Types of warts and folk methods of treatment

It would seem that such an innocent neoplasm as a wart can deliver a lot of unpleasant moments. In addition to the fact that these epidermal growths are unaesthetic, some types of warts without treatment can take a malignant form. Traditional and folk methods of treatment of warts using the simplest, available remedies are described below.

Types of warts and their photos

Warts are epidermal layers of the skin, differing in shape and color and, as a rule, have a benign course.

Warts are caused by different human papillomatosis viruses, which can be infected by direct or indirect contact through the infected surface. Warts can appear on any part of the body, be single or merge into groups.

The behavior of warts is unpredictable: they may not respond to the most effective treatment, but can disappear without any treatment. And on a share of self-healing or disappearance of warts after national treatment it is necessary about 20% of all cases.

Relapses of the disease are possible even after a complete cure. The fact that the human papilloma virus, causing warts, is in the skin in an inactive state. When the virus is re-activated, warts appear again. The probability of relapse is practically independent of the treatment method and is about 30%.

Warts require compulsory treatment, since in some people these benign formations can dramatically develop into malignant ones. The choice of method of treatment should be determined by a dermatologist.

Description and photos of what kinds of warts are available are presented below:

Ordinary( vulgar) warts - dense dry limited painless horny elevations with an uneven villous surface, the size of a pinhead to a pea. They can merge, forming large plaques. Typically, among the warts, there is the largest - the "maternal", after a successful treatment, which all the others can disappear. Most often, these warts are located on the hands. Folk remedies treat these warts most often.

Plantar warts - a kind of common warts - appear in places of pressure of shoes, especially in people who sweat heavily. Very dense, horny, gray-dirty color plantar warts are characterized by severe soreness, which prevents walking;sometimes cause temporary disability.

Flat, or adolescent, warts occur usually in children and young adults. As you can see in the photo, this kind of warts has the shape of rounded or "irregular" flat nodules, which are located on the back of the hands, as well as on the skin of the face. Appearance of flat warts promotes skin irritation( there are often along the course of scratches, cuts, etc.).

Genital warts are tiny pink colored nodules, which, merging, form a papilliform growth of a soft consistency on the base in the form of a pedicle. Most often develop on the genitals, in the inguinal and intercorrelary folds with unclean skin contents.

Star warts, age-related keratomas , develop in the elderly;with a viral infection are not related. Plaques of gray, brown or black color, covered with loose, impregnated sebum horny masses. Are located mainly on the face, neck, trunk.

How to get rid of warts at home

There are three basic ways to get rid of warts in a benign form:

  • medication: immunotherapy, topical application of acid-containing drugs, retinoic acid;
  • surgical: cryotherapy( moxibustion with liquid nitrogen), electrocoagulation, radio wave scalpel;
  • folk( as an additional): application of medicinal plants and fruits. Whatever method of treatment for warts you choose, it is necessary to remember the strengthening of the defenses of the body, since it is the weakening of the immune system that gives impetus to the development of this disease.

    Here are some ways how to get rid of warts at home using traditional medicine recipes:

    • After standing a raw bulb for 2 hours in vinegar, tie it to the wart for the night. Repeat several nights in a row. To not burn the skin around the wart, you can glue it with adhesive tape.
    • Rub warts with half freshly cut potatoes.
    • One of the proven methods, how to get rid of warts quickly, is moxibustion of freshly squeezed celandine juice 2 times a day. As the juice of celandine is quite pungent, only warts need to be lubricated, trying not to touch the skin around.