How to treat sinusitis with folk remedies and methods

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses, which can occur with acute colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. Sometimes symptoms of sinusitis appear after injury to the facial area. Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies is practiced quite widely and often gives a positive effect. How to treat sinusitis, and how to prevent its occurrence, you will learn on this page.

Alas, not all folk sayings are correct. That's why one of them says that "with the treatment of a runny nose passes for a week, and without treatment - for seven days", an untreated runny nose may not pass, but end with a sinusitis. And all because almost any rhinitis affects the sinuses - the paranasal sinuses. When the inflammatory process in them causes swelling, leading not only to their closure, but also to the accumulation of mucus or even pus in them, we can talk about the occurrence of sinusitis.

Species and symptoms of sinusitis

If, after the notorious seven days of the cold, you have nasal breathing disorders, nasal congestion that is not removed even with the help of medical drops, greenish or yellowish discharge from the nose( most often having an unpleasant smell), temperature( usually low -subfebrile), and even worried about headaches that increase when the position of the head changes, as well as soreness when feeling in the area of ​​the anterior wall of the corresponding sinus, all this clearly indicates the development of inflammation. Having revealed the symptoms of sinusitis, the treatment is prescribed by an otolaryngologist, but in parallel one can use the folk methods.

The main types of sinusitis are two - sinusitis and frontalitis.

1. Sinusitis - inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. When patients are concerned, constant pain, which gives to the upper jaw.

2. Frontite - inflammation of the frontal sinuses. With it, the pain is concentrated mainly in the forehead. In addition, with him, sometimes the pain caused by the movements of the eyes, and photophobia.

Folk remedies for the treatment of sinusitis

Any disease is easier to warn about its undesirability than to treat later. Do not let the problems with the nose "by one-by-one".From the very beginning of a cold it is desirable to do inhalation with nasol( oxymetazoline) or at least sanorin. Before treating sinusitis with folk remedies, it is advisable to consult with ENT specialists( especially if you have already had a frontitis or sinusitis in an anamnesis).The thing is that the uncontrolled use of some "patented" antipyretic drops and sprays sometimes only strengthens the stuffiness of the nose.

When folk treatment of sinusitis can be instilled into the nasal cavity of carrot or beet juice. Inhalations can be done with decoctions of chemist's chamomile, eucalyptus, mint, bay leaf or sage.

You can lubricate the wings of the nose with balsam "Asterisk" or even a mixture of vegetable oils.

You can wash the nasal cavity with a solution of salt( 1 teaspoon of table salt per 0.5 liters of warm boiled water).

Effective folk remedy for sinusitis - washing the nose with warm water with the addition of a small amount of iodine tincture or potassium permanganate.

Popular methods and methods of treating sinusitis

In case of genyantritis, rub the skin over a sick place with garlic and then rub the mixture of birch charcoal with the juice of fresh burdock root for 20-30 minutes, making 2-3 such procedures per day.

In the morning and in the evening you need to put the patient on the pillow so that his head is thrown back. After dripping 5 to 7 drops of melted butter into each nostril, you should then let him lie down quietly for up to half an hour.

Sufficiently effective may be instillation in the nose 3 times a day for 3 drops of juice, squeezed out of radish.

Another popular method of treating sinusitis is instillation in the nose also 3 drops 3 times a day of liquid tea fungus.

Not an ordinary way to prevent the transition of the common cold to sinusitis : lay in the ears of cotton swabs moistened with boric alcohol.

With pronounced sinusitis, specialists already prescribe antibiotics more often.

But, perhaps most importantly - it's just not to allow the onset of colds, and even more so of sinusitis. Therefore, from the spring it is necessary to begin to temper, at least with the help of walking in the fresh air, and from the beginning of the autumn to begin to drink any pharmaceutical preparations that strengthen immunity( the same immunal).Or, for example, use a preparation made from lemons and honey: lemons are pre-scrolled in a meat grinder, and then mixed with an equal amount of honey;the received structure is accepted on 1 table spoon in the morning and in the evening within a month.

In winter it is good to take decoctions from chemist's chamomile, calendula and sage.