Kista on the kidney: what to do?

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There are various causes of polycystic kidney disease. Basically, this is a hereditary disease that is transmitted through the male line. The first symptoms begin to appear at a fairly young age. If you have a cyst on the kidney: what to do in this case? Official medicine does not offer conservative methods of treatment, and surgical removal leads only to repeated relapses of pathology. There is still folk treatment of polycystic kidney herbs and diets. About this, everything will be discussed in this article.

Cysts can be multiple( POLIKISTOS) and single( solitary).Polycystic liver is often combined with polycystic kidney and pancreas. It is believed that this has a genetic predisposition.

Causes of polycystosis

In principle, doctors can not answer the question about the cause of polycystosis. It is a question of an innate predisposition, so cysts can appear even at a young age, which most people do not even suspect. Small cysts no one feels, and large cysts seriously disrupt the work of the body, besides there is a danger that they can burst, fester, bleed.

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Obviously, cysts in the first place can be formed only in organs that have a lobular structure( the chest - gives cystic mastopathy, salivary gland - salivary gland cyst, renal tubules - kidney cyst, hepatic ducts - liver cyst, prostate ducts - prostate cysts,etc.).

Functionally, these ducts and lobes work as polarized on both sides of the tank: from the inside of the tank cells are lined with a negative charge, and outside - with a positive charge. External and external charges should have a sufficiently high potential difference, only then the mechanism of lobule and duct will be able to function and work. Cysts in the kidney causes can cause a variety.

In some cases, the charge inside and outside the lobules is not enough for normal operation of the organ. This is the soil for inflammatory processes in them.

Individual excessively overextended and weakened lobules become cysts.

If the charge is lost not only on the cellular layers of these lobules, but inside cells - this is called depolarization at the cellular level - such cells eventually become cancerous. Such problems can be treated only by artificially creating conditions for hyperpolarization of these cell layers or already oncologized cells.

Method of "grounding"

Historically, the body is configured so that it is constantly configured as an electrical circuit to charge from the Earth. The rupture of this connection was the reason for the numerous sluggish chronicles.

The list of such diseases includes allergy, asthma, arthritis, including rheumatoid, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, poor healing of wounds, hypertension, premenstrual syndrome( PMS), degeneration of the retina of the eye, inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye during its transplantation, premature aging, Alzheimer's disease and a huge range of other inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

A special group in this series are cancer diseases, which also in their background have disturbances in the electromagnetic framework of cells.

It is in all these cases that medicine is helpless. Here she offers only symptomatic "crutches".All these symptoms could be significantly weakened by applying simultaneous grounding and supplying hydrogen anions through the Chizhevsky chandelier.

Treatment of kidney cysts with folk remedies

Many doctors besides surgery( mainly with kidney removal) can not offer anything else, it remains to hope for the best. But than a cyst is dangerous? After the operation, it appears and next, if not treated, do not eliminate the cause of its appearance. It is possible to treat the kidney cyst by folk remedies.

Increased cysts on the kidney. What is the reason for this? It turned out that after perestroika they stopped limeing the earth and injecting microelements. People began to use acidic products, drink acid water, reduce the hydrogen index of the fluids of their own organism. And with a drop to a certain level, the individual parts of the kidney are populated with viruses, bacilli, fungi, since the habitat has changed in it, and they cause cysts.

A man of 5 million years was fed with plant food and has a long intestine, like a horse, i.e.his intestine is designed for processing plant foods, which requires alkali.

Meat products people began to eat about 3000 years ago. In such a short period the intestine did not have time to regroup. English doctor Justina Glace more than 75 years ago proved graphically that the more a person consumes plant foods, the longer lives.

For those who have doubted this, I bring the information of experimental medicine about the reduction of the hydrogen index for certain types of products.

Meat -2.3 pH units, milk 1.9 pH units, egg -2.4 pH units, vodka 100 grams 1.4, 200 g 1.8 pH units, serum 2.6 pH units. From plant foods: lemon, cranberries.

Therefore, treatment of the kidney cyst by folk remedies consists of a special diet.

Nutrition and diet for the kidney cyst

A special diet is needed for a kidney cyst. Its main principles are set out below.

1. Full refusal of meat, dairy dishes, eggs, vodka, whey, lemon, cranberries.

2. Vegetable food with a predominance: rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, corn, pearl barley, sea kale.

3. Receiving "dead" water for 170 g for 3 days 50 minutes before meals 3 times a day with the addition of wormwood plus celandine in a 1 tablespoon. Note: 3-4 drops of fir oil can be added to the dead water.

4. Gullet intake for 1 tablespoon 2 consecutive days for 40-50 minutes before meals 3 times must accompany nutrition with a kidney cyst.

5. Receiving "living" water for 170 g with the addition of hydrogen peroxide( 3%) 15-20 g. For 50 minutes for 2 days.

6. Fasting 48-72 hours( there are 36 hours of them to dry).

7. After the second fasting, and it may be already 3-5 days, start with the reception of "living" water with hydrogen peroxide.

8. After the third fasting( depending on how it is transferred), after 2 days of taking "live" water, start taking the drug on Todiklark kerosene for 10-15 drops 3 times a day. It can be dripped on sugar or bread.

9. Chestnut fruits can be taken one morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime. Who knows how to cook pancakes from them on goat's milk( this contributes to the fastest reduction in the size of the cyst).

10. For many, an effective infusion of propolis on vodka is 0.5 liters per 50 g propolis, taking 3 times one teaspoon.

11. Infusion of bark of aspen( up to 5 years) on "dead" water is used in the final stage. The norm for each is selected individually. I must say, this is nasty, but it helps.

The cyst decreases very slowly: there have been cases for 1.5 months, and if the above is not fully implemented, in many patients it disappeared for 4.5-5.5 months. The choice is yours. And if it is not treated, with a decrease in the body's body fluid pH to 5.55 pH units, within one week it passes into cancer disease, the treatment problems of which are much greater. Those patients who regularly monitored their hydrogen index and kept it at the level of 7.1 -7.2 pH units achieve a successful cyst recovery within 1.5-2 months.

Treatment of renal cysts with herbs

For the treatment of renal cysts with herbs, we recommend using recipes that are performed below. Decoction of the roots of rose hips. A month to brew and drink like tea, a month break and repetitions for months.

In autumn, eat at least 60 kg of watermelons. Also, additional treatment takes 30 days. All this time for breakfast there is sprouted wheat.

The first 10 days to drink mummy 1 tablet 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Next 10 days to drink birch chaga. It is sold in the pharmacy. How to drink - written on the box.

Last 10 days to drink infusion celandine. Also buy in the pharmacy 2 packages, brewed 5 tbsp.spoons of herbs for 1 liter of boiling water, to insist and drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. All this time you have to eat pumpkin and pumpkin porridge. You can also eat a lot of pumpkin seeds.

It would be nice to drink a decoction of roots of thistles. You can also drink an infusion of a golden mustache, 1 teaspoon per glass of water. And the entire month to clean the intestines.

Invented fears

In order not to grow cysts, we must calm down, do not allow ourselves to fear the future, live just today. Cysts are our invented fears.

Do a relaxing evening gym. Lying on the floor, stretch and relax so that all the bones fall into place. These can be complexes of stretch exercises, gymnastics Maya Gogulan, Nishi, Tibetan or other.

After exercise 2 times a week, take a bath with salt and grass. Deep pour( 3-4 spoons) pour 2 liters of water, infuse for 1 hour, then add 3 handfuls of salt, stir until dissolved and drain. Collect water in the bath( 37-38 degrees), sit in it for 5 minutes, then pour in the infusion and sit for another 10 minutes. Do not rinse, get soaked with a sheet and go to bed. In total, make 15-25 baths. You can take a bath and with soothing essential oils: salt to drip 5-7 drops of oil and also dissolve it.

We slept quietly the night - we start to adjust the day. Waking up, thank the day for what it has come, wish everyone good health and a good day: "Let the world be fine!".

For breakfast, lettuce "Metelka" is useful( finely grated carrots, cabbage, rutabaga, turnips) or porridge. There is everything, but a little, 3-4 times for 200-300 g, plus to this 1 -1.5 liters of water per day. To work the intestine, you need fizzaryadka and massage: palm counter-clockwise, do 3-5 circles in the navel.

Do not forget to help the liver and gall bladder. Let's start with the hard cholagogue grasses - wormwood, tansy, elecampane, celandine, marigolds, nasturtium. Pour 1 tbsp.l.herbs 1 glass of water, insist and take a quarter cup, adding hot water, 15 minutes before meals and 30 minutes after. Drink 1 month each grass, alternating. Break 2 months. Then go to the soft cholagogue: corn stigmas, red mountain ash, yarrow, immortelle, birch leaf, calendula. Brew and take the same.

Traditional treatment of kidney cysts

It is necessary to continue folk treatment of kidney cysts. Prepared the body for proper work - now we work with cysts. We must prepare a propolis cake. Take 15-20 g of fresh propolis, hold it in warm hands to make it soft. Then knead it in the size of a palm. To make it easier to knead it and it does not stick to your hands, roll it between two cellophane sheets. Then, on the one hand, remove the cellophane and apply this side to the projection area of ​​the cyst. To keep propolis 40 minutes 2 times a day, the course of treatment - 40 days. In this case, you can work in 3-4 zones at the same time.

As for the kidneys, it is better to apply flat cakes to both kidneys at once. Under the skin creates a depot of trace elements, natural antibiotics, and all this helps to resolve the cyst and restore tissue. It would be good to do 3 courses for 40 days with interruptions for 7 days. And more: during treatment, you must take propolis inside, chewing it, 1 pea 2 times a day, morning and evening. This method has already helped many patients.

Many patients with liver cysts are concurrent with liver intoxication and other problems that lead to impairment of its functioning.

To prevent and treat liver diseases, hepatoprotective agents are used. Hepatoprotectors prevent the destruction of cell membranes, prevent damage to liver cells by decay products, accelerate repair processes in cells, stimulate the regeneration of hepatocytes, restore their structure and functions.