Essential oils for a bath for weight loss

Bath Essential Essential Oils for Slimming

Essential bath oils for weight loss will perfectly work on the skin structure, rejuvenating and tightening it. Also, aroma-oils have healing properties, improve the digestive tract, accelerate metabolism and purify the body.

Several drops of essential oil in conjunction with sea salt have a beneficial effect on the structure of the skin, remove irregularities, stretch marks and even various skin diseases. Types of essential baths for weight loss


Will make the body velvety and relieve from annoying stretch marks. To make it, you need 6-8 drops of this oil and a glass of warm milk. Add the mixture to the water 38 degrees and we can proceed to the "juvenile" procedure.

With bergamot oil.

Reduces appetite, cleans pores. And in combination with lavender and pink geranium, 3 drops of each oil, you will feel a rush of strength and vivacity for the whole day. It is better to conduct a similar session in the morning, two hours before breakfast or a few hours after. With jojoba oil.

Restores metabolism and accelerates metabolism. In combination with jasmine oil, they will successfully blend juniper and cypress.50 mm funds and 15 minutes of relaxation in the bath will make a miracle for your skin and body area problems. Elasticity and elasticity is guaranteed.

Essential oils for bath

Orange oil.

To remove cellulite or prevent it, you need to use 5 drops of this composition and a handful of sea salt.30 minutes you can soak in the bath, dreaming of the sea and the warm velvet sand. Thoughts are material, so predict yourself to succeed - and get it by all means.

Cinnamon essential oil.

It will be useful for those who like to eat tightly before going to bed, and maybe even go to the kitchen at night. A relaxing bath with 5 drops of cinnamon will help dull the hunger and fall asleep in an infantile sleep, it's better to let the sausage and sandwiches come to you in a dream than get into the stomach in the late hour.

Bath with essential oils

Useful advices

  1. Be sure to check the skin for allergic manifestations. To do this, drop a drop of oil on the body and observe the reaction for 20 minutes. Everything is all right - then go ahead and with the song! Lose weight, enjoy!
  2. We carefully read the instructions and take into account all contraindications.
  3. We use only natural oils.
  4. We give time to sports and dietary nutrition.
  5. Walk more in the fresh air and enjoy life!

Conclusions: aromatherapy gives bliss to the body and mind, it's harmony and peace, health and beauty!

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