From mandarins recover: truth or falsehood?

From tangerines get better: is it true or false?

Can I gain weight from tangerines? The question is intriguing and interesting. Let's try to understand. First and foremost, citrus fruits are sources of ascorbic acid, which increase the immune system and help fight seasonal viral diseases. This fruit contains a high amount of minerals and trace elements, it belongs to the strongest antidepressants of natural origin. After eating mandarin, mood improves dramatically, overall well-being improves.

Do they fat from mandarins?

This low-calorie fruit, according to calculations in 100 gr. Purified ready-to-eat mandarin contains only 45 kcal. This indicator confidently indicates that it is simply impossible to recover from citrus fruits. The same applies to the juices from the mandarin, so this fruit can be eaten safely at any time, and the best for dessert.

But, citrus fruits have a large content of a unique saccharide substance, which slows down the process of losing weight. By the way, after eating a slice, I really want to eat other foods, sometimes - high-calorie, in order to lower the threshold of "brutal" appetite. This suggests that you should not get involved with mandarins, two or three fruits a day will be enough to saturate the body with useful minerals. But with an excess of citrus, you can easily earn hypovitaminosis or spoil your stomach!

Are they fat from mandarins?

Especially prized is mandarin oil, produced industrially without the addition of chemicals. Such a composition calms the skin, relieves fatigue and tension. Positively affects the digestive and circulatory system, improves the work of the liver, helps to cope with excess weight, removes harmful toxins from the liver.

In cosmetology, essential little mandarin is used to smooth out skin areas and get rid of cellulite, aromatic baths relax the body and allow you to be energetic and vigorous for a long time. Also, the oil is used for inhalation. A cookery mandarin is necessary for baking, decorating dishes, is a part of sauces and seasonings for salads and meat products. Many housewives even make jam from this product. So do not get fat from the tangerines, but enjoy it with its nutritious ingredients!

Mandarin helps to lose weight!

To the question: from the tangerines get fat or lose weight?- you can give a few bright arguments in favor of the second fact.


  • is rich in iron, zinc, calcium, removes slag from the body and gives it vivacity for a long time;
  • is a dietary product, it helps to actively spend old savings;
  • has a beneficial effect on metabolism;
  • increases immunity. Of course, mandarins can get better if they are combined with high-calorie cocktails, cream, fat yogurt, etc.

    Mandarin diet and fasting days

    Designed for 3 days, when there is nothing more besides mandarins and green tea. To lose for this time it is possible up to 3-kg, but at occurrence of the slightest allergic displays it is necessary to refuse at once the use of citrus and to restore a healthy food.

    Unloading days on tangerines are very useful for the body.2 times a week for 2 months. This will help to keep the result obtained after dietary nutrition and to establish a digestive system.

    So, from tangerines do not get better, but are enriched with vitamins and minerals that will help maintain health and youth for many years!

    Eat these wonderful fruits and be in perfect spirits!

    Video about the use of Mandarin