Slimming with an enema

Weight loss with enema

Unconventional and unpleasant way to lose weight!

In pursuit of losing weight people are ready to agree to much. Some limit themselves to eating, others rely on physical exertion, while others express readiness for any procedures that give a chance to lose a few pounds. One such procedure is a cleansing enema for weight loss.

An enema for weight loss is a common remedy for people of all ages. There is an opinion that the enema is one of the first steps in the way of harmony, since cleaning the body in the abdomen is very important, and helps to strengthen health. And the best way to clean the organs is the enema. This is accessible to everyone, easy to use, and most importantly, free.

Using enemas, you must remember that this is a medical procedure and must be carried out strictly on the advice and supervision of a doctor. Regular use of cleansing enemas can lead to disruption of metabolism and provoked obesity. In the end, the opposite effect will be achieved. In addition to the whole enema is addictive, abuse will lead to a "lazy" stomach, and going to the toilet without it will be a problem.

Slimming with an enema

The enemas are strictly contraindicated:

  • is pregnant at any time, because during the procedure the tone of the uterus will increase, and miscarriage can be triggered;
  • to those with hemorrhoids and rectal fissures, bleeding may begin;
  • with diseases of the stomach and intestines - possible exacerbation;
  • with hypertension and chronic heart diseases - a sudden jump in pressure is possible;
  • with inflammatory processes in the rectum - the aggravation may also begin;
  • during menstruation and after, for five days.

But also the enema has many pluses:

  • relieves of constipation,
  • eliminates possible intestinal parasites,
  • reduces toxic load on the body,
  • removes toxins,
  • releases gases and bloating.

In other cases, you should not forget about the risk of complications, and use the procedure as carefully as possible.

If the decision is still made, it is worthwhile for yourself to understand - the enema can not help to burn excess fat. With its help, the large intestine is cleared, where the feces are formed. But they already have no carbohydrates, no fats, nothing else, because everything is absorbed in the small intestine, the enema can not reach it.

Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself - if the food style does not change, all the excess deposits will remain in place. Without a healthy diet, some enemas can further deteriorate health.

Tips for choosing an enema for weight loss

Tips for choosing an enema for weight loss

There are a variety of types of enemas on sale. If regular cleaning of the intestine is planned, the best solution will be the purchase of a reusable rubber bag enema. Such an enema is durable and durable, and is suitable for the use of a large amount of liquid. Rubber walls protect against rapid cooling of the solution, but such an enema is difficult to clean, and if you plan to use herbal decoctions, it is better to choose another device for procedures.

The enema-pear has a low cost, but it does not fit at all if used for weight loss. All solutions must be introduced in a volume of at least 500 ml. In the pharmacy you can find pears of this size, but their effectiveness will be zero, because with one simple compression of the hand it is impossible to squeeze all the liquid into the rectum at once. This type of enema is suitable for removal of feces from the lower part of the rectum.
cleansing and losing weight with enemas

Recipes for enemas for weight loss

  1. With lemon juice and honey. It is necessary to take 500 ml of water, and in them to dissolve one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. It is believed that this enema has one of the best purifying effects.
  2. Coffee. Boil coffee, adding 3 tablespoons of coffee to 250 ml of water. To prepare the enema, add 1 liter of water 36 degrees to add 20 ml of coffee and stir well.
  3. On herbs. Prepare a collection of chamomile, calendula and sage. Each herb should be 2 tablespoons. Pour the entire collection of 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 30 minutes, and strain it into two liters of warm water.
  4. Salt. For 1.5 liters of water are added: 1 teaspoon of salt, fresh juice of half a lemon( you can replace 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar) 1 tbsp.spoon of honey.
    You can also use a clean solution of salt, without any additives.
    This solution cleans the intestine well, drawing moisture from the tissues and making the feces softer.

Water must be filtered and clean.

The correct conduct of the enema

The most benefit to the body of the enema will bring in the morning on an empty stomach, but you need to drink a glass of water. If on this day you need to go to work, you need to remember that the laxative effect of the enema will last for two hours. If there is not enough time, you can do the procedure in the evening. In order not to provoke an attack of nausea, you need to do this at least two hours after dinner.

Approximately 1.5 liters of water is required, a fluid reservoir complete with a hose( you can purchase this device in any pharmacy) petroleum jelly, in order to lubricate the hose and oilcloth. The rectum of an ordinary healthy person is able to take up to six liters of water, but the very first enemas need to start with small volumes, for example, from one liter.

The procedure is better tolerated by lying left side on the couch or bed, with the right leg pulled to the chest, while the left one remains straight during the whole procedure. The head should be on the pillow or the left arm. Make an enema on the toilet will not work, because all the content will immediately go back.

Before the enema is introduced, its spout and anus should be lubricated with vaseline or any natural oil( almond, olive, sesame, coconut).Take a few deep breaths, and remaining in a relaxed state, insert a spout 4 cm. Throughout the introduction of the solution, one will feel how the stomach expands and the colon is filled with water.

It is necessary to inject the liquid very carefully, while remembering how to react the intestine, there may be unpleasant sensations and even pain. Painful sensations depend on the temperature of the water and the aggressiveness of the solution being administered - the warmer the water and the softer the solution, the easier it will be to transfer the procedure.

If there is a sharp pain, you should stop and just lie down for 15 minutes. In the case when the pain does not pass during this time, the procedure immediately stops and the bowel is emptied. Painful sensations most often arise because of the air that has got inside during the enema.

There are methods for removing it:

  1. To breathe deeply, inhaling as much as possible drawing in the stomach, and exhaling with exhalation.
  2. Gently press on the area where the pain is felt, and counter-clockwise massage the abdomen.

In addition to unpleasant sensations, there may be other problems. The most frequent is involuntary discharge during the procedure. There are excretions because the muscles of the sphincter are weakened.
If there are a lot of exudates, it is required to stop the solution administration for 30 seconds with a special clip, and after 3 minutes to continue, rest and again stop for 30 seconds.

The entered solution should be tried to hold inside for at least 10 minutes, because in order for the slags to soften and disconnect, it takes time. The longer the fluid is held, the better the effect.

an enema for weight loss

After the procedure is over, it is advisable to lie down to rest. It is allowed to eat something nutritious and lean, for example, rice or oatmeal. We should try to avoid raw fruits and vegetables, any meat and dairy products. After an enema, within 24 hours, it is best to give up tea and coffee.

If the enema is done correctly, it is always safe for health, and will provide excellent support to the body in the process of losing weight.

The technique of "an enema for weight loss" receives a wide variety of reviews

Anna, 24 years old.

I regularly do this procedure. At me, very problem, fat skin and superfluous kgs. With 68 kg, I lost weight to 60. On a strict diet I sit every three months, before her and during time I spend enemas. I grow thin slowly, but in the intervals my food is the most usual and I eat, all I want.

Irina, 32 years old.

Made an enema once. I will share my impressions - you need a lot of patience. After the enema felt light, but the procedure itself is very painstaking. I lost only 400 grams, and I think that it's not worth it, I'd better eat right and arrange unloading days.

Alla, 45 years old.

Always treated this weight loss with great distrust. But a friend regularly made enemas, and I was persuaded to try. Several days in a row, I did cleansing enemas, and after each weight decreased by 400-500 grams. But the next day the weight returned to its place, so I consider it a useless affair.

Olga, 35 years old.

In winter, I went on a diet and decided to take enemas in passing. The first side effect was due to weak immunity - I immediately contracted a cold, and unusually long out of this condition. She returned to enemas in the spring and at the same time sat down on a diet. The result I was very pleased - I lost 3 kilograms, and this despite the fact that I weigh a small 56 kg. I liked it, and therefore I will do cleansing enemas in the future.

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