pounds. However, if you reduce your daily calorie intake to the maximum minimum, then you can try to take this medication. According to numerous reviews, it will provide you with an energy boost.

Who needs L-carnitine

This drug is recommended for women who are on strict diets, because those who, by virtue of their beliefs, refused to eat animal food and are vegetarians. The intake of l-carnitine in this case will provide them with energy and will not lead to impaired lipid metabolism.

In addition, the use of this drug is recommended for those who experience severe fatigue due to mental overexertion. Therefore, it is also recommended for students and students who constantly receive too much information in a short time and are very tired.

L-carnitine: the action of

. As if you did not want to, but just take this drug and lose weight, all day lying on the couch, you will not succeed. L-carnitine is really effective only when combined with physical activity and proper nutrition. And you have to train in the gyms under the guidance of a coach, and not at home.

Anyway, at home you can not provide your body with such a load as in the gym, but only if you do not have your own equipped gym.
It is worth noting that you will need to warn the trainer that you started taking this medication so that he knows how much you can increase the strain on your body.

Remember that the results that many girls say, leaving feedback on the Internet and applying photos to them, were able to achieve as a result the following formula: l-carnitine + proper nutrition + training in gyms.

When the drug enters the body, the following actions begin to occur in it:

  • the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood decreases;
  • cleanses the walls of blood vessels, which leads to the prevention of plaque formation;
  • increases the level of lecithin produced by the liver;
  • increases the body's defenses;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • increases mental activity.

Please note that if you use l carnitine for weight loss, you need to find a way to squander the energy that this drug gives. It can be any kind of physical activity: dancing, running, swimming, etc. And only in combination with them you can achieve really great results in the field of weight loss.

Rules for the use of L-carnitine

We have already found out that this drug is effective only in combination with physical exertion and proper nutrition. However, the dosage of l-carnitine here also plays a big role. Determine which dose is right for you, you can yourself. For this, it is necessary to study the annotation attached to the preparation more carefully.

As a rule, it is used in the following dosages:

  • if l-carnitine is used in liquid form - 5 ml 3 times during the day;
  • if the drug is used in the form of tablets - 250-500 mg 2-3 times a day.

If you have never taken l-carnitine earlier, then you should start taking it from the smallest dose. In the initial stages, the maximum dose of the drug should not exceed 500 mg per day, be it pills or syrup. And in a few days this dose should be gradually increased, approaching the maximum amount.

If you are exerting too much force on the body, then the dosage should be increased. With moderate loads, it is 10 mg per day, with the increased - 15 mg per day. However, such dosage is allowed only for real athletes and only under medical supervision.

Rules for the use of L-carnitine

Take the drug L-carnitine as follows:

  • take the remedy for 30 days, no more;
  • after 6 months, a repeat course is required;
  • should be taken 40 minutes prior to the start of the
  • training. Strong physical activity after taking the drug should take at least 30 minutes, this time is necessary to activate the fat burning process( otherwise you will increase your appetite, use much more food thanusually, and gain weight);
  • reception of the drug is prohibited on an empty stomach, otherwise it will be very difficult to avoid problems with the digestive tract;
  • it is necessary to take this medication in the morning, if you drink l-carnitine in the evening, you may have trouble sleeping.

If you will take the drug under all these rules, then you can overcome your weight and make your body beautiful and embossed.

Which L-carnitine is better?

Having set out to purchase L-carnitine, you can face multiple problems, ranging from what form to buy the product, and ending with the choice of the manufacturer. Agree, there is a lot to think about, because you want not only to buy the drug, but also to get the maximum benefit from it.

Carnitine choice, you need to pay special attention to the very form of the release. Remember that the choice of syrup or capsules is, first of all, not a matter of convenience, but a matter of digestibility of the main active substance.

Carnitine in liquid form is absorbed much faster than other forms of the drug( powder, tablets, etc.).It is for this reason that syrups are much more expensive than tablets or powders.

Dieticians also did not ignore this issue and came to the consensus that if you are pursuing the goal of losing weight, then you should leave your choice on the liquid form of carnitine. If you want to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and strengthen the heart, then this drug is most suitable for you in the form of tablets or capsules.

Well, if we consider this issue in terms of convenience, then, of course, in this regard, the most convenient capsule. They are easier to swallow, are small in size and easy to carry with them. As a rule, the solid form of this substance does not have a specific smell or taste. But liquid carnitine can leave behind a sour aftertaste. Although such a phenomenon today is a rarity, as this manufacturer tries to muffle this defect with various flavors and sweeteners.

Since L-carnitine is a very popular biologically active additive, there is a risk of buying a poor-quality product. Therefore, you should not buy the product in questionable stores, pharmacies and even more so on the Internet.

Ask your friends, maybe some of them have already used this product and know where it can be purchased a quality product. If among your friends there were none, then you should rely on your intuition. However, it is best if it tells you what to buy, in well-known sports shops and wide pharmacy chains. Avoid questionable manufacturers and do not buy cheap products.

Does L-carnitine have side effects?

Judging by the annotation of this dietary supplement and the numerous reviews that are available on the Internet, as such, this agent has no side effects. However, this does not mean that you can not adhere to the same rules of drug use and doses, of which we have already mentioned a little higher.

About what the consequences can expect a person, if he will use l-carnitine with whole "banks", you will not be told, since this fact was not established. However, scientists still managed to prove that no matter how much l-carnitine was used, each organism has its own limit. It will affect exactly as much of this substance as it needs. Surplus it will be excreted from the body along with urine.

Does L-carnitine have side effects?

And this limit is a dose of 5000 mg. Therefore, if you prefer to use L-carnitine 1000 mg, then you will not achieve a better result than one who takes the usual doses established by the seller. However, the manifestation of side effects and unpleasant surprises from the work of the body you should definitely expect.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that L-carnitine is not a drug, it is still necessary to consult a doctor before using it. We also recommend that you undergo a survey that will help to determine whether there are any deviations from the norm. Perhaps you have hidden pathologies, in which excessive physical activity is contraindicated, and yet without it the reception of this remedy is impossible.

Some people have noted that during the administration of L-carnitine there is a decrease / increase in blood pressure. Therefore, if you have problems with blood pressure, then the drug should be taken very carefully, and it is better to abandon this idea altogether.

What is important to know?

We remind you once again that if you want to get the effect of using L-carnitine, then you should remember that without physical activity this is simply not realistic. After all, the main effect of the drug - the conversion of protein into energy, and because you simply can not sit still. You will always want to do something. So why not direct your energy to training your muscles?

Moreover, physical activity also contributes to the burning of fatty deposits. Believe me, in a month you will be able to notice the strong changes in your body. But remember that you will also have to revise your diet. It is necessary to completely exclude such food products as:

  • chocolate;
  • confectionery;
  • bread;
  • bun;
  • fried food;
  • fizzy drinks;
  • fast food;
  • pasta;
  • butter and more.

These products contain a lot of simple carbohydrates, because of which, as a matter of fact, weight gain occurs. If you give up these foods and at the same time take L-carnitine, you will be able to achieve good results.

But even more achievements you achieve, if you regularly eat protein food of animal origin. These are fish, meat, milk, eggs, cottage cheese, yoghurts, etc. However, it is worth remembering that meat and fish can only be eaten in boiled form. So they become juicy and at the same time get rid of excess fat, leaving it in the broth.

Do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruits. They contain many minerals and vitamins that our body needs."Having sat" on such a diet and doing exercises, while taking L-carnitine, a slender and smart body will cease to be a dream for you, and become a reality!

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