Medicamentous and folk treatment of radiculitis

Radiculitis is manifested by sudden acute pain in the back area and can arise, it is called, "from scratch".A little overcooled, overstrained the back, or just perenervnichali - and already there is, or rather, on the back, all the signs of this disease. In the treatment of radiculitis, first of all, peace and warmth are recommended, and for the prevention of disease it is advised to perform a complex of simple exercises for strengthening the lumbar region.

Radiculitis is a lesion of the roots of the spinal nerves. Apparently, there are no adults among adults who, at least once, did not overtake radiculitis to one degree or another.

The most common is lumbosacral radiculitis. But radicular manifestations can occur in the thoracic and cervical regions.

Radical pains usually appear either with physical stress or with cooling, but can also be the result of intense emotional stress.

What to do and how to get rid of radiculitis

Before you treat sciatica, provide yourself with a hard bed - soft mattresses are contraindicated. E It is necessary to sleep with radiculitis on a firm bed, but certainly not on bare boards - it is usually recommended to lay a thin, soft mattress made of natural materials or, for example, 2-3 woolen blankets on a wooden shield, so that the patient's back retains physiological curves inlying position and at the same time erect possible subluxations of the vertebrae, which in a third of cases are the cause of the pain syndrome. With lumbosacral radiculitis in the initial stages of the disease, you can put a pillow under your stomach during sleep.

If you do not know what to do with radiculitis, listen to the advice of doctors - take painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. In the treatment of lumbar radiculitis, use folk remedies and associated medicinal herbs.

A good remedy for sciatica: before going to sleep, it's nice to do special gymnastics. Lying on your back, you need to throw both hands behind your head, stretch your legs and stretch several times in different directions with your heels forward( putting your feet feet perpendicular to your body and pulling the toes of your feet to your face), and hands while pulling in the opposite direction. This exercise should be performed cautiously, especially if the pain syndrome is already expressed.

Remembering how to get rid of sciatica, also carefully, gradually, without making sudden movements, should be lifted in the morning from bed. Before you get up, you need to reach out well, move your feet.

It is believed that with an acute attack of radiculitis, it is important to warm up the sore spot properly. For this, many people use a papillary patch, which is glued to a sore spot and worn, depending on the sensations, up to 2 days. After that, if necessary, stick a new patch.

However, I would like to recall that a strong heating only increases the inflammatory process. Therefore, at the very beginning of the disease, it is better to refrain from any thermal procedures. Moreover, sometimes in the first hours an attack of radiculitis is removed just by cold( dousing with cold water or a "cold warmer").If you do not have time to do this, and the pain intensifies, then you can put on the back of a compress with horseradish. To do this, grated horseradish along with its juice is applied to a sore spot( to reduce burning, you can add sour cream to it).

Drugs and medicines for the treatment of radiculitis

There are also a lot of drugs for radiculitis - nowadays brufen, ibuprofen, methindol, indomethacin, rheopyrin, diclofenac are especially popular. Effective drugs for the treatment of radiculitis - pharmacy ointments such as viprosal, apizatron, finalgon, as well as indomethacin or diclofenac.

If you do not accept a medical treatment for radiculitis, you can rub your back on a pear, apple tree or a clumsy birch tree.

With radiculitis, self-massage can help. So, with cervical radiculitis, points located on the back just below the neck are massed( they can be groped - they are located almost exactly where the points of the occipital nerve exit are, and they are quite painful at the same time).Self-massage should be done with the index fingers synchronously on both sides at first lightly, and then with effort.

With lumbosacral radiculitis for 2-3 minutes using large fingers massaging simultaneously from both sides of the exit point of sciatic nerves and just above them.

In addition, when treating radiculitis at home, do not forget about Kuznetsov's applicator, which helps to remove rather early signs of pain syndrome due to a kind of acupuncture( this applier is now sold in almost any pharmacy).

How to cure sciatica: folk recipes

When treating radiculitis folk remedies relieve the pain of compresses with black radish. It should be grated, laid on a clean linen napkin with a thin layer, applied to a sore spot, covered with wax paper or polyethylene, and tied with a warm kerchief or scarf. Compress should be removed when it begins to burn hard. This procedure should be repeated daily, making compresses at night until the pain syndrome subsides.

In summer, practicing folk treatment of radiculitis, you can make compresses from the leaves of burdock. The fresh leaf should be slightly podvyalit in the shade( 4-5 hours), then pribintovat it to the sore spot for 1-2 hours, repeating such procedures 2 times a day.

Very good therapeutic effect is given by compresses from steamed nettles burning or from her broth. Pour 2 tablespoons of nettle 1 glass of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. These compresses are put 1-2 times a day for 1.5-2 hours.

You can rub in a sore spot and tincture of fly agaric. For its preparation medium-sized mushrooms are crushed, 1.5 cups of vodka are poured and infused in a warm place for a week with obligatory daily shaking. With exacerbations of radiculitis, this tincture is rubbed into the affected area 1-2 times a day, and the patient must lie down after that, wrapped in heat, for 1 hour. Before curing sciatica in this way, do not forget that the infusion is toxic, so when using it, it is best to wear rubber medical gloves!

Home treatment for lumbar sciatica

Folk recipes from radiculitis include the taking of medicinal baths. Here are some recipes for their preparation.

1. Half a cup of mustard is diluted with half a glass of warm water and poured into a bath( the water temperature should be equal to body temperature or be slightly higher).After the bath you need to take a warm shower for 1-2 minutes, wipe dry and wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

2. Squeeze juice from fresh carrots, mix it with sage infusion( 2 dessert spoons of herbs for 2 glasses of hot water - 2 hours insist).Add this mixture to the bath.

3. In a warm bath before sleeping, add 4 tablespoons grated horseradish( immerse in gauze).

In addition, to relax the tense muscles of the lumbar region, improve their blood supply and release the clamped nerve endings, you should lie on your back, clasping your knees bent at your hands and pulling them to your chest, then to rock in this position 5-6 times. The fingers of the hands should be positioned so that they, resting, massage the points located in the popliteal fossa.

And even with radiculitis, as well as with lumbago( "lumbago"), dry banks are placed on the lumbar region, and sometimes( because the pain syndrome can occur and because of some slight infringement of nerve endings) it is recommended to hang, relaxing the body, on the crossbar. You should not resort to this method if your radiculitis is discogenic( that is, if you are diagnosed with a disco or the so-called Schmorle hernia).