Shower Sharko for weight loss or hydrotherapy in the fight against obesity

Charcot shower for weight loss or hydrotherapy in the fight against excess weight

In the last century, began to apply for weight loss Charcot. This procedure is now included in the main part of the resort and sanatorium treatment. The essence of the method is to massage the body with jets of water under high pressure. As a result, blood circulation is activated, problem areas are massaged, lymph circulation is improved and the excretion of intercellular fluid is accelerated. As a result, the body volume decreases.

The principle of the action of the Sharko shower for weight loss

The action of Sharko's shower for weight loss is based on two directions:

  1. Lowering body temperature and activating the metabolism.
  2. Massaging problem areas and increasing blood circulation.

Because the procedure uses water slightly below room temperature, the body cools and is forced to use its own calories for heating, the resulting energy deficit facilitates the processing and elimination of fat deposits.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this method, massage with water jets under pressure is more painful than ordinary manual massage. At the same time, the less fat you need to clean, the more strongly the impact of Charcot's soul on the body. But due to the stimulation of the skin surface and the activation of blood flow, the cleavage of fat cells is much faster, edemas decrease and volumes are lost.


An indispensable condition for the effective application of the Charcot shower for weight loss is the maintenance of a low-calorie diet and exercise therapy. A strong result can be achieved through 12 sessions of hydromassage, held at intervals of one day. The recommended time for the procedures is 17-20 hours local time, because at this time the body is the least sensitive to pain.

Contraindications shower Sharko for weight loss

Although water procedures are considered useful for everyone, the soul of Charcot this statement does not apply. It is not recommended to use Charcot's shower for losing weight to people prone to colds, hypertensive patients during periods of exacerbation, with kidney diseases, gynecological diseases, varicose veins, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Sharko Slimming

It is extremely undesirable to use Charcot's shower for weight loss at home, as unprofessional water massage can cause injuries, bruises and colds.

Video about Sharko shower

Video about applying the shower Sharko slimming

Video about the shower Sharko slimming