Moisturizing hair mask at home

Moisturizing hair mask at home

Our hair constantly needs moisturizing and nourishing. Since the fashion dictates its rules, which lead to their thinning and overdrying, and the ecology is also not at the proper level, causing a double blow to the hair.

That's why the use of one shampoo is not enough. Even using the most expensive means, the hair still becomes dry and dull, begin to be cut, break down and eventually fall out altogether. And that this did not happen, many resort to the services of beauty salons, where procedures for deep moisturizing and nourishing the hair are carried out.

But these procedures require a lot of financial costs, so, unfortunately, not everyone approaches. And then comes to the rescue folk medicine, which for many centuries collected the best recipes that allow you to preserve the natural beauty of the curls and, if necessary, to carry out their deep restoration.

Home hair masks for moisturizing are prepared from natural ingredients that can be found in every home. Well, if they suddenly fail, they can easily be purchased at the nearest grocery store, and this will take very little money.

Rules for the preparation and use of moisturizing masks at home

For someone it seems that the use of home hair masks is not reasonable, since they do not give any result. In fact, this is completely wrong. And they say so only those people who have tried on themselves the national beauty means only once or twice and expected from them an instant effect.

Folk remedies are effective only if they are used regularly. Not once a month, but every week and several times. Only in this case you can really feel the full force of natural components. Homemade masks, although slowly acting, but the effect of them lasts much longer than from store cosmetics.

The rules for the preparation and use of moisturizing masks at home

There are several rules that must be followed to ensure that the home moisturizing mask is really effective:

  • for the preparation of folk remedies you need to use only fresh products;
  • the prepared mixture can not be stored in the refrigerator( unless it is indicated in the recipe), it must be used within 3 hours;
  • mask should be distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to the roots and tips;
  • after applying a moisturizing mask, the head needs to be wrapped with polyethylene and a towel;
  • the time of exposure of each mask is on average 20-40 minutes.

Very often, the composition of moisturizing masks includes honey. If you use a candied product, you will need to melt it, but do not overheat. At temperatures above 40 - 50С honey begins to lose its useful properties and becomes useless.

Recipes for preparing moisturizing hair masks

The most simple, yet most moisturizing hair mask is yogurt. This sour-milk product contains substances that help to retain moisture in the hair. And it also promotes a deep penetration of nutrients into the structure of the hair and scalp, which improves their overall condition and appearance.

However, such properties have only a rustic sour milk without any additives and prepared from natural undiluted milk. Shop curdled milk does not contain so many useful substances in its composition, therefore it is ineffective. Of course, you can use it. Hair from this will not fall out, but they will not get well.

Before applying the curdled curdled curls, it should be slightly heated, but not above 37C.It is applied in abundant amounts to the hair, washed off in half an hour, and then applied again, but on the roots and while doing head massage for 5 minutes, after which it is completely washed off.

Intensively moisturizing hair mask contains several ingredients. This honey, which is taken in the amount of one teaspoon, colorless henna and cognac( also 1 tsp).All these products are mixed and combined with 1 tbsp.l.vegetable oil. You can also add 1 tsp.burdock and castor oil.

Recipes for Moisturizing Hair Masks

Very well moisturizes hair mask based on oils, which consists of sea-buckthorn and any other oil that you use to make masks. It can be olive oil, coconut, burdock or ordinary vegetable. At the same time, the oils are mixed in a ratio of 9: 1( 9 parts of sea-buckthorn oil, 1 part of any other).

Mask based on glycerin not only moisturizes the hair, but also nourishes them. After such a mask, the curls become obedient, soft and silky. And they also acquire natural natural shine and become the most resistant to external influences.

For its preparation, you need to mix glycerin and vinegar in equal proportions, and then combine with one egg yolk and castor oil( the amount of oil depends on the length of the hair).Do this mask needs courses. Every 2 to 3 days for 2 months.

Arnica tincture has long been known for its properties. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the hair, while the effect of its use is seen almost instantly. It contains a huge amount of organic acids, tannins and mineral salts, as well as fatty and essential oils and much more.

To prepare a moisturizing mask based on it, you will need a burdock oil of about two tablespoons, two raw egg yolks and, of course, arnica tincture, about three tablespoons.

Olive oil also has an excellent moisturizing property. To make a mask, mix it in equal proportions with castor oil and 1 - 2 raw egg yolks. And to enhance the effect, you can add a little mayonnaise or fatty sour cream to the mask.

The best moisturizing hair mask is done in two stages. At the first stage, mix fresh squeezed onion juice and aloe, and rub the mixture into the scalp for half an hour. And in the second stage make a mask of fatty sour cream, honey and a mixture of castor and burdock oils. Not washing off the mask put on the first stage, the received mix put on all length of hair and hold 40 more minutes.

Recipes for Moisturizing Hair Masks

It is worth noting that it is not recommended to use the juice of a freshly cut aloe leaf. Before squeezing the juice from the leaves of this plant, they need to be placed in the refrigerator for two weeks. Being in such a cool place, their medicinal properties increase several times.

For intensive moistening, the following mask can be used. For its preparation you need to connect in one container 2 tbsp.l of liquid honey with the same amount of olive and castor oil, as well as fresh squeezed ½ lemon juice.

In order to improve the effectiveness of masks, after they are washed off, hair is recommended to be washed with herbal infusions. If you have blonde hair, then it's best for you to use a chamomile broth. And if it's dark, then you'll need a decoction of nettles.

And if you are interested in the recipes for preparing moisturizing hair masks that you can prepare at home, you can watch the videos that we have picked up for you:

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